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Justice League Unlimited
Well, after watching the second episode of the new season, it appears we are right. They are taking clips from each new episode and forging a new credits sequence for each show. For the reasons Truth pointed out, I must say that I don't like this. It does ruin a bit of the episode if you see snippets of it before it even begins. Although, I guess the easy solution would be to simply avert your eyes during the credits. Might look kinda silly, but it is an easy fix if you don't like spoilers.

As for the actual episode that was on tonight, I must say it was possibly one of my favorite episodes of Justice League ever. The final scene between Kal-El and Van-El was utterly heart breaking. And the subsequent pounding that Superman delivered as a result of that scene seemed immensely powerful and almost frightening. If this is the kind of quality that they are pumping in to the new half-hour format shows, I must say that I am hooked all over again. I don't think this show has lost anything over its earlier hour long predecessor.


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