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The Field Trip
"Jen luv, I bet anything you do gets done beautifully, anything you do. And as far as diggin' in goes....just show me where and tell me how long. I like to be thorough."

Of course De wasn't exactly sure how to respond to the question about shopping, as he rarely actually paid for his clothes. The Suits and Shoes were all legit of course, as it was very difficult to steal a suit you'd had tailor made without said tailor knowing you'd took it, but most other articles of clothing he simply picked up at his leizure, hating to have to part ways with his money unless it was absolutely necessary.

This of course left him torn over the issue. He wasn't above going out for some new unmentionables, but if her traveled with the group he seemed to be getting swallowed up into he'd no doubt have to come out of pocket to cover his expenses. But at this point who really cared? At the rate the past year had gone, and if he had all the proper events set on the proper dates for the upcoming year, he'd either be dead or married within 13 months. Needless to sayone prospect filled him with absolute terror, and the other left him uneasy at times. After all....there's just no coming back from something like that.

"But oi.....I suppose I could stand for a bit of the shoppin'. Provided of course that you birds show som restraint."
Kei did a double take trying to figure out if the silver-haired boy/man actually had been standing there less than two seconds ago, she was also muttering about his comment; not the finding him if she got bored with this Wanda person, the one about being baby-sat.
“I’m 27 years old, I don’t need a baby-sitter and if these people think that then I’m gonna be findin’ a way to get back to the island and Spot.” She tapped John on the shoulder in an attempt to get his attention, “You don’t think I need a baby-sitter, do you?” Kei asked him, her voice holding a hint of obvious annoyance. Her pride had been somewhat hurt with that question, though the sting was taken away by the added offering of finding him if she got bored…still, you didn’t mess with a surfer’s pride, it was an unwritten rule, only thing worse was droppin’ in on another surfer’s wave. Those things just weren’t done.

