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Well I'm halfway through the third trade paper back - Storybook Love ( Issues 11-18 ) - and this book just keep sgetting better and better. I 've always been a sucker for a well written story that takes something we all think we know and love and turns it on it's head, and Fables consistently provides me with these new twists. Is anyone else picking up this book? or am I in the minority?
The last time I spent more than a few days in the hospital, a friend who only knew I read comic books - but not specifically what I read - bought me, among other strange assorted titles, a half-dozen issues of Fables.

I had never picked it up before, but as anyone who's ever been in the hospital knows, you'll read anything.

Overall, paging through the issues, I was impressed by the concept and the art. Upon reading it though, I came away highly unimpressed. Don't remember the arc, but it was last summer.

Is there anything specific I should pick up that might change my mind?

Glenn Walker
Well the first arc (which might be the one you read) was a murder mystery and introduction to the world of Fables. The issues which make up the second trade are a take on George Orwell's Animal Farm, spun to fit the Fables mythology and expands on the Relationship between Snow White and Rose Red. I would recommend you have a quick flick through those next time you are in the comic store.

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