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Field Trip-The Prelude
"Well now, if I told ye all 'bout meself, I wouldn't have nothing to hide from ye later, now would I?" 'Vok leaned back in his seat, balancing the chair on its back legs, with a rather self-satisfied look about him. His smile grew even larger as he tipped the relatively small bottle of Jamaican Run up into the air, letting the wonderful taste of the dark liquid fill his mouth. He had relieved this bottle of about half of its contents, and already knew that he would be requiring more. But fist things first.

“I will be honest enough to tell ye this though. Plain and simple…no bones about it, I am a scalawag of the first order. A sea dog…a freebooter…a buccaneer of some renown. Plain and simple me dear, I am a pirate. I started with the best intentions of coarse. Glory and honor and all the like. Steal from the rich: give to the poor. That sort of thing. I even spent many a year aboard a starship called the Starjammer. We had some good times, we did. But, the best-laid plans have a habit of going belly up, and it didn’t take me long to run afoul of Jack Ketch. Which is what brings me here. Our esteemed government gave me the chance to serve me time here with all of you, instead of rotting a mile down.” ‘Vok had obviously left out quite a few of the more juicy details, but he hoped that the small nuggets that had been dropped would be enough to satiate the woman’s appetite. The same way the rum seemed to be satiating his own. “So now that ye know the truth ‘bout me, I’m left to wonder how long it’s been since ye been right good and plundered?”

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