If he had stayed around any longer he would have heard an adapted version of Kei’s ‘what the hell were you thinkin’?’ speech, usually used for Barney’s who had the nerve to drop in on her choice wave…she might be neurotic but that didn’t mean she needed to be constantly watched.
“If I get bored, first he’s hearin’ the speech…then we’ll have some fun.” She muttered dryly, her gaze falling on the blue-furred man as she let out a low whistle, “And I thought I got a short straw.” Kei said in an undertone, her mind having gotten over Quicksilver’s comment for the most part. He would still hear her speech if they met back up, but she wasn’t going to dwell on it until she got herself too angry.
"Restraint?" Jen laughed as she motioned Tigra and Chandi over to them.
"Apparently, you've never seen an Avenger Shop!" she turned her attention for the briefest moment to Tigra.
"So, have you told Jan yet? Because you know she's going to want to go. The woman can't hear the word "Bloomies" without going into shopping fits. Heres, the plan..." Jen motioned them all closer so they could whisper the details of how to sneak out and have fun without being caught.
Cameron was finding out that Captain America wasn't the blowhard he had always heard he was.
"I've read through your files Lionheart, and there's one thing I don't understand. I can see why the others are here. They're young and in need of some serious teamwork skills...but you. You I don't get. I think Val's got her shoes on too tight personally."
Kei was still simmering when the beautiful crimson clad Scarlet Witch finally decided to introduce herself.
"I'm soo sorry about Pietro. He's suck a jerk sometimes. Hi, I'm Wanda." she was very soft spoken, one would almost go as far as to say she was timidly shy as well.
"I don't think you need a babysitter. But if you'd like to spend the day with me, I'd love to learn more about your powers, and where you come from. Hawaii is such a beautiful place...I've got to go there someday." her voice sounded so achingly sweet and her dark brown eyes seemed mirrored in sadness.
Wasp and AJ had made it to just where Wonder-Man, Hawkeye, Giant-Man and Beast were standing when she heard their off handed comments and gave Wasp a funny look.
"They sure seem full of themselves..." she shot Cameron and John a "Help" look, but saw Cam was still tied up with Cap...lucky sod...and John seemed to be fending off anyone who came near Kei.
"Guess Ah'm on my own."
As Cam shook hands with Cap he kept one eye and half an ear on the rest of the goings on in the room. Conversations rose and fell as friendly banter was swapped to and fro between team members and teams alike. The arrival of Hank McCoy seemed to stir the rest of the guys on the Avengers to join in the conversation, although they did seem to be sharing some sort of private joke. As he scanned the room his eyes met AJ's just as she mouthed "Help." He grinned and brought his palm to his lips. As he blew outward a small heart shaped arc of electricity headed towards AJ. He winked at her knowing she was enjoying the attention despite herself, and turned back to Cap as he queried his presence on the mentoring program. Cam chuckled. "Och Aye. That lassie needs tae seriously loosen her corsets. Ah heard she's been through some rough times recently but ye have tae take astep back sometimes or ye'll burn out and be nae use tae anybody." He looked around the room once more. "As for why ah'm here? Well mayhaps she just didnae want tae leave me alone on the island for fear ah might drink the caribbean dry." he said with another chuckle, his eyes sparkling somewhat at the thought of the challenge. "But seriously if we are gonnae be a team we have tae get used tae just bein' with each other and learn tae trust each other whatever we are daein. And that applies tae all of us. Besides a team that plays taegether stays taegether eh?"
AJ straightened her back and gave her head a toss as she looked the male Avengers over one by one.
Smiling like a cheshire cat, she gave Janet a coy look.
"Why, Mz Wasp. Ah thank they must all need cameras or sumthin', cause they act like they ain't evah seen nuthin' like this before." She turned her smile towards Cameron and then back to Wonder-Man and his pals.
"Ah just gotta ask ya sweetheart...Wuz it true that ya almost had tha lead for Gladiator but that cuz ya had ta go fight Kang ya turned it down?" Angelee gave Simon Williams her best doe eyed smile and turned on the faery charm.
But it was when she overheard She-Hulk and the shopping group that she rolled her eyes and turned towards Chandi.
"One more person knocks mah fashion sense taday and we're goin' rounds!"
But honestly, she really was enjoying herself. She was surrounded by heroes who's adventures she had followed for some time now. Hawkeye was practically undressing her with his eyes, and it seemed that Wonder-Man and his pal Beast couldn't keep their eyes away from certain areas either...and it wasn't her shoes.
"Wow, and Ah didn't even have ta use mah powers...tell me Ah'm in heaven...."
Kei smiled at Wanda in return, “Hawaii is sick! ‘Course this is comin’ from a wahine that rarely stepped off her island up until a couple months ago.” She made a face briefly, running her fingers through her dark hair, “The North Shore is beautiful in winter, not real safe though…” Kei trailed off, realizing she was on the verge of a full-on spiel and didn’t know if she should subject her Avenger to that just yet.
“Oh, and don’t worry ‘bout Silver…I’ve been subject to worse.” She gave a short laugh, quirking her head to the side, “Ya have anythin’ in mind to do? Or are we playin’ it by ear?” The Hawaiian still wasn’t over the moon about the Avenger deal but she figured she didn’t need to take it out on Wanda, this whole thing wasn’t her idea…it was the Bunny’s idea…and Cooper would get hers for transplanting Kei from her island even for one day.

“I’d suggest surfin’, but New York doesn’t look real choice, wave wise.” Kei remarked, letting her arm slide off of John’s shoulder and squeezed his upper arm briefly, “Gonna go wander with Wanda here, ya gonna be ok on ya own Brah?” She asked her teammate.
Deviating from his norm, ‘Vok decided it would be best to just shut up and assess the situation before jumping into unknown waters. He was now standing in the middle of a room, filled to bursting with super heroes, and he was forced to agree with Kei, he was most definitely feeling out of place. ”I don’t thinks I’d go so far as blowing meself up over the situation, but it might turn in that direction if I don’t watch me back.” And then from behind him, as if on cue, the bouncing blue Beast appeared, and leaped past him, serving to startle the preoccupied pirate half to death. There was more going on in this mansion than he ever would have guessed.

