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The Field Trip
AJ exited the jet and stood outside, stretching her wings and enjoying the weather for the moment.
Tilting her head from side to side as if to remove any pains from neck, she rubbed it for a moment before asking Cameron in a very soft voice...
"Got a minute?" she certianly didn't want to drag him away from Chandi, because the two looked like no time had passed between them at all.
Watching as Hawkeye walked away, AJ let out a whistful little sigh and turned back to Cameron.
"Ah just need ta ask ya somethin..."
Cam stretched as he stood looking around the Mansion's old fashioned and serene courtyard. That is the parts he could see which were not hidden from view by the incongruous bulk of the Quinjet parked there. He leant back against the smooth metal of the craft and watched as the others disembarked and gathered waiting. At AJ's words, he turned and smiled at her. "Aye? What's up darlin?" he asked, glad she was at least seeking him out, even if it was only to talk to him. It was a start at least.
Angelee slid up next to Cameron and tilted her head as she looked up at him.
"Ah just...that is...well.." she had never been one to be at a loss for words. But looking around at the rest of the team, she suddenly felt very self conscience about what she was trying to say.
"It's just...if maybe you are feelin' like ya said somethin' tha other night that backed yaself into a corner. It's ok. Ah mean, Ah just....well, ya told me..." she paused and looked around again, before looking back at him, her voice lowering to a whisper.
"..ya told me that ya loved me darlin' and while it makes mah heart go pitter pat, ya ain't so much as even tried ta kiss me...or anythang else."
She was turning a lovely shade of crimson as she spoke. AJ had always been one who associated touch with emotion. So Cameron's lack of attention in that department had her throughly confused, and the look on her face showed it.
"Ah mean, Ah ain't fishin' for it or nothin' and maybe ya just don't wanna have that kinda relationship and that's cool,'s driving me crazy,....Sparky."
The last part was a very soft whisper as she said it. She looked around again, to see what the rest of the team was up to, and to see if the Avengers had come back yet. Maybe she'd get a chance to get an answer before they got swept away on their little trip.
Either way, the look that graced her pretty features was one of confusion mixed with embarrassment. But she couldn't go all day and not know. That alone was enough to drive her up a wall.
"Ok, so they ‘ave a big house, is that supposed to impress me? We've got a three thousand-year-old monster and an ocean view. I knew this was gonna suck," 'Vok thought as he stepped away from the Quinjet. The trip to New York had been uneventful, with nothing but idle chitchat to pass the time. Fortunately, the Avengers flew in style, for it took a very short time for them to reach their destination. Having listened to their chaperone's little speech, 'Vok couldn't help but chuckle a bit as they walked away, "What the hell was that woman going on about? Who’s got differences here? Sparks and AJ seem to be getting on just fine, and De and I haven’t even really had the chance to develop any sort of differences yet.” Before going any further, the bravado laden Skrull hooked an arm around Kei’s waste and shot Chandi an overtly flirtatious wink, and then continued to speak, “And me girls and I couldn’t be any cozier, so what’s the problem? I think they’re getting all worked up over nothing. We’re a bunch of angels, ain’t we dolls?”
Cam reached out and took AJ's hand, all the while looking into her eyes and smiling with palpable relief. "Ah was thinkin' tha same thing AJ. Ah was giving ye some time tae get used tae me being around again. Ah just wanted tae grab ye and drag ye off tae some secluded spot on the island but when ye seemed tae be avoiding me, ah thought ye had maybe had second thoughts about takin' me back." He leant closer and slipped his free arm around her waist pulling her to him. "Ah guess we're jist being a wee bit daft darlin', getting all tied in knots because of a misunderstandin'." He paused, unsure of what else to say and bent his head forward and before she could stop him, kissed her deeply. As he broke off he said softly. "Does that answer yer question?"
