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Happy Birthday to you!
April 13, 2004...

A great big happy 18th Birthday to Liz and Mandy!

You're officially old enough to vote now!


Enjoy the day!

Annette, Jeremiah and the little Kryptonian Big Grin
Happy Birthday Mandy!!!
Happy Birthday Liz!!!

now you can officially complain about all those annoying kids and their rule breaking :rulez:

Hope you have a great day lassies Smile

Thank you both for the birthday wishes ^_^ Btw Annette, that e-card you and Jeremiah sent me was hilarious.

I'm an adult :S Now isn't that scary....although I do hope I start feeling better (was sick all yesterday) nobody wants to spend their birthday sick...

- Liz
Thanks guys!
I don't feel any older, but if I really wanted I could get cigarettes now (and probably give myself the worst allergy attack ever in history)...


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