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Field Trip-The Prelude
Cam chuckled as he took his flask back from Chandi. "Aye, here's hoping the tropical air will get everyone relaxed." he said before taking another swig. "If it disnae, ah have a bottle o' something special in mah bag we can spike the coffee with." As he spoke he flipped the lid back onto the neck of the flask, twisting it into place with his thumb. Taking a final look down towards the beach, Cam paused as he watched a bank of clouds rolling in. "Looks like a storm's brewin'." he said as he turned and followed Chandi into the building. As he entered Dr Cooper's voice came over the intercom informing them of her imminent departure and her reasons for it. "Well that's the cat away then. Ah guess the mice will be able tae play in peace for a while." After the bright warmth of the beach, the main reception area of the base seemed dark, cold and sterile. "The scenery outside might have changed, but why do all these island bases have tae be so damned institutional. Anybody would think we were bein' punished or somethin', eh?"

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