Recovering from the scare, ‘Vok scanned the room once more, and began to come to a surprising realization. The Avengers actually seemed to be having fun. They were standing around, laughing and cavorting like a bunch of old pals, and very unlike the public image they presented on the evening news. ‘Vok wasn’t about to admit to anything yet, but somewhere deep down he thought there stood a chance of him not entirely despising his time spent with the world’s pre-eminent super folk. He did his best to listen in on as many of the conversation as he could, in order to find out what kind of turmoil the Avengers would be subjecting his team to. But the things he was hearing were so entirely absurd that he couldn’t believe his own hypersensitive Skrull hearing. There was no way the Avengers were leading the Guardian’s females on a shopping excursion. It just couldn’t be. Shaking his head a bit, trying to dislodge whatever it was that was disrupting his hearing, he turned to Kei as she spoke to him. “Yeah precious, I’ll be peachy. You go have fun…but don’t do anything I wouldn’t… Oh wait, on second thought, it might be best if you looked elsewhere for your moral examples,” and with that, he flashed her what was now a very familiar grin and turned towards Hawkeye and the other men gathered near him. ”I guess I’d better get this over with. But if he thinks for one second about taking me shopping, I’m outta here quicker than a Tiberian smuggler with a full hold.”

Standing face to face with the Avenger's archer, 'Vok posed his question, “So Hawk, what be the coarse you got set for us today?”
"Shift my man..." Hawkeye said as he placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Do I have grand things in store for you today, but first...all of us are did you get so lucky?" Hawkeye jerked his head towards the females of the Guardians and smiled widely.
"Sure, there's 3 of you guys to 3 of the girls, but something tells me you're the kind of guy with who's got it all under control." Hawkeye was still smiling when Captain America and Cameron walked over joining the group of men and their conversation on the women. It was about that time that Iron Man finally decided to make his appearance.
"Wait a damn minute. If anyone's gettin' anyone else around's me." Tony Stark smiled in a very cavalier way and shook Cameron's hand.
"Nice to meet you...Call me Tony."

Chandi, AJ and De, along with She-Hulk, Tigra and Wasp were already out the door and on their way down the street. AJ didn't seem very pleased with the idea of the trip at all.

Kei, on the other hand, was still with Wanda, who had lead her off to a quiet library to talk and get to know her better.
Angelee was not amused! Chandi poking fun at what she wore was one thing, but to be knee deep in her heroes and being drug out to Saxs Fifth Avenue was not what she had expected.
True, she knew Wasp was a notorious clothes horse, and figured that something like this would wind up happening. But why did it always happen to her.
Slipping up next to Chandi with a very pouty look on her face, she whispered to her friend.
"You had this planned from tha beginnin', didn'tya?"
Cam shook Iron Man's hand. "Tony is it. Pleased tae meet ye. Ah'm Cam. Ye seem like someone with his finger on the pulse. Now tell me where can a bloke get a drink around here?"
Kei looked around the library, feeling somewhat out of place. Libraries were never her choice of hangouts; she left the bookworm tendencies to Marco and preferred the outdoors. Taking a seat apprehensively she looked at Wanda.
“So, what do ya want to know?” Kei asked the other woman, relaxing into the chair as she realized that looking nervous would probably not be a good thing, “Date of birth, what my favorite color is? Stuff like that?” She quirked an eyebrow questioningly.
Quirking an eyebrow at Hawkeye, 'Vok found himself surprised by the man's sudden informal attitude. He and Wasp had seemed all business during the flight from Twilight Key, so any change to his professional demeanor had to be an improvement. Somewhat out of habit, and also to test the waters, 'Vok reached out and gave the avenging archer a friendly punch to the shoulder and replied, "You bet your quiver I gots everything under control. Ain't nothing gettin' past this ol' dog."

