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Knowing Me Knowing You
Well it took me a while to remember to get this thread going. I always think it's nice to know a little about each other and so this is the thread to give everyone a brief insight into who you are. If you want, you can even include a picture to scare the natives! Any uncalled for or off topic posting will be removed from the thread.


[Image: DCGlocalhero001.jpg]

Hi, my name is Bill and i'm an alcoholic.. oops wrong board... *takes a deep breath and starts again* ...Hi, my name is Bill and I am a 3*mumble* year old comic fan from Scotland and one of the poor saps ponying up the cash for the venture you are currently reading. For my sins and to pay for my rent (and the boards upkeep) I am a Systems Analyst and Developer for a multinational banking group. I am the youngest of seven kids and spent much of my childhood trying to prevent my brother (a year older than me but no wiser) from swapping my comics at school for stuff. I enjoyed a lot of comics as a kid and teenager, mostly british marvel releases (but I did get the odd import which were very rare in those days), Eagle, 2000AD, Roy of the Rovers, Victor, Warlord and lots more that have since gone the way of the Dodo. I parted ways with the comic world in my late teens and only really got back into them in a big way in the past couple of years, mainly because I have found them to be a great inspiration to create my photomanips and got me started doing some digital coloring too. My artwork can be found here in the Ink & Paint Club and on display over at Comics2Film's Digital Concept Gallery. It also rekindled my interest in writing and RPGs of which the Board's Guardians of Twilight is a current fave.

Since I got back into comics, I don't tend to buy individual monthly books much these days although I have been tempted by a few of the limited series on the go at the moment. I mostly buy TPBs(Trades) and collected works. My current favourite reads from the House of Ideas are Fantastic 4, Exiles, Ultimate X-Men and Weapon X, Spectacular Spiderman and Avengers. From the Distinguished Competition I think my faves are JLA, Fables, Y-The Last Man and Wildcats. I got just got into Crossgen as they were cancelling most of their books (typical eh) which was a shame as I enjoyed their 'no traditional superhero' universes, especially Crux, Meridian and Ruse. I recently got TPB #3 and #4 of Sojourn and think I have found a new fave. I would also highly recommend Rex Mundi from Image if you are looking for something a little different. My favourite place to browse comics is Forbidden Planet in Glasgow, but the Waterstones and Borders stores both have decent sections too (and you can read the books you don't fancy buying over a coffee there too heh).


Well I think that's enough about me, let's hear a little or a lot about all of you.
Let's see, about me... My name's Annette, don't ask me my age, you never ask a lady their age!, and I'm married to a comic geek, which is fine with me!
I grew up a Batman fan, at the age of 4 I jumped off our roof, pretending I was Batman, then I remembered halfway down, BATMAN CAN'T FLY!
Years later, when I was around 19, I started hanging out with a group of trek geeks who went to conventions. So I joined up and became a weekend "warrior"...yes, I'm a closet Klingon. A few years later, during a parade, while talking about the fact that I'm pagan with another Klingon chick, I noticed this really cute guy *minus the forehead ridges* giving me the stare down.
Sooo many years later I'd rather not count, I married him!
His comic geekness has worn off on me and I've learned to love titles I'd never thought I would. Right now, my faves are Fantastic Four, Sojourn, Lady Death, Ultimate X-men, Green Arrow and Avengers. I've probably forgotten one or two in there, but ahh well.
I'm also one of the "Living Tribunal" who has brought forth the fun on this website. My passions include writing *which I am a contributing columnist at Comic Widows*, reading and movies. The writing part is what brought me into the Role Playing Games. I love being about to toss ideas off other people.
I'm also a very easy going person, once you get to know me. I've got an ear for everyone and an eye on everything. Feel free chat at me if you have a question, got a beef with something, or are just bored. But be warned, get on my bad side, and you deal with the likes of my hit squad.... Local Hero and Thor.
Another little blurb about me, I'm under strict doctors orders for NO STRESS *yeah right, when does someone not have stress in there life* for the next 8 months or so.. :wink:

So, I'm sure you're tired of this by now :blah:

Your turn!
I don't really like talking about myself much. I'm a writer. I have too many projects for any one person to handle and there's just not enough time in the world.

