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The Field Trip
Peitro smiled at Kei as she asked about their sanity.
"Actually, it's a hard task most days. People tend to judge you by the things people around you do. We were both part of our father's crusade before we knew the awful truth." He reached down and took Wanda's hand and gave it a squeeze.
"But, we are also living proof that even those of us with a checkered past can rise above it. So, I guess you can say there was a point behind all of this." Wanda looked at Kei, then up at Peitro. She could almost tell what he was thinking, but didn't voice it. She knew he was probably thinking about Crystal, and how much this young girl reminded him of her. Her spirit, her smile. Wanda looked towards the window for a moment before turning her attention back to Kei.
"You aren't stuttering like a bunny. It's pretty much how everyone reacts when they hear the story. So, how would you two like to hit the kitchen and see what chaos we can cause in there?" Wanda smiled as she stood up and motioned towards Peitro.
"He may be a speed demon, but he can cook better than I can, come on, let's put him to work."

Captain America caught Vok's uneasy look and smiled at the young man. He had read all their files before allowing them into the Avengers stronghold. He knew Vok's secret and planned on keeping it, as long as he behaved himself. At Hank, Simon and Clint's hooting over Tony's video collection, Steve took a seat the bar next to Vision and Hank Pym.
"You'd think they'd never seen a half naked college girl before.." Cap said as he opened up a beer and took a swig...but paused for a moment to look at the tv screen before almost spitting the beer halfway across the room.
"Ok, I'll rephrase that...You'd think we'd never seen half naked college girl do THAT!" he slid off the barstood and went to stand behind the makeshift sofa where Clint and the boys sat.
"All this technology, and they want to do this." Tony Stark rolled his eyes and laughed and began talking to Cameron and Vok.
"So guys, tell me about this island of yours. I heard you have stuff like that going on all the time." He motioned his head to the monitor and grinned widely.

"Oh, I'll hold you to that De, make sure of that. Drinks on me...later...but for now, if I don't catch up to Jan's shopping, I'll never hear the end of it. Come on!" She drug him off in the opposite direction that the girls were heading in Bloomingdales.
Tigra smiled as she watched Jen grab De and pull him off. She finally took the chance to answer Chandi.
"Actually, they had a bunch of boring seminars on teamwork planned and personally, there's no way in hell I would have sat through, or expected anyone else to." smiling as Jan frowned at her a bit.
"Oh come on Janet! You know damn well last time WE had to go through one of those you slipped out to the ladies room and never came back!" Wasp got a sheepish look on her face before spying an adorable black dress.
"Oooh and it's on sale even!"
"You can hold whatever you want to me luv, so long as you mean it."

De somehow managed to say through the light wave of shock that was washing over him at Jennifer's strength. Sure he had heard the stories and all...but he'd never actually come across a woman this much stronger than he was. He had to admit, it was kinda....nice? "Oi! Stop thinkin' that right now! That's how ma got dad, with all her goofy strength and willingness to engage in pointless violence"

The was a small, almost unnoticable shake of his head as he willed the thoughts away, instead quickening his pace a step so he would no longer need to be pulled along, matching strides with the She-Hulk as he slipped an arm across the small of her back.

"But until you do I suppose I wouldn't be to upset with the idea of helping you pick out something to wear."
Kei stood up, stretched and gave Pietro a sidelong look, “I used to ‘date’ a chef, so Speedy here has a hell of a lot to live up to cookin’ wise.” She paused a thoughtful look crossing her tanned features, “But Hunter never did let me choose, so you’ll gain points by doin’ that.” Kei was definitely playing up the fact that Pietro seemed to be attracted to her, plus the Guardian was here to have fun and she figured that Pietro would at least be able to aid her in that cause…especially since John wasn’t around.
“You’ll also gain points if it’s sugary, chocolatey, or just plain unhealthy.” She continued, usually she was a health-nut when she was cooking for herself but she deserved a change in food and it wasn’t like she had weight issues, “Got that Speedy?” Kei gave him another sidelong look and then gave Wanda a crooked smile, her dark eyes glittering, “Think he’ll need a list?” She questioned teasingly, enjoying the company of the siblings, “He better not expect me to cook either, or we’ll all be havin’ tofu...or sushi.”

