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Field Trip-The Prelude
No matter which form Xlorvok found himself in, his sensitive Skrull hearing remained a constant. Sirens and alarms were rarely a welcome sound to him, and this time was no different. An unsettling vertigo came over 'Vok, as he closed his eyes, hoping the ringing would soon stop. But he didn't have time to dwell on his own discomfort, for there were bigger fish to fry this late tropical afternoon.

In his years of travelling the vast cosmos, 'Vok had seen many a strange thing. But somehow, you never got used to any of it. So, when the lightening illuminated the foreboding object out in the water, the jaded Skrull took notice. "Me thinks there be something to that. Indeed, something whicked this way comes. Ye run along if ye like, and get a better look at it. I'll stay here and attend the computers. I'm sure the others will be wanting an explanation for all that racket ye were making."

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