It was then that 'Vok overheard Cameron speaking from behind him, and much to his delight found that his teammate had offered up the most intelligent bit of thought he had witnessed to date. Almost gleefully, 'Vok chimed in, "A most sound idea, me hearty. A generous portion of grog does sound most quenching doesn't it?"
“Nah, It’s a damn good idea but I wasn’t the mastermind behind it.” Chandi replied giggling softly at the pouty look AJ had on her face. “Hun, don’t think that pout is going to get you anywhere with those three.” She motioned towards the three Avengers, “Now me on the other hand, I hate to see you upset…but the clothes horse in me is looking forward to this little outing.” Chandi smirked knowing that AJ would probably be much more comfortable in a garage taking apart her bike then going shopping with this little group.

“Tell you what, next time we met a superhero team I’ll convince them that working on cars is far more amusing then this.” She gave her best friend a wide smile that resembled one that the Cheshire cat would give and tried to hide her enthusiasm for going shopping.
Tony Stark laughed and shook Cameron's hand heartily.
"Just follow me to the lab, my friends. I have something amazing to show you. You see, I've been working on some "modifications" to the "computer area"." His words had a hint of mischief to them as he lead the group into his huge underground computerized lab.
With the flick of a few switches, the computer banks disappeared and were replaced by wide screen tvs, the containment area with his "Iron Man" suits melded into the wall and a full size bar appeared.
"Who's first?" Stark smiled and slid behind the bar.

Wanda's expression was one of sincere kindness.
"Actually, I was hoping you'd tell me why you were with this group? You seem like a reasonable girl with a great future ahead of her. So what sort of trouble did you get into that lead you here?"

The rest of the team and the female Avengers entered Victoria's Secret and looked around in awe.
"Welcome to heaven." She-Hulk leaned over and whispered to De.
While Tigra and Wasp led AJ and Chandi around the store, determined to help AJ in her fashion victim state.
The clicking of Chandi’s heels could be heard clearly on the flooring of Victoria Secrets as she moved throughout the store at frenzied speed, her hand tightly gripping AJ’s as she pulled the pink haired fairy behind in the process of trying to convince her that lingerie shopping was on a completely different level than say normal clothing shopping and that if they were to create a updated wardrobe for the southerner they’d have to start at the bottom (Quite literally) and work their way up. “Come on Jay, at least look slightly happy…for my benefit at least.” Chandi pleaded with her friend, doing her best impression of puppy dog eyes, which probably would have been more effective if her eyes didn’t look so dang cat-like. Continuing on with her mission Chandi began pulling various articles of lingerie off of shelves, racks and display tables as they passed by them and in doing so she’d make various comments like ‘Oh this’ll look ripper.’ And ‘That’ll look beauty on you AJ.’ Usually closely followed by a little squeal of excitement or a giggle of some sort.
Kei cocked her head sideways, “Reasonable? Not a word commonly used to described me.” She remarked with a brief smirk and she mulled over how to best explain her run-ins with the law.
“First off, I’m a surfer chick, a wahine.” Kei started off, “Best way to earn money on the North Shore without actually getting’ a job is connin’ the tourists. You make bets with them that you don’t know how to surf, fool them into thinkin’ your tellin’ the truth and then break out your skills. Easy money…but the cops ain’t real keen on that form of earnin’ it so I got sent off to a juvenile facility when I was 16, spent two years there.” Kei paused again, scrunching her nose up in thought. She wasn’t ashamed of what she’d done as a kid or as an adult, she knew it wasn’t right but it was fun.

“But see, once I was 18 they couldn’t keep me there…so I got a ticket outta there and moved in with a friend of mine, but bein’ jobless doesn’t really get ya great amounts of cash. So I went back to connin’; business men this time, figured my Japanese/Hawaiian looks were good for somethin’ plus it was easier to stay out of the laws hair if I was just datin’ the men getting’ their money and leavin’…I got an actual job though so I didn’t raise any suspicion with the local police force. Stayed under radar while creatin’ a small fortune in my bank account…anyway, I got sloppy with a job, got caught and the judge gave me six months probation, that’s when I was recruited for this team. It ain’t bad but it ain’t Hawaii either.” She folded her arms and looked at Wanda, “That scare ya? Ya don’t look much like the type to be doin’ things like that…”
"Actually luv, from what I hear Heaven doesn't have the soft lighting and mellow music playin' in the background. But keep in mind I'm getting this information from a drunken bloke who sources say only stands about 27 percent of actually being an angel so...."