Those were two of things she knew how to prepare properly, she might’ve had a father who abandoned her but she had a Japanese grandmother who felt it was her responsibility to visit her granddaughter 4 times a year and teach her how to be a sufficient adult; one of those lessons, Japanese cuisine; so the surfer girl did know how to make sushi properly so it wouldn’t kill you, but she didn’t know how to make much else.
“Well, I guess I can make Mac & Cheese too…but nobody over 10 or out of college eats that.” Kei said with a laugh as she headed for the library door.
“Enough pink? Can’t help it if it’s my favorite color.” Chandi had a twinkle in her eye and a happy little grin on her face, this was the kind of life the young mutant had gotten used to over the past few years. Living the life of a Park avenue girl completely unconcerned with who the next big bad was or why her estranged parents were suddenly wanting to get all ‘parental’ with her again. Gone were the days of the moody teenager having been replaced by a self-confident worldly woman who knew exactly what she wanted out of life and took hold of it with and iron fist. “I remember those ‘you’re a team act like it days’ and honestly I don’t want to be revisiting those days anytime soon.” The dark haired Aussie exclaimed as they entered Bloomingdale’s. “Give me a dysfunctional team of misfits who know how to have fun any day.” She threw a knowing smile in AJ’s direction, because frankly her best friend would know the meaning behind her words.

“Did I hear someone say sales?” All other thoughts were lost to Chandi at the mention of sales; the poor girl was in dire need of some kind of twelve-step program for her shopping addiction.
Realizing that he was being spoken to, 'Vok turned back around to face the dark haired man standing behind the bar, "Well, I don't know if we've seen anything quite like that, but give us time. We are still a young team. I ain't had nearly enough time to debauch them properly just yet." And with a tip of his bottle and a wink of his eye, 'Vok turned back to the monitor to bask in the wonderment that was topless college girls.

If he had known this was the type of treatment that awaited him, Vok decided that he should have gotten pinched by S.H.I.E.L.D. long ago. Swilling well aged Carribean rum and hanging with a bunch of super-geeks hooting and hollering over 19 year old girls brought to life in amazing big screen HDTV? Who'da thunk it?
Cam chuckled as he looked away from the screen and back at Tony, holding out his empty tumbler for a refill. "Och aye. Ye cannae move on the island but yer trippin' o'er nubile young heroines. It's a hard life Tony." he said with a nod as he accepted the newly refilled glass, taking a slow swig. "But from what ah've seen o' the local lassies here, ye arenae daein that bad in that department yerself. The island does have the benefit o' being a damn sight warmer than new york though, so ah guess we dae enjoy slightly more open views of the scenery.. if ye catch mah drift."
"Someone get tha girl a doctor...she's addicted." AJ smirked as she watched Chandi sniff out the sales.
"You'd think you were part bloodhound instead of a cat!" crossing her arms, she leaned against one display of short little dresses until a purple one caught her eye. Giving a sidelong glance at the others, she snatched it up and walked non challantly towards the dressing rooms.
Tony refilled Cam's glass and laughed.
"Yeah well, can you imagine trying to hit on She-Hulk? You'd get your arm ripped out. Sure, we've got a lotta eye candy around here, but it's all for looks, I'm tellin' ya, it drives a guy to drink!" With that, Iron Man knocked back what must have been his 8th or 9th shot of tequila.
'Vok had found his place in the recreation area with Wonder Man, Beast, Hank Pym and Hawkeye. As the video changed to yet another Girls Gone Wild, the roar of hoots and hollers got louder as 'Vok turned to Cam and said...
"Mate, ya may not wanna see this, but me thinks that's yer girl up there."
He gave the DVD case a toss to Cam who saw the title "Girls Gone Wild-Mardi Gras Style."

Kei watched in awe as someone known to be the fastest man on earth took his time and whipped up lunch for himself, her and his sister. All the while, she and Wanda sat and chatted about the Island, the team, and just everyday things.
"I'm glad we've had the time to sit around and talk today Kei. I really wasn't looking forward to one of Greer and Jen's shopping trips from hell. Those two will wear you out on days when there are sales." Peitro scooted a couple of plates of fettacini alfredo with grilled chicken and a salad over to both of the girls before zipping around the counter and sitting down next to Kei.
"Hope you like it, I made the pasta myself." he smiled playfully at him, and Wanda started snickering.

