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The Field Trip
"Oh I'm sure I could think of a position or two for you luv, definately a position or two. Kinda makes me with I had me own team. I could definately use a sheila like you on my staff...."

He said with a bit of a grin which curled up on the corner of his mouth that was away from Shulkie's line of sight.

"But I suppose there are worse lots you could be throwing your hat in with. Matter or fact...I know there are worse lots you could've ended up with."

De continued as he snuggled her arm a little closer to his side, pulling her towards him a hair. To anyone else, it would have been obvious that they were getting stares, thought they may have been primarily because of his own appearance and not her's. After all, the people of NYC were quite used to seeing the green goddess walk their streets, while the site of Barney's ghetto doppleganger was actually a bit new to them.

"So what's next luv? More shopping? A trip to see that Fabulous Four? Or you wanna head somewhere with four walls, a roof, and a nice play to lay down and relax?"
Jennifer laughed at De's not so subtle hint and smiled at him.
"Honey, I'd break you in half...really. But, judging by the time, we better be getting back. Not to say I won't take you up on your offer...someday soon." she smiled again as they turned the corner and headed down the busy New York Streets.
AJ caught the snickers from John and Hawkeye and put her hands on her hips in a huff.
"Alright, if Ah didn't know betta, Ah'd say someone's been drinkin...and it ain't been me!" A little more than put out that apparently the guys DID have all the fun, she turned to Chandi and put her arm around her.
"So, you stayin' in mah room tonight? Cause otherwise Ah'll just lock tha door..." she left the threat dangling in the air.
Pietro heard every word that Kei had whispered and smirked to himself, crossing his arms over his chest with a very self satisfied smile.
"This has been a great day Kei, you know, I wouldn't mind it if we traded numbers and maybe made plans for some other time...just the two of us?" He leaned forward a bit, his eyes sparkling with mischief as he did.
He looked up at John and gave him a "You snooze you lose" look.
Cam stood by watching all this, and caught AJ's veiled threat and only smiled at her in a knowing way.

"Well.."Cap started as everyone quieted down. "It's been a terrific day and my report to Dr. Cooper will be filled with glowing praise of all your...attributes..." he blushed a little as he looked at AJ, who was completely confused at this point.
It was about that time that De and She Hulk walked through the door arm and arm, laughing.
"Did we miss the party?" Jen smiled around at everyone as she took in the scene.
"As I was saying..." Cap cleared his throat and tried to look away from the pink haired fairy only to catch the looks that Beast, Wonder Man, Hawkeye and even Ant Man were giving her, he decided it would be best to try to focus on the task at hand.
"My report will be simple, well rounded... perfectly formed..." all the men started laughing again.."and...will get straight to the point." he cleared his throat again as most of the women in the room continued to look completely confused.
Chandi thought over AJ’s question for a moment, before replying. “Stay in a big ole’ lonely room all by myself or share a room with a Shelia like you.” Chandi paused for a moment as she wrapped her arm around AJ’s waist. “Do I even need to tell you were I’ll be hangin’ my hat?” The golden/green eyed Aussie smirked and let out a little giggle, shifting her weight a bit on her bare feet she listened to Capt. America ramble on about what he’d be telling Dr. Cooper about their little band of misfits. Though it was obvious that the guys had some kind of joke that the girls weren’t informed of and it didn’t look like they’d be telling the female population of the mansion anytime soon.

“So all the blokes got some kind of secret pack or something? Because you’re all acting bloody amusing right now.” Chandi eyed the men one by one, confusion written across her feline features.
It was hard enough to contain his laughter as AJ and Chandi walked into the room, but that process became even more difficult as soon as Captain America opened his mouth. 'Vok had always thought of Cap as the straight laced rock of a boyscout leader guy, or at least that was the image they presented of him on television. Watching the man trip over his own words might have seemed like a misstep to some, but it only helped 'Vok respect the man more. He was human after all.

Turning back towards Kei, 'Vok saw the looks Quicksilver was giving the surfer girl. It kind of made him wonder what she had been up to the whole day, "So, looks like speedy has a little thing for you, eh girly? That's saavy with me and all, but don't forget, I've got a big thing for you. Go easy on the boy, ok? I'd hate to see an Avenger cry."

