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Field Trip-The Prelude
"It's not that we feel we always have to save you lot luv..."

De said casually as he entered the room, head tilted back towards the ceiling as an opaque eyedropper deposited an even more opaque liquid into his eyes. Flash. Wonderful stuff really. Made the synapses of the mind fire all hyper quick and enhanced the reflexes. Also great for rebooting the brain's neural pathways when something up there went wrong.

" just gives us somethin' to do. Personally, I try not to save any bird that doesn't explicitly ask for savin'. Tends to hurt their feelin's."

He continued as he returned his head to it's normal tilt and blinked hard a few times, the gentle weight of his gun against his ribs a nice solid reminder of where it was he had wandered in from. The eyedropper itself was twisted back into the small bottle it had been drawn from and slipped into an interior pocket of his coat, his brown eyes (which were already starting to become more pale) drifting over to the window to finally see what all the commotion was about.

"Sooooo....that a demon or the Loch Ness? Cause if its the Ness I'm going back to me room."

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