As the whirlwind shopping trip team began to make their way back to the Avengers Mansion, Wasp looked around worriedly for Jen and De.
"Did anyone see where those two got off to? I mean, I know they can take care of themselves, but if Val shows up, I'll have to come up with a creative excuse."
AJ and Chandi were definately rivaling each other in the shopping department. Chandi had more bags than a normal person could carry, but to her advantage, she also had a tail.

Jen and De had snuck away from Bloomingdales and down the block a bit to a quiet little bar and had been knocking back drinks for the better part of an hour now. All the while, getting to know each other better and enjoying the other person's company.
“Shoppin’ ain’t really my thing either.” Kei replied, taking a bite of the salad that was set in front of her and glancing at Pietro briefly, “Would you like some award for that?” She teased him, “Not that I’m not impressed, but if you can make this entire meal alone I don’t think making the pasta yourself was that big of an accomplishment, Speedy.” She gave him a wicked grin, taking a bite of the pasta.
“It is good though, I’ll admit that much.” Kei leaned over and gave Pietro a peck on the cheek, “Thank you. But, if it’s not too much of a request, could you get me a drink? Since it’ll take you less than half the time it would take me to get to the fridge.” She blinked her dark brown eyes at him, hoping that like almost every other male on the planet he wouldn’t be able to resist.
Bogged down with more bags then anyone else in their shopping troupe Chandi had to laugh at the funny looks she received from the people they passed on the streets. After all it wasn’t everyday you saw a seemingly normal human girl with a tail. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Chandi hollered at an elderly couple as they stared open-mouthed at her. “Curse my shopping addiction.” She muttered having only dropped the illusion and her tail so she could carry all the bags of stuff she’d bought, it was times like these that she wished she could just ‘pop’ a handsome servant into existences to carry her bags.

“Remind me to drag Cameron along next time, I could use that man’s arms right about now.” Chandi smirked and let her mind drift off to wonder what it was that the rest of the Avengers had their teammates doing. “On second thought, he’d probably just complain the entire time.” She added shifting a bag on her shoulder as they walked along, “I wonder what the boys are up too.”
"Ah'm really trying not ta think about what they are up ta." AJ said as she stopped for a moment, set her bags down, the picked them back up again and slid them up her forearms so she could hold them all.
"Personally, Ah didn't mind tha shoppin', but Ah'm lookin' forward ta gettin back to tha island." AJ giggled a little and tried to look innocent as she gave her head a toss to get her wind whipped hair out of her face.
"Whut? Ah'm just anxious ta see if surfer girl goes back out in tha waves with "Spot" lurkin under tha surface. Really." she shot Chandi a grin before she burst out laughing.
"Ok ok, Ah'm gonna tie him down ta mah bed and make him apologize ovah and ovah for leavin' me behind, makin' me feel like Ah didn't matter and all the other horrible things Ah can think of he didn't really do, but just needs a right good guilt trip for."
Angelee shook her head proudly, knowing that Wasp and Tigra probably thought she was out of her mind.
"Besides, Cooper's gonna have a cow when she finds out anyway. Mary Sue that she is, she's walking around like she's got a bo staff shoved up her....." AJ's voice wandered off just a bit as she turned her head and smiled at a few nice looking gentlemen who walked passed.
"You that stick chick we knew? The one who couldn't keep it outta her...." again, her voice faded as she nodded her head to another cute passerby. Finally looking at Chandi, she shook her head in disbelief.
"Ah think Ah would have volunteered ta room with Spot had they picked THAT bunch for this team."
Chandi had to giggle at her friend’s antics, leave it to AJ to voice how she was truly feeling. “Oh I’d love to get back to the island, but first I’ve got a stop to make and a one night stand to have with an old boyfriend.” Chandi giggled at the thought of arriving announced on Shinobi’s doorstep preferably wearing something that’ll make his jaw drop to the floor in shock. “I didn’t just spend all day buying sexy but totally un-functional outfits for nothing, I have to torment at least one guy with them.” She paused for a moment to drop the bags in her left hand a regain the feeling in her fingers, while stopped she slipped off her heels and tossed them into one of the bags, her feet already hurt it wasn’t like a walk back to the mansion was going to make them any worse. “Plus Jay, I need to take you to meet the girls. I’m sure they’d love to put a face to a name.” Chandi winked, having told many a story about AJ to the co-workers at the club.

