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The Maxx
You may be wondering why I have slipped the Maxx into the DC world, rather than it residing in Image. The reason would be the recent re-release in trade format of the whole 35 issues by Cliffhanger/DC. The first two volumes (issues 1 - 13) are already on sale and Volume 3 is due out shortly with a further 3 volumes due after that.

A more wierd farout surrealistic story I have a hard time remembering reading. Wether you missed this first time around, or if you remember the MTV cartoon, I suggest you head on out and pick this up. You won't regret it.
I absolutely LOVED The Maxx! I watched the cartoon religiously on Mtv. It was the highlight of my week!
J has a few Maxx comics from the original run, and I may just have to look into getting some out of this run too.
Oh, and did I mention I have a Maxx Christmas ornament? yeah, he's dangling from a string with an IZZ on his foot.

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