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Field Trip-The Prelude
"The thoughts had crossed mah mind Princess." laughed Cam as they approached the main door to the building. "But ah reckon ah dinnae want everyone tae get the impression we are a bunch o' drunks right off the bat." His nonchalant grin told Chandi he actually couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thought of him. "Unless that is we discover the rest o' them are a bunch o' drunks." He shrugged as he turned back towards the building, which definitely looked out of place when he considered the buildings he had seen on the nearby Keys on the way down. Fishing around in the deep pocket of his shorts, Cam retrieved his battered hipflask. It too had it's share of scars, including a ding where it had stopped a rather angry individual from perforating Cam's chest. With a swiftness that defied the eye to follow it, Cam twisted the cap off with his thumb allowing it to flip back on it's retaining strap. He tipped it lightly at Chandi, then took a swift draw of the golden liquid within. He leaned back against the door jam, holding the flask out to Chandi. "Fancy a wee bit o' joy juice before we check out this lot?"

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