“Trust me, we’ll get back to ‘our’ island soon enough. Then you can have you wicked way with Cameron and see if Kei can make friends with Spot…or just end up keeping a certain tall dark and totally handsome pirate company instead.” As she they continued to walk along towards the Avengers mansion Chandi bit back any pain that was being caused by her bare feet and tossed her head a bit to get fallen curls out her eyes, being she didn’t have a free hand or tail to push them out her eyes with. “Beauty, I would have bought the first ticket home if that’d been the case. I much prefer our group of slightly criminal teammates, at least we don’t get death glares and comments about our behavior being inappropriate.”
"Ah know! It was all "Do this, do that, don't kiss Chandi infront of all of us, it's disgusting!" Geeze, AH wonder what they would have said if they knew what was goin' on in our bedroom late at night?" AJ snickered as she said it in a low voice. Knowing that hers, Chandi's and Cameron's "relationship" had always been questioned by anyone who had been around them, she didn't want to put any of Earth's Mightiest off by letting them hear tales of late night Strip Twister games.
"Anyway...ooh...Ah'm sure you want me ta go dressed like this...Oh yeah...Ms. Dolce and Gabanna!" It was hard to control the laughter when she knew exactly what retort Chandi was going to come back with.
"Don't worry, I picked up alot of "tasteful" items today as well. But hey, is there a Trashy Lingere store around here anywhere? Tha only one Ah know of is out in Cali, and Ah hate mail ordering crap from them. It takes forevah!" As they continued down the street, AJ proceeded to fill Chandi in on all of her purchases for the day.
"Ah figured, Ya know, Ah can't go around dressed like this all tha time. And ta be honest, most of mah clothes are still back at mah place in Nawlins. Ah just didn't have much time ta pack when Ah got drafted.
Oh, and as far as Cameron goes...he has no idea what he's in for." A sweet innocent grin curled her lips, but the look on her face was far from innocent.
"......and that was the second time she shot me. But Grams will be Grams."

He said, concluding a story about a weekend he had spent at his grandmother's house before polishing off his whiskey sour, giving a nod and raising a finger at the barkeep to get his attention and a refill. As he waited for the bartender to finish up with another patron he shifted in his seat a bit so he was turned a little more towards Jen. The middle finger of his right hand ran lightly back and forth across the small patch of flesh just beneath his lower lip as he looked at her a moment, having seen more than his fair share of things in life and having never laid eyes on anything quite like her.

"So tell me does a sheila like you get mixed in with a bunch like 'The Avengers'? A right proper bird like yourself should be modeling, or acting, or in that WNBA I keep meanin' to watch. I'm sure that there are plently of other opportunities for you out there that don't involve you getting attacked by superblokes on a regular basis. Not that I mind you running about the globe in your knickers...."
A peal of giggles was heard escaping Chandi as she remembered some of their late night adventures back when AJ, herself and Cameron had first been on a team together. “Oh the good ole’ days.” She smirked an evil little twinkle in her gold/green eyes as she tried her best to regain some semblance of composer. “Well Ms. Mardi Gras I can’t help it if I’m fashion forward.” Chandi retorted noting that if she had a free hand or arm for that matter it would have been elbowing the pink haired fairy at the very moment. “Don’t worry about your clothin’ Jay, trust me the girls aren’t hoity toity’s or anything. They work at a bar after all.” She said hoping that she’d be able to stop in and visit some friends while here, but she knew the life of a super hero, reluctant or not wasn’t always one that worked well with relationships. “Trashy Lingerie? Can’t say I know of a place around here. Maybe our shopaholic Avengers here might.” Chandi glanced over her shoulder at Tigra and Wasp, though soon her attention was pulled back in when AJ began to tell her what exactly it was she’d bought.