He commented casually as he let his voice drift off a bit at the end, slipping his hands into his pockets as be began to wander a bit further into the store. Shopping wasn't exactly his thing....or perhaps it was but he was simply to distracted to remember. Either way he was glad he wasn't going to be forced to spend the better part of the day sitting around being lectured on heroism or teamwork or whatever else it was these Avengers felt he needed to learn.

" I guess we can hold off on the little 'trip to heaven' rifts until I've gotten a few drinks into you at least."
AJ tried to smile, but it was the thought of the dresser full of lingere back on the island that brought a giggle to her lips as Chandi kept holding up item after item.
"Got three of those.....and Ah hate those, the strap rides up." Sure, she didn't look like the kind of girl with a lace and perfume fetish, but she was, after all, an exotic dancer. She had worn more lingere than most runway show models.
She looked longingly towards the window.
"Ah wonder how Sparky an' Tiger are gettin' along. Neither one of them seem too keen on tha other." and that all knowing wolfish smile she was known for curled her lips as she slipped her arm through Chandi's.
"Gee, Ah wonder why?" she smirked.
"Aye it does that mah friend. Ah'm sure ah heard this place had a proper butler!" said Cam in response to John. "Which way tae his secret stash?" His joking question was soon answered as Tony led them not to the stash but into his lab-cum-bar. "Smooth!" said Cam with a chuckle as he leant on the counter top. "Ah'll have a double malt thanks Tony. The aulder the better." Cam looked around at the lab. "So dae ye actually dae any work on yer suit here or is this just fer repairs and such?"
Wanda looked at Kei and smiled.
"You have no idea what could scare me, but that doesn't." she paused momentarily and rolled her eyes.
"Pietro! Stop hiding and come out and meet her if you're that curious!" folding her arms over her chest as if she were completely exhasperated with her sibling.
"I'm sorry about him, he's a pompous brooding jerk, but he's still my brother."
"I resemble those remarks!" Pietro was leaning on the back of Wanda's chair smiling like the cat who ate the canary at Kei.
"Finally, I get a chance to be alone with the two prettiest girls in the place. introduction if you don't mind???" Peitro gave Kei a roguish smile and sat down next to her as Wanda gave introductions.
"Kei was just asking about things that scare me, how about you tell her what scares me Peitro." Scarlet Witch looked at her brother lovingly as he turned his attention to her, his face darkened a bit.
"I don't think that's..." Wanda cut him off with a glare.
"They are here to learn about teamwork, every team, no matter how big or small, has some deep dark secret that eventually smacks them in the face. Ours is an excellent example of that. So please, share."
Peitro turned back to Kei, his smile having returned and began to tell Kei the story of Magento.

At Cameron's question about doing actual work, Tony Stark laughed and handed the man his requested drinks.
"What fun is work.." he began only to get interrupted by Beast and Hawkeye who were yelling..
"Hey guys! Tony's got the new "Girls Gone Wild!"

