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Does anyone read Danger Girl?
I myself am new to the whole comic collecting community. I have been told that there has always been a comic geek inside of me and I am recently releasing it, but who knows. I play hero clix and I got an Abbey Chase figure out of the Indy set and she instantly became my favorite character. This led me to want to find out about the danger girls as a whole. About a week ago I bought the graphic novel containing the first 7 issues and I zipped right through it. I desperately want to read more and learn more. Also I currently have no one to discuss this comic with because it is one of the few books my boyfriend does not read. So if anyone reads this or knows about it I would love to discuss it.
I used to read it when they were putting it out regularly, and yes. I'll admit it was partly because of the buxom beauties and.... wonderful art. But once I actually started reading the book (instead of just looking at the pictures) and realized how deliciously stupid it was(in a good way!) I instantly feel in love.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good, serious, well thought out book. But after reading so many of those per month you need a little change of pace, and Abbey, Tasha, Syd, and Johnny Barracuda provided that change of pace. I kinda lost track of the book in a few of the "later" issues after some things happened that I just totally didn't understand, and haven't picked up any of the new trades out their, but with a little bit of digging I could probably find my collected volumes of the first half dozen issues or so.

If you really wanted to talk about them that is.
I am interested in reading further stuff because I want to see what happens with the whole double agent thing. I have only read the first 7 issues, but I am looking to change that soon.

I gotta say that one of my favorite aspects so far is the sarcasm and fearlessness that these girls exhibit. To me it's a fun comic. I am also currently reading Runaways and Exiles which are definately heavier, more serious books. DG provides a nice break.
Well of course it provides a nice break. How could any comic in which the only male Hero has a scene where he orders two "slippery nipples" be all bad?

And in so far as the double agent thing....If I remember that correctly, that was the thing that kinda threw me off the book as I simply had no idea what happened. I mean...I read it. The Re-read it. Then read it one more time....and I was still like "Whoozawhaaaa?"
I have the figures :wink: . Along with WitchBlade and Spawn ones :wink: .

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