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Xlorvok: Guardian Skrull
Here is the first banner for me roleplay character of Xlorvok. The image was taken from an Art Adams illustration from Fantastic Four 348. I did a tiny bit of shading and added a pirate inspired background.
Nice and simple and effective Smile I like it Smile
Here are two new "Guardians of Twilight" banners that I have come up with recently for my Starjammer Skrull character, Xlorvok. If our good friend LocalHero happens to see these sometime soon, I'm sure he will add them to my rotating signature line...::hint hint::

I hope you all like my handy work.
I had completely forgotten about the bottom one! I knew you were making the "It's good to be the King" banner...but I had forgotten about the pirate one.

Good job, as always!

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