One of my partners in crime compiled this bio a few months ago that tells the rest of the crap.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... anager.htm</a><!-- m -->

I read too many comics, own too many comics and have more comics trivia floating in my head than there are mutants in the Marvel Universe. I'm a vast storehouse of useless knowledge. ;-)

The things in my life that have come since that bio was written include -this- forum, Comics Uncovered, which I'm really happy to be a small part of, and very thankful that the Big Three have set aside some bandwidth for the Comic Widows forum. I also started teaching another writing workshop in March which is a paying gig that I'm pretty happy about.

That's about it.

I am a 14 year old comic fan living in New York. I have an impressive collection of Marvel, and not much of anything else. I love to play Heroclix, and am Quite good at it. I like to write, and am a gamer to the end. By the way, my name's Destin. See ya around.........
Nice to meet you Destin!! Glad you found our little community and look forward to seeing you around more!

*cricket. cricket*

Your enthusiasm touches me deeply. :x
So how you all doing? The little email thingy told me to stop by this thread after I registered so I did. Don't even know what forum I'm in. Or what thread. Creepy.
Welcome to the boards SB! this is where you post information about your self so people can get to know you better!

Well I’m not really good at the whole writing my own bio thing, so I’ll try to make this as interesting as possible because lets face it I don’t want to bore y’all to tears or anything. So lets see you want to know stuff about me, well I’m an 18-year-old Midwesterner (Minnesotan to be exact…and I do NOT have and accent that sounds anything remotely like an Canadian or any of the accents from Fargo…) who at the moment lives in Hicksville USA. Well not really but it feels like it most days when the most interesting things and places to hang out is The Mall, the Theatre, Or the Bowling Alley. Yes my town is in fact that boring…. we don’t even have a Starbucks. But anyway back on topic….I’ve got a twin sister (goes by Tessa here….but I just call her Annoying ^_^ Kidding hun, you know I love you.) so yeah, she’s actually the one that got my into comics starting out with her having me read Elfquest (Formly a WaRP comic book, now it’s re-released by DC.) closely followed by getting my addicted to X-men comics. Jeez these things are annoying, but anyway I found this lovely little message board threw it’s three creators (who by the way ROCK!) and love this place to bits. SO yeah I think I’ll end this now because I’m rambling and this isn’t making sense.

So now y’all know a little bit more about me ^_^ Btw, a picture will be coming later on.
Me real's name Nick, but you guys might know me as either Harlekein or Harley (including variants Harly and Harle). I'm from the Netherlands and I'm 15, ranging on 16 this July 29th.

Might also mention I played Cannonball in Nomads, Daydream in X-Mansion and Loki in Cerrelia. Have been reading comics for I think about 3/4 years now. Angel/Buffy fan and movies from the 80'ies, late 80'ies like Blues Brothers, Back to the Future Triology and the Star Trek Series (just the originals). My favorite song is most likely either 'It's my life' (Bon Jovi) or 'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor. Favourite book is most likely the Hobbit, as well as LoTR.
I found out about this site from SLVRSR4 over at HCRealms.

My name is Chris(AKA:TheBeyonder)
I am 29yo (as of June 25)
I am married (to a non comic geek Sad but I have been getting her to read some of my TPBs and she seems to be enjoying them Big Grin )
I live in Sunny Southern California (theO.C. to be exact)
I've been reading comics for over twenty years
Alltime favorite comics for me-The entire Earth-Universe-Paradise X series and Secret Wars (hence my name)
Favorite new title has to be Walking Dead from Image,and I also read and enjoy all the Ultimate stuff (except FF).
I detail cars for a living.
I used to play Heroclix but have since been soured.I am also playing a lot of Vs.(new Marvel/DC card game) lately,but I'm saving money for a new computer so I can start playing City of Heroes.Once I get that game going I'll probably drop all my other gaming exploits.

