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Thor-Lord of Asgard/Lord of Earth
Ok, I've been reading Thor for a pretty long while now and I was dreading this whole Lord of Earth storyline. However, I've been pleasantly surprised. Thor has easily become one of my favorite books now. [spoiler]Magni is great. I just started the Gods and Men storyline and seeing Magni weilding Mjoliner was tearjerker material. It's been entirely too long since Thor acted like Thor. Seeing his son become him has been great. Although I'm not really happy with Enchantress in this book right now. I like Enchantress the villain. Not "Enchantress, Thor's eye candy."
Loki as the Sorceror Supreme was definately not something I was expecting when I first started reading the book.
In Gods and Men-We see Sif has been banished from New Asgard. Having always liked Sif, I like seeing her still as herself. With so many of the other characters having changed or taken on new personalities, Sif was definately a breath of fresh air.
I'm becoming endeared to Magni more and more. He's like the old Thor I'm used to, and I like that.[/spoiler]
As my username would suggest, Thor is definately one of my favorite Marvel characters. So, to see Dan Jurgens devote so much care in crafting this wonderfully detailed and thought out story does my heart good. He hasn't rushed the story at all. He has given it time to develop naturally, letting the story almost tell itself.

All in all, it is easily one of my favorite books to read every month. The characterizations have been wonderful, and the storyline has been deep and thought provoking. It has been told in a real and meaningful way, that has had profound effects on all the characters involved. We have been allowed to see friends prosper and grow, while others have been ground to dust beneath the boot of the all powerful Thor.
Ok, now that the whole "Lord of Asgard/Lord of Earth" storyline has wrapped up and Dan Jurgens has left Thor.....

I'm supremely disappointed. Other than the cool appearance of Beta Ray Bill, I'm absolutely not enjoying, not liking, or even caring about this new writer's direction with the book.

Maybe I just got too comfortable with Jurgens storywriting style. Maybe I just put too much faith that someone could follow in those footsteps...but so far...

It sucketh majorly.

So sayth Enchantress (who's DEAD in this storyline? HELLO????)

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