The shape shifting pirate leaned back into the sofa, with his hands behind his head and a look of amusement on his face. Chandi was obviously curious as to what the guys had been up to in their absence, and he suspected the others were too. He knew for sure that Kei was. With a look of satisfaction spread out across his face 'Vok smiled and said, "I ain't acting amusing so much as I'm just plain amused. The Avengers showed us a real good time today, and the fruits of their labor are just paying off. Coarse, if you want to know any more than that, you'll have to ask Cam. I think its only fair that he be the one to give it up."
Cam shook his head almost imperceptibly at both Cap's stumbling speech and John's veiled humour. "Ah'm afraid ah've been sworn tae secrecy Girls. All ah can say is that the Avenger's certainly didnae skimp when they were doing their reconnaissance on us. Tony in particular has extensive files. Anyone would think he had nothing better tae do." he said with a chuckle and a wink towards AJ. "Ah'm surprised he has the strength tae move that armour of his." He had already secreted the bottle of malt somewhere safe and was quietly enjoying the atmosphere in the room. The team had somehow managed to relax even more despite the inherrent pressure of being under scrutiny. It looked like Cooper had perhaps been a little mistaken when she had obviously thought the Avengers would impart a sense of dignity or decorum to the team. If anything, it felt to Cam like they were being encouraged to be even more nonchalant about the whole hero business and to enjoy the simple pleasures that life could offer when the chance arose. Things like enjoying the company of friends and colleagues, and the chance to forget about any other troubles that may arise.
“As long as I get t’take ya to a beach, consider it a date.” Kei responded in a low tone to Pietro, her dark eyes sparkling. She could definitely have the speed demon wrapped around her little finger if she wanted to, but she liked the guy too much to do that, plus she didn’t figure Wanda would appreciate her brother being conned.
“As for you,” Kei said turning to John, “I won’t make him cry, and I still remember ya…so if that’s what ya worried about…” She trailed off, getting a thoughtful look on her face, “after all, we live on the same island, so I’ll see you more than I’ll see him. ‘Course it does make a girl feel really wanted when she’s being fawned over.” Kei let out a tiny laugh.

At Cam’s response Kei attempted puppy dog eyes on her Scottish teammate, “Come on! What’ll hurt t’tell us? Scouts honor that the Bunny won’t hear ‘bout this from me, if that’s what ya nervous…’sides, secrets don’t make friends.” She paused, “Will ya at least tell me how extensive the file on me is…wouldn’t want Speedy t’know too much, ya know.” Still giving Cam puppy dog eyes she pushed her bottom lip out just a little to add to the effect.
"So now that we've gotten this meet n'greet...follow an Avenger about thing done...."

De started...letting sentance hang in the air for a moment as he tried to get a feel of what was to come next.

"Not that I don't love the company I've kept..." he said with a quick wink at Jen. "...but does this mean we're free to go? To be so close to something you can't have...tends to make a man's heart hurt after a bit."

He said as he moved towards the rest of his group, stepping away from Walters and letting the tips of his fingers trail lightly across the small of her back as he departed.
Angelee gave Chandi a quick peck on the cheek as she slipped away from her for a moment and slowly made her way towards Cameron. Each step she took, her eyes began to turn a more brilliant color of green, her eyes locked with his as she walked. Her method was slow and teasing, and that's the exact thing she was going for. Stopping right infront of him, she let her hands slide up his chest and rest on his shoulders. Not saying a word at first, her eyes merely searched his for a moment before she did speak.
"Come on sugah...ain't we had enough secrets between us?" her voice had a whispery soft quality to it that flowed over him like a good 12 year old scotch. Her head tilted just slightly as a serene smile began to appear on her face.
"But, Ah figure it this way honey, if it was somethin' that amused ya that much, an' made ya smile like that at me, it musta been good." laying her head against his chest, she let out a soft deep sigh.
"Really good."
As AJ laid her head on his chest, Cam let out a small sigh of his own. He leaned his head forward so his lips brushed against her ear. "All ah can say darlin', is that ah think the guys got as much of a buzz out of mardi gras as you did." he whispered softly as he slipped an arm low around her waist, a low chuckle forming in his throat. "Ah dinnae think Cooper would approve o' what we saw, but ah definitely do! Maybe ye can put on a wee private show later, just so ah can be sure."
A pinkish tinge swept up Angelee's cheeks as Cameron whispered in her ear. She caught Chandi's gaze from the corner of her eye and smiled wickedly at her friend.
But on the same note, she was just a little confused by Cameron's remark. She always had fun at Mardi Gras...did she have a run in with the infamous Iron Man during Fat Tuesday some time ago and not remember it? And now, he was telling tales on her?
She nuzzled her cheek against Cameron's chest and in a soft voice spoke to him.
"Sweetheart, Ah've always had fun at Mardi Gras...howevah, if you want any kinda private show...Ah'm not sure ya heart can take it, love."
She looked up at him and smiled playfully then spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.
"Ah think De's right. Not that you Avengers ain't been a gas and all, but we've got thangs ta tend ta back home, and Ah've got a German Shepard that's gonna be one pissed off little gal when Ah get back ta her!"
Thinking about the prospect of returning to their new island home, 'Vok wasn't so sure he was keen on the idea. He liked the rest of his new team well enough, but the fact remained that he was being forced to play with others. And a pirate didn't like being forced into anything. Especially forced servitude under the omnipresent watch of Valerie Cooper. Truth be told, he would much rather be left to his own devices, just the same as he had been his whole life. With nothing to loose, he voiced his opinions, "Not that the Battle-ax hasn't been accomodating, which she hasn't, but me ain't in no hurry to get back to that. 'Cause you all know sure as shootin' that whatever our next assignment be, it won't be nearly as much fun as this. So, if its all the same to you, I'd like to hang about a while longer. That is, if the Earth's Mightiest don't mind me hangin' about. Besides, I have some more research to be doin'."
Chandi caught the smile that AJ sent her way, glad to see her two closest friends on speaking terms again and a whole lot more. “I really have to agree with John, I’d love to get more of a chance to see New York and visit old friends and work places.” Chandi spoke aloud, it’d be a shame to be in her hometown and not be able to see a few of her friends while in town. “Not trying to be a rebel or anything, I just really missed this place and it’s only been a few days.” She laughed her heart really was firmly placed in New York and she knew it.

