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Field Trip-The Prelude
She looked over at John after the radio played it's message and Cooper said hers.
"Well, Ah guess that means we should head upstairs and ah'll show you how that lite brite works up there." she jumped up off the bed, turned the radio off and walked towards the door.
"Come on you, you'll finish tha whole bottle an' Ah ain't goin' be gettin' inta Nawlins until tha weekend ta pick up anymore." She smirked at him, gave him a wink then said.
"Ah'll be upstairs..."

Angelee walked out of her room and was turning the corridor when she saw Chandi and Cameron coming in.
Waving to them, she simply ran up the stairs and into the main monitoring station.
The room was a series of huge monitors and bulletproof glass windows. Bulletproof glass because it could withstand hurricane force winds. Plopping down in a chair, her fingers began to work quickly over a keyboard until she saw a large mock up from the NWS of the storm.
"Aww, it's just a baby...." she said as the wind outside began to increase.
A few more clicks of the keyboard, a few buttons pressed, and she seeing a large scale map.
"Ok, so maybe it's not a baby, but it ain't no Andrew."
Sliding the chair across the floor, she stopped at another keyboard and began clicking away on it. Pulling up all the "Weekly World News" and "Paranormal Weekly" websites to see if she could pick up anything unnatural about the storm.
"Best investigative reporting on tha planet." she muttered to herself as she sifted through webpage after webpage.

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