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Field Trip-The Prelude
Kei shrugged as the screen went blank, “I’m always hard on boys.” She remarked with a smirk as she turned to look at De and Chandi, “Especially when they go all damsel-savin’.” She gave the two a wide smile as she continued, “Even if she was unconscious I can still have a little fun with their reactions.” She folded her arms over her chest as she took a seat in one of the chairs that sat in front of the computer monitors, stretching her legs out comfortably, “By the way, what’s with the suit, De?” She asked the tall black man, eyeing his choice of attire, “Not exactly solid island wear, plus its kinda borin’.” Kei scrunched up her nose in distaste, “Covers up too much skin, wouldn’t you agree Chan?” The dark-haired surfer looked at the other woman in the room, as if silently trying to get the Australian to agree with her.

“Don’t even try to say that the color in your hair makes up for it…the whole suit has no soul…you look like a distorted version of a corporate lawyer.” She thought about the comment briefly then added, “Not that I’m tryin’ to change you or anythin’, ya know. The clothes just don’t feel right to me…” Kei would admit that she was ranting, but she had never liked formal wear. Every businessman she had ever conned she had also attempted to convince them of the same thing she was trying to convince De of at this very moment, that the plain, black suit was the single most soulless article of clothing ever created.
“Or this could just be the rantin’s of a wahine that’s been out in the rays too long.” She added with a laugh and a wide smile, “Fried her brain so bad, that theres nothin’ left but insane tics and phobias…” She trailed off, suddenly feelin’ like maybe she was actin’ way to weird for the situation.
“Or it could be the fact that I now know we’re babysittin’ a monster…which by the way, makes me less keen to want to surf in those waves, knowin’ that Spot might end up my surf partner.” Kei made another face, lapsing into silences.

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