Kei wrapped an arm around John’s waist, leaning into him just a little bit, “Of course we’re angels!” She agreed nodding her head to emphasize her point, “Some of us just have tiny black spots on our record, which makes everybody think we need speeches, ya know.” Kei smirked as she relaxed into John just a little more, it was partly because she wasn’t used to the weather change quite yet, but it was also because the shapeshifter was really quite comfortable and flirting with him was fun. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out and she didn’t have to worry about anything serious developing because he flirted with every girl he saw, so it was just for fun, nothing more than that.
“Still ain’t that thrilled about Witchie or the toad thing.” She commented, scrunching her face up, “Anybody wanna trade?”
"Somehow I doubt they'll go for it, but I'd trade with ye' sweets. Spendin' the afternoon with Robin Hood doesn't exactly fill me boots with springs, if ye' get me meaning. Not to mention the plain and simple fact of the matter...I don't be thinkin' he likes me." 'Vok tightened his grip around Kei's waist just a bit as she nestled close to him, giving her hip a gentle squeeze as he did. "Me thinks ye'd get along much better with him than I would. Nevermind the fact that I'd love ta meet the Red Witch. Me seen pictures o' that one, and I don't mind saying that she would look right at home on me arm, what with her affinity for corsets and skirts and all. Unless of coarse ye'd rather bust out of here with me right now, and get a look at this big city. I could have us outta here in no time. Just say the word."
Angelee's eyes barely opened as Cameron broke off the kiss, but what little they did open showed him her deep brown eyes were now tinged with an emerald green color.
Breathlessly, she leaned her head against his shoulder and whispered to him.
"God sugah, Ah cain't wait ta get ya home."
At this point, she didn't care what everyone thought. It had been well over a year since he had kissed her and she was going to enjoy every second of it.
As John spoke, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, breathing in Cam's scent before she opened her eyes again and with a contented smile on her face addressed the group from the comfort of Cameron's embrace.
"Who knows, maybe if ya ask nice an' all, ya might get what ya want. Ah mean, Hangin' out with Hawkeye might not seem like tha kinda thang you wanna do. But me, personally, Ah'll trade with ya. From what Ah've read of Wasp, she an' Chandi would get along famously. They both are clothes horses who love shopping." AJ smirked at Chandi playfully and continued.
"Not that Ah mind clothes shopping with Chandi, just as long as Ah get to help her in an' outta thangs."
“I think I look pretty good on this arm, ya know.” Kei teased John with a wink, “Might not be wearin’ the corset and the skirt, but that could change if ya ask nice enough.” She looked at AJ as she said that Chandi was a clothes horse, giving a brief quizzical look, it might take a little longer to understand the inner workings of the relationship between the two women and Cam, and she wasn’t going to pry…if she was allowed her phobias and generally weird attitude, then her teammates were allowed their intricate relationships.
“Somehow I’m doubting they’d let us switch, John ain’t safe around women and I’d try to con my way into the city with Hawkeye, so I think we’re stuck.” Kei remarked as she looked up at John, “You okay with that? Sorry to burst your little fantasies about Witchie.”
Wonderful images swam through 'Vok's mind, as Kei suggested her possible change of attire. Seeing the young Hawaiian girl decked out in a form-fitting corset, flowing skirts and topped of with a rapier at her side definitely peaked his already rising interests. "I am completely capable of askin' nicely girl, but it's when I start askin' not so nice that you should watch out," This little bit of information was accompanied by a wink thrown in the surfer girl's direction, letting her know that he was just teasing. Something that he was enjoying doing more and more of with Kei as they became better acquainted.
The thought of spending the day with Hawkeye wasn’t the most enticing proposition that 'Vok could come up with, but he had to agree with Kei, that it appeared no matter what he tried, he was not going to get out of it. "Sure, I'll be ok with whatever the Purple Avenger can throw at me. I've been up against much worse taskmasters in me day. I can handle an arrow slinging, stuffed shirt Avenger with one arm tied behind me back."
