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Guardians Out of Character Thread
That could be the case too. It just reminded me of this episode in Off Centre where Chau and Euan are watching Girls Gone Wild, and they see Mike's girlfriend Liz on the tape.
Look out guys, raging Kei hormones! Next she'll be hitting on Cap just to see what reaction she'll get from Pietro...I think the girl is having way too much fun!

Kei's hormones are raging? did you happen to catch Caps? LOL

She better watch out.

Oh, and just so everyone knows, Jeremiah said to me last night..."Where Vicki?"
My reply was very simple "I have no forgotten her, and she has not forgotten she was left behind for the day. But don't worry, I've already made mention of the doggie door, so she can get in and out as she wants."
I have a plan I hope that you guys won't mind. I'm going to let you all handle what happens to your characters for the rest of the story. This includes the NPCs that are currently with your character. You get to write them, do anything you want. I'm giving everyone the opportunity to write out the story the way they want it to go.
So Tessa and Truth will have control of She-Hulk and Quicksilver. Solace, if you're heading for the club, you're going to take the Skrull pirate with you.
Local and Chanty... do I even need to go there? :roll:

Have fun everyone!

The Watcher
Just wanted to take the chance to say Welcome Back to Truth... and GREAT JOB on those last series of posts...they're wonderful and I was laughing the entire time almost.

Nice ta see ya back bud!
Thank you, thank you. Since I finally got my computer problems sorted out I wanted to come back to De and do something...special with him. Lol

De-Niles v2.0 is on the way.
The next leg of our Guardians journey will begin this weekend.
Be prepared!
And the question remains. Who is the man on the sofa?
I will tell you, don't bother trying to wake him up. It won't happen.
If you've ever seen the movie "Half Baked" with Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer, then you'll know the inspiration for the Guardian's sofa guy.
If all goes well, the team will be heading to Japan soon. I didn't want to start that part of the assignment before I had a chance to sit back and watch you try to figure out how to land a stealth fighter jet on top of a New York building!
I swear I knew the man on the sofa was Guy. I swear I did. I was actually going to post something to that affect when De first encountered him.

Ah well....
starting tomorrow (thursday the 22nd) I'll be in California with limited internet access, and I won't be back until August 5th. I'll try to get on as much as I can, but if I can't you'll all know why.

Ok, two giant lizards fighting for world supremecy.

Anyone else wanting popcorn about now?
I thought it was three giant lizards....

Anyway, sorry about my lack of posting. Kinda hit a wall about what to do next. Going to try to punch through it though and post before day's end.
Hey all,

Just thought I'd drop a note in here informing y'all that I'm going to be gone from September 2nd through the 6th, so I give The Watcher full permission to move her or use her in anyway needed while I'm gone. For anyone who cares about why I'll be gone it because I'm going to be camping at a music festival in Sioux Falls South I'll be without net access for the entire time.

Oh and just a note for the other GM's (Since I don't feel like posting this in every single OOC thread) I give permission to use Mila and Paige however you see fit...I trust you guys ^_^

- Liz
I’ll be going camping from Sept. 2-6, without internet access for the amount of time…so I give the GMs full reign over my characters while I’m gone.

~ Mandy
Have fun guys! We'll miss ya!
I will be moving the game along tonight. If you have anything you'd like to wrap up before the Guardians head back to Twilight Cove, today would be the day to do that.
As described in Cam's first post, here are some images of the Tap.

[Image: tapexternal.jpg]

[Image: tap1.jpg]

Ground Floor:
[Image: tap2.jpg]

First Floor:
[Image: tap3.jpg]
The first floor has 7 guest rooms as well as 3 staff overnight rooms near the read and Steve Trevor's private office and room located in the corner over the bar entrance. There is also a private resident's bar/dining room.

The top level of the building is used by Steve for storage etc. Cam's motorcycle is stored in the garage to the side of the bar.

Hope this makes everything clear for everyone.
Alright guys, wake up!

I want to get this moved along shortly after Bill returns from his "vacation/booty call"

Ok folks, I'm waiting on TMT and Local before I move this along more. Just wanted to let you know.

Feel free to interact as much as you want here.
Just a wee word to you guys....
My latest AJ post pushed the boundaries of the board rules. Since it is in the game, we do allow a bit more "creative freedom" therein, but I did want to let you guys know...that's about as far as it goes.
Even I thought it might be questionable...but figured no harm no foul since Guardians seemed to be a bit more "Adult" themed than the other games to begin with.

And yes, AJ will have her mouth soundly washed out with a bar of soap by whoever is willing to try it!
Nice to see everyone posting so much!
Truth-You rock!
You get the line of the month for "Was about as bright as a ham sandwich on a summer day."
Ok-Just so everyone knows... Truth has my permission and will be leading the "Assignment R&R" Portion of the game.

Enjoy, I have a feeling we are in for one wild ride!
I have an idea I'm wanting to try with the Guardians whenever you guys would be up to trying something different or would be around for it.

Let me know...It's going to be darker than The Watch ever thought about being. Big Grin
Now that i'm starting to settle back into the swing of things I'd be up for it. Just let me review and see what was going on before I fell off the face of the Earth.

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