“Ripper, I might have gotten through to you after all.” She giggled knowing full well that AJ would probably never be as addicted to designer fashion as she was. But it would be nice to see her friend in something other then cut offs and a tank top. “That poor man, please just remember we need him to be able to walk when you’re down with him.”
"Aye ah can imagine it could be quite distracting Tony." said Cam in reply to Iron Man's quip as he sipped his malt. "Still a man in yer position surely has nae problems gettin' a date for all them shindigs ye get invited tae. Ah'm nae a big fan o' the popular press but even ah've seen pictures o' ye wi' a different actress on yer airm each time." Cam chuckled and emptied his glass, grabbing the bottle for a refill. There seemed to be a renewed burst of whooping from the guys huddled around the tv screen and turning at John's call, he spyed something heading towards him from the corner of his eye. Cam caught the DVD case in nonchalantly one hand turning it over to look at the cover, as he picked up his glass once more. "Aye. Tis that." he said with a grin as he looked up at the screen and the familiar form entrancing all around her. "But if ye think that's wild, man ye dinnae ken the half o' it."
A good hearty laugh bellowed from 'Vok as he listened to his teammate’s good humored reply. He hadn't really gotten to know Cameron very well yet, and he supposed that now was as good a time as any. Besides, Cam seemed to be in good enough spirits. Any guy that could sit around with a bunch of other guys, watching his sometime girlfriend display her bread winners without batting an eye, had to be ok.
Tipping back the bottle of rum, ‘Vok let the wonderful alcoholic beverage wash over his tongue and down his throat. He would have never thought he’d be spending his day with the Avengers like this, but he wasn’t complaining. Waiting for a break in between the hoots and hollers of a certain blue furry mutant, ‘Vok shouted over the back of his chair towards Cam, “So Cam, what you think of the Avenger’s set up here? Think we could get the battle-ax to set us up with a crash pad like this?”
Cam laughed equally loudly at John's suggestion as he pushed himself away from the bar, his fingers closing almost automatically around the neck of the bottle of aged malt he had been savouring. "C'mon Tony lad." he said glancing over his shoulder. "We may as well grab a guid seat before the lassies get back." Cam walked casually across the room, perching on the back of the couch as he considered the possiblity of getting a full bar and all the equipment past the dragon they had encountered. "Ah cannae see the good Dr taking too kindly tae us redecoratin' the place so soon. Maybe we can sneak all the parts we need in o'er the next couple o' months. By that time she might have mellowed some. Although a doubt it. Meantime ah found a grand wee pub one island over. Ah think it would be jist perfect for us all tae relax in." He emptied his glass, and with a flick of his wrist and a small flash it appeared silently back on the bar, empty. Cam looked over at Cap. "Ah've heard ye've had some dealings with Doc Cooper Cap. Got any tips on dealing with her fer us?"
Glancing back over his shoulder as Cam sat down, 'Vok couldn't help but chuckle. "If you think there is even the slightest chance of that woman mellowing, you haven't known Valerie Cooper nearly long enough, Cam. I've known the Battle-ax for years now and trust me, she has her head firmly planted up her aft." 'Vok watched as Cameron skillfully returned his glass to the bar, and then asked the glaring question that had just jumped to mind, "You mean there is a bar within shouting distance of our island, and you never told anyone? We had three whole days together before we got whisked away and you never mentioned a bar! My good sir, me thinks you don't care about your teammate's well being."
Pietro zipped to the fridge and back before Kei even finished the sentence. With a wink at his sister, he smiled roguishly at Kei.
"So, what now, would you like a tour of our humble establishment?" he asked as he sat back down next to her.
"Actually, I think that's a great idea. I wonder where the guys all wandered off to? Oh, I bet they are down in Tony's lab again. It's odd...they spend alot of time down there." Wanda said in a way that could only make her brother laugh.
"I'll check." Before anyone could object, he was gone.

Pietro sped through the hall and into the bowels of the Avengers Mansion right into Tony Stark's private boys club.
Leaning against the door, he smiled as they sat around doing what he knew they'd be doing.
"Gentlemen, a bit of a warning...we have women incoming." and zipped back to the kitchen.
It was like a scene out of the best military movie. Cap jumped to his feet and called out to the guys in the room.
"You heard him! The enemy approaches, battlestations!"
Everyone scrambled as the bar scene disappeared and once again the room looked like a computer lab...and not a moment too soon as Pietro appeared again.
"They're just at the top of the hall!" Everyone gathered around the conference table that had come out of the floor and hopped into chairs just as a projector began to show a picture of Red Skull and Cap stood there. At Pietro's signal, Cap began to drone on about how they defeated Red Skull last time.
"And this...."Wanda and Kei appeared in the door..."Is Iron Man's lab..Oh, I'm sorry, are we interrupting?" Wanda smiled as Cap stopped mid speech and they all turned towards the door.
"Not at all Wanda, I was just going over some battle skematics. Now, if evreyone would like to adjourn to the living room, we'll have a chance to kick back and relax." Cap was smiling rather innocently as Hawkeye began to chuckle.

