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Reload=Yet another Marvel Money Making scheme?
Ok, when I first heard about this Reload horsecrap, I was skeptical. I'm even more so now.
Granted, these guys need all the help they can get with their dying X-titles. Chris Claremont's rotten egg of X-treme and Grant Morrison's *inserteveryformofprofanityhere* New X-men....they seriously need the help.
However, as I said, I'm skeptical. I personally view it as yet another Marvel Money Making bonanza.
I mean, they're doing a book called "Excalibur" with (as far as I've heard) NONE of the original team, and it's based in Genosha? Yeaaaaahhh....isn't that kinda like doing a "Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" with no Mags?
Then we get Brian Singer on Ultimate X-men.... I'm nervous..I'm very nervous. I actually LIKE Ultimate X-men... Then I hear they are turning Uncanny into Buffy the Vampire Slayer? :roll:
Where have all the decent writers gone.... oh yeah... DC...

Makes me glad that Mark Waid's still around....for now.
They are not turning Uncanny X into Buffy and that's all I'll say on that matter. (As I almost went completely off-topic and ranted about it earlier.)

As for the Reload it a money making scheme? Well Yes and No. On the one hand, Marvel Comics is a business and as such, everything they do is geared towards making money and turning a profit so they can stay in business, so in that aspect, yes it is a money making scheme.

On the other hand, I don't personally feel like this is something they are doing just to squeeze every possible dollar out of thier readers. I think this is something they are doing to hopefully put a quality product back on the shelves so they can continue to function in the business they're in. In that regard, I wouldn't say it's the scheme some people make it out to be.

So it really all comes down to how you look at it. Would you rather have them not pull stuff like this and continue to put an inferior product on the market? Or are you willing to put up with a "Publicity Stunt" here and there if it means you might be getting a product you really love?
Rant all you want about Uncanny...I have been. Josh Weadon is nothing but yet another Marvel publicity stunt and I can't wait to see the book spiral even further downhill and I can say I told you so.
As far as Reload goes. No, I'm not prepared to plunk out more cash because Marvel finally decided to get their act together and try to produce some quality. I see them trying to ride the wave of names (Excalibur, with nothing to do with the original Excalibur) and basically just try to ride the coat tails of the great writing that happened in the early 90s.
It's all about money...and screw the fans. If anyone actually gave a damn what the fans thought, Beast would have already been back to the way he was before his "secondary mutation."
No one cares about producing a quality product. It's all about how many Mercedes they can own.

Personally, I'm finished with the X-titles.
Agreed most of the X-titles are going downhill fast, BUT Joss Whedon isn't half bad writer and I'm sure he's not trying to turn any X-title into Buffy The Vampire Slayer. But Like Truth I'll end it there before I start a rant on it.

Overall I'm not a big X-title fan really, I know we bits about them here and there but usually just snatch up Tessa's comics when she's done with them and read them through....having only started reading them as of 1999 and not having laid my hands on anything before them I can't say I've got a real opinion on any of Marvel's latest moves title wise.
As far as the Reload goes, I agree that its mostly to get more money out of the franchise, as far as publicity stunts with a certain writer goes I don't agree. Joss Whedon is best known for creating Buffy, but he also had a hand in writing Toy Story which is a brilliantly funny film and nothing like his television, I think I'll give him a chance.

I don't think I'll give up on the X-titles just yet, as i'm such a rabid fan of them...but if this reload proves that its spiralling I might end up doing so.
I'm personally going to give it a chance. I'm sure at some point people thought that Kevin Smith and Stryczinski (probably spelled that wrong) were horrible people to write comics, but They have a STRONG fan following and a good comic book REPUTATION going for them, unless you consider Smith's inability to meet deadlines.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I was just getting ready to say Surfer... Umm...what ever happened to SpiderMan/Black Cat/ Or Daredevil The Target. Smith may be able to write, sure, I'll give you that, but as far as his producing a quality book on time, he's so unprofessional it's scary. The guy has entirely too many forks in the fire.
All I'm saying is, and most of you have to agree with me, bringing on someone known solely for writing a TV show (and a very popular one, I'll give you that) smacks of nothing but trying to bring in a different fanbase, and the way they've hyped it, it's just pure publicity.
When Brian Singer was asked to write Ultimate X-men, you saw maybe one or two articles about it and that was it. But this whole thing with Uncanny you can't open a comic magazine, webpage, anything without it being shouted at you.
Yes, it's enough to turn a diehard fan off. My belief is, bring in someone who knows the comic, how has a history with it, and let it get back on it's feet and back to what everyone used to enjoy reading. Then, if you want to do publicity stunts, go right ahead.

No, I'm finished. I wasted my money on too much Chris Claremont, Grant Morrison and Chuck Austen pablum to have to try to rationlize why I'm still picking up something I obviously don't enjoy anymore.

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