“I’m a New Yorker at heart, fashion and clothing is part of our way.” Chandi locked eyes with AJ and tried glaring at the pink haired beauty, but soon she cracked and it turned into a devilish grin. “Plus one of us has to be the well dressed one.” She added as she took a few steps away from AJ, although her tone was completely joking. “By the way, could you perves possibly get a room?” Chandi glanced from AJ and Cameron snuggled against each other to ‘Vok and Kei whom also seemed rather comfy in the other’s embrace. “You are all very perve right now.” She added as her cat like eyes trailed over her teams, her eyes being the only evidence that she was indeed still the cat like Chandi that they all knew and loved. “This Tigra chick better let me go shopping or all have to start a cat-fight with her.” Chandi smirked and tapped the toe of her high heels impatiently, it would be a crime for her to be in New York and not be able to visit Barneys or Saks Fifth Ave. "I'm in dire need of new lingerie..."
"Aren't we all luv, aren't we all....."

De chimmed in as he started heading towards the mansion at a casual pace, hands tucked into his pants pockets. He had always carried a thing for mansions, the sight of one being twisted into and associated with wanton acts of debauchery and decadence and ingrained into his psyche from many years back. Granted he had never been invited to the vast majority of the parties he'd 'attended', but it didn't stop the images from being burned into his memory all the same.

" know how these 'superhero' types tend to be. All huff and puff for no good reason."
Kei rolled her eyes at Chandi and her room comment, “Me and the Brah here were just hangin’, warmin’ each other up and all that wicked good stuff.” She tried to sound innocent like she wasn’t enjoying the flirting or wasn’t doing it intentionally, “See, I have this fear of insanity, and if I get pneumonia or frostbite or whatever it could ‘cause some sort of beat down in my mind and there goes what’s left of my sanity! So, he’s just helpin’ to keep my island chick body warm so that doesn’t happen, right Brah?” Kei finished dramatically while trying to hide her ‘I just ate the canary’ grin, she then watched De make his way towards the mansion, “I could use another body, but De is makin’ his exit and Pinky won’t appreciate if I take Cam there…so I’m stuck with just one nice, warm body…” She trailed off, not releasing her hold on John even in the slightest.
“ ‘Course I ain’t gonna ask why De needs lingerie…’cause that could ‘cause some wicked bad images.” She quirked an eyebrow looking around the group.
Cam chuckled as he held AJ in his arms and whispered softly to her. "Why wait tae get hame darlin'. This is a mansion. Ah'm sure there are numerous interestin' nooks and crannies we could be investigatin' right here." He smiled and looked around at the others, half listening to the conversations around him. They seemed to be relaxing into each others company more, not that any of them were particularly uptight in the first place, but it was good to see this team at least knew how to have fun in the most inappropriate of situations. "De. Ah understand She Hulk has a tendency tae end up fighting in her underoos more often than not, mayhaps ye'll have mare in common than ye realise. And Chandi.. that would be a fight ah would pay good money tae watch." He said with a chuckle.
AJ turned her gaze to Chandi at the "well dressed" remark and her lips curled into a pout. Stepping out of Cameron's embrace, she opened her arms wide.
"Whut? You don't like mah fashion sense?" of course she had no idea what the response to her lime green babydoll tshirt with the big holes in the back so her wings could fit through, the worn out cut off denims shorts that had seen better days not to mention both of her daggers strapped to each bare thigh, then the orange and dayglo yellow stripped knee socks that were hanging around her ankles....then the dirty black combat boots. All she cared about was comfort. Besides, you couldn't ride a motorcycle in a mini skirt.
"Ok, so maybe Ah need an update." she laughed and pushed her long pink hair out of her face.
"But it can wait until after this missin. Ah'm meetin' Captain America if it's tha last damned thang Ah do!"
She smirked at Cameron, the whispered words of earlier making her smile before she addressed Chandi again.
"Pervs eh? Ah didn't hear ya yellin' that tha otha night sugah. Ah mean, if your gettin' all lonely, Ah've got a nice warm bed for ya."
