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Well, I picked up Trades Vol 3 and 4 from Forbidden Planet the other week there and I must admit it is a very good book indeed. I liked the cliffhanger (pun intended) at the end of volume 3 and indeed the change of pace at the beginning of Volume 4 with a bit of back story for Arwyn.

I am gonna have to see if I can get a hold of volumes 1 & 2 now or i will be incomplete Confusedadness:
oh Sojourn is by far my favorite book right now. I absolutely adore Kreeg! hope he comes back soon!
I started picking up this book around issue 14 and it never fails to amaze me.

oh, and personally, I love Neven!
It's a shame this book's coming to an end. I hope the book returns after Crossgen pays off the money they owe to the creators, and hopefully bring some of the books back like Sojourn.

Enchantress, I love Kreeg as well. He's so cute and totally adorable. I hope he returns before the series wraps up.
I think everyone is disappointed with the cancelation of Sojourn. It easily seems to be one of their most popular books. I would like to think that the books would come back eventually, but I am not optimistic. I'm not so sure that CrossGen will even exist a year from now, considering all the reports I've read about them. But even if they don't make it out of their current financial woes, their books could get picked up by other comapanies. Maybe we'll see the return of Kreeg under the direction of the distinguished competition.

Oh, and let me welcome you to Comics Uncovered, Wolverine. Its good to have you here.
Having just read the latest issue of Sojourn, I have to say OMG I THINK I PEED MYSELF!

[spoiler]Did anyone see the breaking of Ayden's bow coming????[/spoiler]

I hope they are able to give the title the justice it deserves in wrapping it up.
I am so thoroughly disgusted with CrossGen!!!!

Sojourn ended with issue #34...and Arwen was no where in the book! There was no tying up of loose ends, no nothing!!! It was more like they were trying to introduce a new storyline in the issue, and didn't know it was going to be the last.

I'm just so pissed off at this point it's unbelievable that they would do this to the fans of what was their most popular book.

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