The girls were just walking in the front door from the shopping trip when everyone began to filter back into the living area again.
"Whew! You two certianly can work with the best of them!" Greer said as she dumped her shopping bags by the door and found the nearest unoccupied chair.

De however, was making his way back on the arm of lovely green She Hulk. Who, as it would so happen, was explaining how she came to meet up with the Avengers.
"Oh, you know, the usually story...boy meets girl...boy gets gamma erradiated, boy rubs off on girl....girl decides she can beat the best of them, and sets out to prove it. Besides, other than the circus, where else would I fit in?"
Kei shook her head, she had figured out immediately that the boys had not been going over battle schematics; she seriously doubted if Cam and John would actually sit through speeches so passively.
“So, any of you boys care to spill on what you were really doing down in that lab?” Kei asked as she sat down comfortably on the couch, “Or do I have to torture the info out of Speedy?” She leaned back into the couch, giving her best puppy dog eyes to the men of the group…focusing on Pietro longer than the others, she knew that the white-haired Avenger was attracted to her and she was having fun doing some harmless manipulating.
“And if torture doesn’t work, I’ll cry! Honest, I’ll go into a psychotic episode…” Kei mock-threatened, still giving the puppy dog eyes; The Avenger’s weren’t such a bad lot, she had expected hours of mind-numbing talks on how to be a team, but so far she’d just chatted with Wanda and Pietro and had a decent meal. Not exactly a horrible way to spend a day, it wasn’t the beach but it was still pretty amusing.
As they came through the door, AJ looked up and saw everyone still pretty much where they had left them, only looking alot happier.
"Well now...looks like maybe we did have all the fun." she nudged Chandi a bit and sat down her own bags before letting her wings unfurl and giving a big stretch. She hated having to shrink them all the time, but it was better than getting called names and things thrown at her.
While she shifted her shoulders, she noticed the smiles and grins from the male populice of the room and gave Chandi a bit of a "What the??" look and just shrugged.
"So, did we miss the party?"
“Of course we had all the fun.” Chandi commented as she dropped her bags next to AJ’s and made her way into the living room. “After all they did have you and me along.” She chirped being in a relatively chipper mood after her shopping trip in the city she loved so very much. Chandi noticed the looks that were being thrown in the direction of the pink haired fairy, but also shrugged them off as guys being guys. “I’m totally wasted.” Chandi exclaimed as she took a seat on the arm of one of the chairs, allowing her illusion to drop to reveal the pitch-black fur of her natural appearance.

“Nah, the party doesn’t star until we arrive.” With a Cheshire cat smirk gracing her features Chandi took a good long look around the room, assuming that most of the occupants hadn’t spent the entirety of the day in the Living room staring at the walls.
Shoving an elbow into Hawkeye's ribs as the two men stood behind the sofa, 'Vok could barely keep his laughter contained as AJ walked into the room. He did his best to be inconspicuous, and to avoid eye contact with the pink haired girl, but he feared that his efforts were being less than successful. It wasn't that he found it surprising that she had "gone wild" in New Orleans, but it was still a bit of a shock to see it captured in glorious digital 5.0 DTS surround sound.

The amused Skrull leaned over the back of the couch, with his lips inches from Kei's ear and whispered, "Oh you don't need ta be torturing the speed demon, love. I'll tell ya everything you wanna know. But be warned, you may blush a brighter red than your companion's corsets there." And then he paused, raising an eyebrow in the cute surfer girl's direction, eager to see if she really wanted to know the details of the situation that badly.
Kei shifted on the couch so she was now looking at the side of John’s head, “I’m not a stranger to blushin’, Johnny.” She had the Cheshire smile again her dark eyes twinkling, “And who said I didn’t want to torture the speed demon, he’s got a nice ass. So do ya…” Kei could match comments with John any day, it wasn’t as if she were pearly white; so whatever he had to say she was sure that her ears had heard worse…she’d probably said worse.
“So long as it doesn’t involve undressin’, they’ll be no blushin’ from me…unless ya want to see me blush.” The surfer was trying to keep her voice as low as possible, best not to give anybody ammunition or black mail material; plus she figured this might rile Pietro up a bit, she wanted to see if he was cute angry. So long as he didn’t go after John, then she might have to make something blow up.
“So, are ya gonna tell me?”

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