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Field Trip-The Prelude
She looked over her shoulder at John and shook her head before returning her attention back to the windows and the storm brewing.
"Nope, she wasn't overreacting. Looks like this is going to be a gale."
Looking up at the computer monitor again, she went back over her "investigative reporting" seeing if she could find anything unnatural about this sudden storm. When she found nothing, she only sighed and shut the monitor down.
"Looks like it's nothin that needs our attention though. This place runs on generators, so unless one of them gets struck by lightening, we ain't go nothin' ta worry about." She took a few moments to show John the layout of the computer system and how to punch things up. "It's pretty simple, Ah'm sure a smart guy like yourself can figure it out, Tiger." the southern drawl of her words filtered softly across the room.
"Ah wonder where everahone else is? Ah saw Chandi and...Cam comin' in as this thang began brewin', Kei must still be in tha shower and Nate must still be standin' guard. Nice guy that is....and De, no tellin. That guys almost as much a mystery to me as Cameron is." she shook her head and laughed. "Although De's alot more fun." she snickered as she leaned back against the chair and looked up at John.
"Ah thought about grabbin' a pair of night vision goggles and goin' up to tha roof an' checkin' for water spouts. Pirate that ya are, ya'd know that if ya see one of those, a swirly cloud ain't far behind." Angelee had no love for storms or bad weather of any kind. Violent weather had always caused her powers to whack out and made her feel out of control and out of touch with herself. She had somewhat learned to calm it all during her time at home with her own kind. She had learned that nature was not something to be feared, but something to be worked with and worshipped.
She smiled again at the thoughts of her sister, her mother and her own people. She fit in somewhere for the first time in her life. Part of her missed them, but for the most, she was enjoying her new friend and being so close to New Orleans that she was only a 30 minute flight away.
"So, Ah got someplace Ah gotta go this wanna go with me? Maybe we should take tha whole team...kinda as a "Welcome to tha Island." kinda thang. Ah mean, since Cooper ain't gonna be around. Ah know how to fly the helicopter and Ah know Chandi does as well... but Ah've got a weekend job that Ah told them Ah wasn't givin' up. up for a trip to tha Big Easy Tiger?"
Angelee turned in the chair slowly and batted her eyes playfully at him.

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