"Well by the sounds of things, me thinks we're all a bit perverted," 'Vok interjected into the team's jovial conversation. Not that he would ever admit it, but he was actually enjoying the company of his new teammates. His experiences with the wonders of team dynamics had never managed to go well in the past, but so far the Guardians seemed to be a beast of a different color. At least these lubbers had a decent sense of humor about ‘em. “So what do you say we interject a bit of our perverted ways into this domicile of decency, and show the world's premier super hero team how to have a touch of fun?" ‘Vok suggested as he took Kei by the hand and began casually walking towards the building’s entrance, intent on getting this show on the road.
It was about the time that 'Vok and Kei started heading towards the door that it swung open.

"Well, don't be such strangers...come on in kids." the man's voice came out of the door before he did. But when he did...
The sun was bouncing off the circular red white and blue stripped shield he had slung across one arm.
Steve Rogers smiled at the group of would be heroes and welcomed them into the Avengers Mansion.
As the team entered the main room, they were greeted by a host of people. Avengers wall to wall for as far as the eye could see. From She-Hulk and Tigra talking quietly on the sofa... To Wasp, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch standing awaiting the team. Wonder-Man, Iron Man and Giant Man were laughing loudly in one corner and Ant-Man, standing about 2 inches high on a side table was talking up to a ever stoic Vision. Quicksilver was brooding off to one side near where Captain America and entered the room.
Wasp stepped forward and one by one introduced each of the team members by their code names.
"Well...this should be interesting...." Quicksilver said in a very low voice.
AJ was speechless, dumbstruck, awestuck, grasping for the right words to describe the euphoria surrounding her a complete loss for words. The way her mouth had fallen open when Captain America had opened the door was a good indicator that she was awe inspired by the Avengers surrounding them. And if that wasn't, the wide eyed look of a child at Disneyland probably gave her away.
"Oh wow!" she said in a whispery giggly voice as she took count of all the Avengers in the room.
"This is tha coolest! Ah mean! Oh mah god!"
Cam gave AJ's hand a squeeze and chuckled. "It's certainly a wee bit mare relaxed than ye would guess fae the outside." he said quietly. He held out his free hand to Captain America. "Pleased tae meet ye. Mah Da was a big fan during the war. Ah remember he used tae tell me how he had seen ye charging up the beach ahead o' the troops with nothing but that shield tae protect ye. Said it gave him the courage tae dae what needed tae be done."
“AJ hun, some day I’ll get you in Dolce and Gabbana.” Chandi flashed a wide toothed smile and giggled at her friend’s last statement. “Wasn’t saying I wasn’t a perve….” She added as their merry little band of misfits entered the Avenger’s mansion to be welcomed by what seemed like the entire team. Eyeing each Avenger as her golden/green eyes scanned the room Chandi wasn’t sure how she felt about being cooped up in this mansion for very long, the good guys weren’t really her scene anymore she wasn’t a criminal or anything but the good guys always seemed so uptight about things. “So, you’re a digger?” Chandi questioned Captain America really not very impressed with the American flag wearing superhero or his little group of do-gooders. “AJ, doll you might want to pick your chin up off the ground now.” She teased the pink haired fairy trying her very best to give her best friend and ‘I’m innocent smile’.

“Well are we just going to stand about here? I mean I’m a big fan of not doing anything…but I’m guessing that isn’t the reason we’re here.” Chandi tapped the heel of her shoe on the ground, as her gaze landed on whom she guessed was Tigra. I could SO take her.
De leaned comfortably against a wall and crossed his left ankle infront of his right as he took in the room and it's occupants. Aside from the wee squirt, the jade heartbreaker, and the feline fatale, he was none to impressed. Grown men running about in tights and living together struck him as being.....funny. But not funny in that 'Ha Ha' sort of way. More funny in that 'I thought your president said that was unconstitutional' kinda way.