I think that's about it. Big Grin
TheBeyonder Wrote:I am married (to a non comic geek Sad but I have been getting her to read some of my TPBs and she seems to be enjoying them Big Grin )

Hi Chris, welcome aboard. Just thought I'd plug my website, Comic Widows. There are a few new artictles online this month about folks married to non-comic geeks you might find amusing. Smile

Glenn Walker
My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old college student from Oklahoma. I to have way to many comics. I've been with a non-geek for about a year and a half now but I too am working on her.
Keep working, man! I only had to work at it for about 3 months or so, and my better half is now a full fledged geek! SHE'S LOVING IT TOO!! Even is collecting about 4-5 of her own titles. Persevere for the betterment of mankind!
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Well, I guess there's no better way to describe myself than the word 'geek.' I'm 29 years old, married, and my hobbies include, aside from comic books, movies, video games, music, and computers. I work in IT, so I get paid the big bucks to do something I would do for free. I am married, to a non-geek who has no desire to become a geek, though there is always hope. I first got into comics in my teens, and my fav always has been and always will be Batman. I enjoy all kinds of video games (for computer, Xbox, or PS2...etc), but my fav's are FPS and strategy, though I do thoroughly enjoy a good RPG, if the storyline is good. I like all kinds of music except cRap and heavy, heavy metal. Well, that's me. Not much else to tell. Hope it kept your interest for a relative nanosecond in the big continuum.

"I used to live in a one-horse town, but the horse got bored and left."
Welcome to CU DarkKnight430!

Feel free to jump in at any point on anything.
I've got a lot of friends who work in IT as well.

Wait a tic.... oh my god! Dude, I'm complete freaked out now! LOL.
Why do I have a distinct feeling I'm going to be geeking out a lot more at work now? Shh...don't tell them all that their HR Coordinator is a complete 3rd level geek with a plus 4 short sword!

Don't worry. You're secret is safe with me, as long as you don't tell anyone their IT Support Tech spends his Friday nights hanging out with a couple of warriors, 2 archers, and 3 mages.

"I used to live in a one-horse town, but the horse got bored and left."
Hi, I'm Sue and I'm a comic widow.

Well ok, it's not that bad. For those who don't know me yet, I'm localhero's other half. I'm in my 30's but will always be younger than Bill :wink: I'm not a comic book geek, but I am a book geek, so our place is stuffed to the brim with both.

I guess my role here is helping Bill out with the testing of the site, and keeping him sane whilst he's working on the major update which you guys will love (I know I do).

Away from the computer I like nothing better than to curl up with a crime thriller or a sprawling fantasy epic. I also enjoy painting in acrylics and watercolour, and of course writing. I can be regularly found trying to educate others to understand society around them through discussions on many subjects. Articles can be found at my website,
localhero said I could put that, so blame him Confusedpam:
Behind every great man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
[Image: rantlogo.jpg]
Welcome aboard, Sue, from the original Comic Widower. :wink:

Welcome aboard Sue! It's nice to have you around here!

I just want to Thank you on behalf of the entire Comics Uncovered Community. God knows someone has to keep Bill from pulling out what hair he has left and that job is yours! Lol

He's given us all a wonderful place here and without him, we'd be nothing.

Ok, I'll quit gushing now.
Thank you Glen and Enchantress for the warm welcomes Smile

This place has meant a lot to Bill over the years, as I'm sure you all already know. (state the obvious queen, I am) It is a great community.

As for his hair, well I'll keep schtum ;p

You know, once all the techy stuff is out of the way, maybe I'll let him tear me away from my techy bits and books and get me into comics *maybe*
Behind every great man is a woman, behind her is his wife.
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