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Field Trip-The Prelude
"Oh the suit serves it purposes luv. Gives me a reason to see you walkin' about in this shirt in the mornin'."

He said as his tugged lightly at the white shirt beneath the black jacket, slipping Kei a quick wink a fraction of a second before he blinked his eyes.

"Besides..the whole soul free bit is part of the charm. My particular line of work usually leaves me surrounded by....well let's just say when you do the kinds of things I do in the places I do them.... a suit like this can save your life. Some blokes I know won't even talk to a human if he ain't in full out formal wear. And I'm talkin' Tux type stuff, not just a suit a tie."

De continued as he turned his attention back outside and towards the creature in the water. The general lack of activity told him that whatever it was out there was either being taken care of, or nothing to worry about in the first place.

"Plus it has lots of pockets...."

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