He let his fingers and thumbs fiddle around in his pockets some as he stood there taking in the scene, a set of keys, a few peices of coin currency, two ink pens, what felt like fingernail clippers, and a spare clip for his pistol making themselves known to him. But even as his fingers told the tale of what lay in his pants pockets, his mind was preoccupied with but one thought.

"I surely hope that little bloke on the table isn't a detective of sorts. Lord knows no sane sheila would ever go out with a two inch dick... Well....maybe that one bloke from that old cartoon. What was his name again.....?"
Looking around the room, 'Vok couldn't help but wish he had an industrial sized jar of peanut butter, "Because this is the most white bread I've ever seen assembled in one room in all me life." The buccaneer Skrull did his best to hide the nervous tension that he felt welling up in his stomach. He had never considered himself an out and out villain before, but being in the same room as all of these spandex clad super-types certainly reminded him of all the years spent walking that fine line of villainy.

The well-disguised Guardian stood quietly, with Kei hopefully still at his side. He was about as uncomfortable as a guy could possibly be, and he hoped that his teammate hadn't wandered too far. They seemed to be of like mind when it came to the details of their little field trip, and he always found it easier to deal with tension if he had a friendly face nearby. It suddenly occurred to him that that must have been the reason he had always felt so comfortable raiding the Shi'ar border worlds with the 'Jammers. With a guy like Ch'od watching your back, how bad could things get? Of coarse Kei wasn't exactly a ten foot tall green scaled Saurid, but she would have to do in a pinch.

Peering around the room, ‘Vok’s eyes went from Avenger to Avenger, trying to size them up as best he could. With a few exceptions, they didn’t look all that tough. He thanked his lucky stars that Thor was no where to be seen. There was just something about the pseudo god that ‘Vok didn’t like. After sizing up the Earth’s Mightiest, only a few of which ‘Vok even recognized, he moved his discerning eye about the room, looking for security devices. Things such as cameras, ID pads, retinal scanners or possibly even DNA pass locks. He was in the lion’s den, and he knew he couldn’t be too careful. It was important to know where the security cameras were located at least, for future reference…but more importantly, he was still wondering if they had any sort of alien detection equipment built into the joint. He was feeling more and more comfortable every day with the Guardians, but he wasn’t quite ready to share his true genealogy with the rest of the group just yet. Of coarse knowing how things usually went down, Cooper had probably already filled the Avengers in on his Skrull heritage. But the Guardian’s didn’t know yet, and he was happy to keep it that way for the time being.
Kei tried to suppress a laugh when she saw the Avengers, they definitely reminded her of superheroes clad in way too much spandex, with an attitude like they might just be god’s gift to North America. She had dislodged herself from John to take a brief look around the room, her eyes falling on every Avenger assembled…she didn’t recognize many of them except for Captain America, and he wasn’t necessarily impressive to the con-artist. It wasn’t that she couldn’t appreciate a good old hero when she saw one, but he just seemed to scream it with the costume and the stance…it made Kei want to laugh outright.
“You feelin’ out of place?” She whispered into John’s ear as she came back to stand next to him, she felt like she found an accomplice in John; he would watch her back she would watch his, he was no Marco but Kei didn’t want that, “Do you think they’ll expect us to wear spandex? Because I might have to blow myself up if they do…” She leaned an arm on the taller man’s shoulder, going back to observing the room.
Captian America stepped forward and took Cameron's hand, giving him a hearty handshake as he smiled.
"Nice to meet you, son. Your dad sounds like a good man." he continued to chat with Cameron as the rest of the team stood in uncomfortable silence.
Wasp stepped forward and took AJ by the hand and gave her a wink.
"I know you're dying to get that autograph book filled up, come on...I'll introduce you personally to everyone. I'm sure they are all curious about you as well."
Tigra slowly got off the sofa and made her way over to Chandi. Smiling at her, she could almost sense what the girl was thinking.
