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I've been set FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
For those of you who have any idea of what that means or where I'm going with it....

:pink: :pink: :pink: :pink:

*passes around the celebration cake and beer*

everyone sing with me..
"I'm Free to do what I want...any ole time!"

*doing the happy dance*
lol congrats. I guess we should rename this Freedom Day (ala Futurama) heh..

keeping with the happy vibe I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend there. I go back to work tomorrow (UK we get the friday and monday off.. yay us) and I had a lovely time just slobbing and relaxing and realising there is very little in life worth worrying yourself sick about.. family and friends is about it.. (my own reason to be cheerful I guess.. despite feeling blue about the work thing) Oh and I saw Starsky and Hutch.. was much funnier than I thought it would be. Did anyone else break free of anything that was shackling them this weekend?.
*hands the beer to Bill* I can't have any...

Along with celebrating Freedom Day today! (which I am so happy about I can barely contain myself)
I also unshackled some of the clutter around my house.
Oh, and I took your advice and slobbed for a wee bit too!

Edited to add-Another thing that happened today....

I have been forced to give up one of my animals...I've developed an allergy to Houdini, my turtle, is moving on to a new home with a friend and her 2 little boys (ages 6 & 4 who think turtles are COOL). I'll miss her, but she'll be able to play more with the kids.

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