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Central Standard? Eastern? Daylight savings time?
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Ok, you guys know that Thor and I live in Indiana. Both of us grew up outside of the state, in normal states that actually go with the Daylight Savings Time change.
However, the part of Indiana we live in now, does not EVER change time. Read the above article and see how hard Indiana has made it for their citizens to grasp Daylight Savings Time.
It's bad enough trying to figure out stuff like this in countries that do change the clocks forward for summer time heh. must be a nightmare depending where you live and where you work, you could get to work before you got up in the morning!!!
Well, what makes it really difficult is the area we live in doesn't change time. However, the 2 largest cities near us.. Evansville and Indianapolis do. But they are both on different time zones.
Confusing doesn't even begin to describe it! Especially when people call me during lunch at work and say "uh! it's only 10:00 am!" I have to reply with "no, it's 11:00 here and our lunch schedule ranges from 11-1." Then they call back right at 5 and give me some crap about it only being 4:00pm.
I grew up in Kentucky, where as backwards as folks might say they are, at least they know HOW to change time.
Indiana has always cracked me up on this. The reasons range from the cows not wanting to produce milk (which boggles my mind, since Indiana isn't a huge dairy cattle state) to chickens not wanting to lay eggs. It's all a very backwater mentality for a state that boasts celebrities, big name colleges, The Indy 500 for crying out loud!, and some of the largest drug manufacturers in the United States.

Someone needs to blow out the candles and turn on the electricity, if you get my drift.
I'm currently being driven insane for the chats I run, DST has changed what time various guests will be available. Even a map doesn't help tell them what time is right!!!

You know...I never even considered areas where the time never changes. I know it sometimes messes up people who live in areas where the time does change....but to have people's schedules moving back and forth all around you has got to be hectic.

Guess I don't have a valid reason to complain anymore....

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