The shopping excursion was going better than AJ had expected. When she walked out of Victoria's Secret with more bags than everyone else, Wasp leaned over and whispered to her.
"You didn't steal anything, did you?"
From Victoria's Secret it was off to Bloomingdales for the group.
She-Hulk slid up next to De and slipped her arm through his.
"So, these drinks we were talking about, your place or mine?"
“I thought my parents were bad.” Kei let out a low whistle, “But that guy takes the cake for bad parenting and all around creepiness.” She looked from Wanda to Pietro and then concentrated on a point above their heads.
“Didn’t hear too much ‘bout that stuff on the island, too busy with my own problems.” She remarked, “gotta ask though, how do ya stay sane? I mean, it ain’t exactly a bright and shiny secret, if I were in that situation I’d be ten times worse than I already am…” Kei didn’t really know what to say, she wasn’t always keen on dark secrets about family and the like, so as interesting as hearing about this Magneto fellow was, it made her skin crawl just a little bit.
“God, and now I’m stutterin’ like some bunny.” Kei scrunched up her face in annoyance, knowing she wasn’t making the best of impressions on either sibling, and wishing that she’d kept her mouth shut until she could form something entirely more coherent than what she had said.
Chandi raised and eyebrow when she noticed AJ had somehow managed buy more then anyone else. “For a Sheila who wasn’t keen on this shoppin’ trip you sure are enjoyin’ yourself.” Chandi giggled a giant smirk gracing her features. “Did you go and steal Sparky’s credit cards? Because if so I think I deserve to spend some of that money of his….” She trailed off as they passed by a tiny shoe store and her attention was soon focus on a cute pair of bright pink high top sneakers. “Excuse me while I go waste money on those adorable sneakers.” Slipping into the store quickly Chandi made a beeline for one of the sales people and within 10 minutes she’d gotten the shoes and rejoined the shopping troupe. “Sorry, my shoe addiction called.” Chandi laughed softly and threw an arm around AJ’s shoulder as they walked along towards Bloomingdale’s.

“So far this little field trip hasn’t been that bad, ole’ Val should send us on more of these.” She took in the sights and sounds of New York City, trying to capture every moment into her memory so that when they returned to Twilight Cove she wouldn’t become horribly homesick again. “What exactly were you supposed to actually be doing with us?” Chandi questioned Tigra figuring that shopping really wasn’t what they were sent to New York to do, but hey she wasn’t complaining if the Avengers wanted to skip out on actually doing work in favor of shopping instead.
"Ah didn't steal' yeah, Sparky owes me." AJ winked at Chandi as she pulled a wad of cash out of her pocket that would have amazed even the weathly Wasp.
"Whut? Not one word! it's all part of an honest weekend's work! Ah told ya'll Ah had a "Part-time" job." she smirked at Chandi and held up the bags she had just managed to get.
"These, why, they're just tax write offs!" She said no more as Chandi nipped in and got the pink sneakers.
"Sugah, don't you have enough pink in your life?" she snickered as they approached Bloomingdales, listening to Chandi talk to Tigra.
"Ah bet they had some kinda group therapy planned out for us! Ya know..."Ya'll are a team, now act like it." or some BS like that." AJ waved her hand in the air dramatically and rolled her eyes.
What she wasn't paying attention to was the looks she was getting because she had simply forgotten to shrink her wings down. Not all of the looks were friendly. Catching a few of the looks, she let out a "oops" and quickly shrank her wings down before they made it into the upscale department store.
"That...would have to be your place luv. Fraid I don't have a proper flat local...or any flat local for that matter. Though I must admit I have seen a thing or two that's making me consider...."

He said with a half grin as he stole a peek at Jen, letting the sight of her come to him out the corner of his eye as he quickly gazed at her without actually turning his head to face her. He used his arm to give her's a light squeeze as she slipped it through his, though given the reputation of the emerald hued beauty he couldn't be completely sure she'd felt it.

"But I should warn ya luv...I'm not the type of guy you should be takin' home unless you mean it. After all...what would the papers say if they found out one of Earth's mightiest suddenly needed to go to Double A?"
Again, 'Vok couldn't believe his eyes. Here he was expecting a day filled with battle drills and long boring lectures, and instead he found himself in the middle of the Avenger's very own men's club. Not that he minded the reprieve Mr. Stark was giving them. And the other guys seemed perfectly happy to join in as well.

The happy shape shifter slid up to the bar, and asked the playboy Avenger for a dose of Carribean rum. Tony proceeded to set up a shot glass, and pour it to the top for 'Vok. With a smirk, he grabbed up the shot and slammed it back. Not wanting to give the man time to pour another, he simply snatched up the bottle, figuring it best to just cut out the middle man. "Thanks mate. I needed this."

Quite literally having the situation in hand, he turned away from the bar, and made his way over to Hawkeye and the other guys. He made doubly sure to avoid eye contact with Captain America. Because if any of them would actually put the Guardians to work, it would surely be Cap. And that sort of thing had to be avoided at all costs.

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