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YAY they aren't changing EXILES!!!!!
I was really quite worried. I read that Marvel was doing a RELOAD of all of the X books (YUCK!) I wish Marvel would stop doing crap like this! It's unoriginal and stupid! They shouldn't have to restart ALL OF THOSE TITLES to clean up the mess of one drugged up writer! Enough of the ranting, though and on to the point.

The only thing they are changing about EXILES is the Creative team. I don't mind, because I have seen samples of the art and it looks great. I am a little upset that Clayton Henry isn't the new artist (he did the Fantastic Voyage story arc) but it's definitely not bad looking. By the way, if anyone wants to see some Great Artwork and a humorous story that harkens back to Older Deadpool and the Peter David Original Captain Marvel, Then check out the current ALPHA FLIGHT. So far, it's been worth my money!
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Good for Exiles! Seriously...I'm glad to see they escaped the "Reload" cannon.
It's an interesting book, yet another one I've been dragging my feet about picking up.
But...that's the heaven of Trade Paper Backs!

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