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Justice League Unlimited
Thor and GW, those same thoughts occured to me as well, but that in and of itself is a bit disheartening, as now there will be no suspense if what you say is true. Instead of wondering what heroes we'll get to see, all we'll have to do is watch the intro to know exactly who we're getting. If the opening does change every week, it should simply add more characters, replacing a few of the shots of S-Girl and Cap Atom. But I seriously don't want to be sitting around knowing who's going to be doing their thing before I even know the episode's title.

On a different note....I was just sitting here rewatching the debut episode again and it occured to me that once isn't enough. What I mean is, when dealing with a show like this, you can't just watch it one time because you're, or at least I, am to busy focusing on the characters and story to notice any of the background action. What I'm talking about are the Watchtower scenes. Watching the episode the first time I didn't even notice that there were other characters walking around in the back, and this time I'm pretty sure I caught glimpses of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, the two of which were standing side by side which gives me great hope for some Booster/Beetle stories. After all....we all know how much BG loved to take advantage of Blue Beetle, and should Plastic Man show up as well....


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