"Oh, you can try it, but in the long run, I'd really hate to ruin those shoes you're wearing. They aren't Jimmy's are they? I soo have a fetish for those! So, Stray, do you have a name you like to use? Or do you prefer your anomonity? I'm Greer, most people just call me Tigra or GeeGee, the choice is yours." Tigra wasn't giving her a chance to get a word in edgewise before reached out to her smiling and said "You look like a girl who knows how to shop...Jenny and I were just discussing hitting the Victoria's Secret sale today..wanna go?"
It was definately 'Vok's lucky day. His presences set off no alarms to threw up any red flags to the laid back Avengers squad. But from behind him a voice sounded out.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were having a party today." A refined man's voice, which didn't fit the image that 'Vok saw when he turned around.
"I was just coming over to visit Simon, I heard he was in town." The blue furred X-Man known as Beast stepped slowly through the doorway, removing his coat and hat and closing the door behind him.
"Perhaps, if this isn't a good time..." He looked at Cap who was still in conversation with Cameron, then to Simon, who told him to come on in.
"We're doing a mentoring program today Hank. These young folks are in need of some teamwork training, according to Val Cooper." Hawkeye spoke up as he broke off his coversation to watch Wasp move AJ around the room.
Hank McCoy shook Simon's hand, and just like Hawkeye, watched the pink haired girl move around the room with Janet.
"Since when did Janet get a little sister?" Hank whispered to his pal, who started laughing.
"Yeah, I thought the same thing too. I bet this is Pym's dream...I mean..." he got quiet as Henry Pym came up to them both with a smile on his face.
"I know what you two are thinking, and no, the thought didn't even cross my mind." He tried to give them a stoic look, but it failed as Hawkeye spoke up.
"Maybe you didn't...but I did....Simon did...hell, even Vision did!"
Kei was taken back a bit as the silver haired young man next to her finally spoke again, but this time to address her.
"So, my sister is going to be babysitting you today? How lucky for her. However, should you get bored with Wanda, come find me." and with that, Quicksilver zipped off, making Kei do a double take and wonder if he had really been there, and had really just said that.
De had been listening in on Chandi's conversation when the green She-Hulk motioned him over.
"So, De...Are you the kind of guy who just holds the bags while the girls shop, or do you dig in with both hands and help? See, I see it this way. Shopping with friends is a team effort. It takes teamwork to raid Victoria's Secret during the semi-annual bra and panty sale." she smiled at him and introduced herself. "Just call me Jen sweetheart and we'll get along beautifully."
It took a few moments for Chandi’s brain to register everything that Tigra was saying to her. “Don’t underestimate me.” The petite Aussie informed Tigra knowing that she didn’t look the part of a superhero at all being when she stood flat-footed she only reached a whopping 4 feet and 11 inches tall and in the heels she was wearing they still only made her 5’3. “But being you’re a fellow shopacholic I’ll let you get by with that remark.” Chandi added already warming up to Tigra after the other woman went on to say they’d be spending the day shopping. “Actually these are Manola Blahnik, but I’ve got my far share of Jimmy’s shoes as well.” Finally someone who spoke her language, Chandi didn’t normal let her shopacholic side out often because it usually made her either look stuck up and spoiled or stupid.

“Your GeeGee are one shelia I could get used to having around.” She gave the much taller woman a smile before continuing. “You can call me Chandi although don’t get it confused with Candy, or Stray’s fine truly whatever you feel like calling me is fine with me.” Chandi said as she wondered for a moment who ‘Jenny’ might be and if she really wanted to go lingerie shopping with total strangers. Come on Chandi, your in New York City…you’ve missed this place and shopping horribly. The tiny voice in her head screamed at her trying to convince her to agree to a day of shopping, which in all honesty wasn’t very hard to do. “Victoria Secrets? How could a girl say no to that.” She smirked and gave Tigra a signature playful wink already enjoying herself on this trip.

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