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DC: Ivan Reis Exclusive Contract
[Image: AC_815_07_t.jpg]With one issue of Action Comics out, Ivan Reis has opted to make DC his home – the penciller has signed a two year exclusive deal with the publisher. According to Reis, it was DC who approached him with the intent of securing his services.

“I almost flipped when DC approached me about the exclusive contract,” Reis said. “To me that’s real proof of faith in my work. Now I have more time and tranquility to pencil a page, and the chance to go wild with so many DC characters — characters I grew up with!

“One of the plusses in all this is [Superman Group Editor] Eddie Berganza. Besides being a great guy to work with and a remarkable editor, he gives me all the freedom to create an artist could ask for, always ready to inspire me to do my best."

"Chuck Austen’s plots and subplots are a treat, always in the best super-hero tradition. And my efforts to make Action Comics exciting wouldn’t be possible without Marc Campos’s inks. I also have to mention Guy Major’s colors! In a nutshell, I couldn’t be happier to work with such a… um… SUPER crew!”

“Ivan’s work on the ACTION COMICS has been nothing short of spectacular,” said Dan DiDio, DC’s VP — Editorial. “He’s captured the spirit and energy of Superman, and we’re very happy to have him on board.”

More Images:

What a horrible dilemma.

I have to put up with Austen's lousy writing to see Reis' wonderful pencils?

The brief peek provided above is some of the best Superman I've seen in over a decade, this side of Alex Ross, that is.

Glenn Walker
Heh.. you really have a mad on for old chuckie eh Wink I really don't understand how he manages to keep in the companies good books despite the overwhelming fan reaction against him. (but perhaps that's the vocal minority :p)

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