“So if y’all don’t mind having a little black cat around the place for another day I’d love to stay and just take in New York while I have the chance, before it’s back to sunny ole’ Florida.” Chandi flashed her trademark smile and waited to hear the response that John and she would get.
Janet laid a hand on Captain America's arm.
"You know, they wouldn't necessarily have to go back just yet. I mean, Dr. Cooper said to show them the ropes and let them see what team life was like. I really don't think a person can do that in one afternoon. However, since I know Firefly is anxious to get back to her dog, I wouldn't see any reason that some of the team could stay and the others could go if they wanted." Wasp winked at AJ covertly and gave her best innocent smile to Cap.
Steve mulled it over silently for a few moments before speaking.
"I think you're right Janet. Sure, I guess we could let them stay for a while longer."
Pietro looked Kei and smiled widely. "So, I guess it's too soon to ask what you're doing tonight or do I need to ask his permission first?" Quicksilver motioned his head towards 'Vok.
Hawkeye leaned forward enough to whisper to Cameron and AJ.
"If you two wanna head back, I'll take ya. No use in standing around here when you really just want to be alone."
She-Hulk gave De a big smile after Cap's declaration.
"So, wanna help me paint the town green tonight?"
Kei laughed, “Whether he likes it or not, Johnny ain’t my events coordinator or my keeper…so no, ya don’t need t’ask the Brah’s permission,” She told Quicksilver, “It wouldn’t hurt t’leave him with a good bottle a booze though, just t’tide him over until he has my charming company again.” She gave John a sidelong glance, “Ain’t that right Brah?” She enquired, figuring the pirate wouldn’t get his nose bent out of joint that Pietro seemed to want to take Kei out for the evening.
“As for what I’m doin’ tonight, ya don’t have any killer waves out here and I’m without my boards…so nothin’ so far, got any ideas?”
"Love to luv, love to. But we can't go all out. Need to stay a bit on the low key for a bits longer. Might be a few people about upset I haven't given 'em a call since in got back."

De responded with a bit of a smile as he tucked his hands away in his pants pockets, trying to remember if he knew anyone in the States or not. He'd met a few birds and blokes from the US to be sure....but did he know anyone who was actually on American soil was the question. Hmmmm....there was Nate J......but word had it he'd gone back to Oz round the same time De had set out for Europe, and the two of them had never exactly been on good terms anyway.

"Course you could probably talk me into just about anything at this point. Hard to turn down a pair of eyes like your's after all luv."
Grinning widely at Kei, 'Vok replied, "That's right, girl. I ain't your keeper. If you and Speedy wanna hit the town you won't hear any complaints from me. As long as he treats you right, we're right as rain. In fact, since the Avengers seem to be the accommodating type, I may just have to find a wee bit of fun for myself."

The shape shifting pirate couldn't be happier actually. If he knew anything to be true of Valerie Cooper it was that she didn't like to be wrong. This whole day was most likely intended to be some kind of wash-out program, and instead it turned into one big party. Instead of the Avengers nit picking their fledgling team apart, they simply showed them a good time. If the Battle-ax held to form, she would be absolutely steaming over the whole thing. And her fury would get taken out on the Guardians. So, the Avengers willingness to let them postpone that bit of misery was a very nice thing. The only problem for ‘Vok was that he had the greatest playground on Earth at his disposal, and no one to play with. Maybe a bit of fun was in order. 'Vok slid forward on the couch and perched himself ominously on its edge as he looked Quicksilver in the eye, "I hope you and the betty have fun tonight. I plan to.” And with that, ‘Vok got to his feet and made his way over to the Scarlet Witch. Grinning as charming a smile as he could muster, the suave pirate introduced himself, “I don’t believe we were ever properly introduced...they call me John. And unless I am mistaken, I believe you would be my date for the evening?”
She raised her head up off of Cameron's chest and looked at Hawkeye skeptically.
"You'd do that? Ah mean, you ain't afraid of Ms Thang?" her voice got whisper quiet as she leaned up and spoke to Hawkeye.
"See, Ah knew there was a reason you've always been mah favorite Avenger."
Angelee laid her head on Cameron's shoulder and whispered into his ear in a pleading sweet voice.
"Sparky...pleasee...can we just go home?"
Giggling softly as one by one Chandi watched her teammates latch themselves onto either Avengers or old flames, it was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and totally breaking the image she’d held of superhero teams and how it seemed nobody was ever happy while on one. “Well, looks like you’ve all coupled yourself off…” She spoke softly not wanting to become the center of attention with that comment, Chandi was in fact at the moment content of just watching and taking in the rest and relaxation bit of this little trip.

“This is just beauty, Now I’ve got some time to take in a Broadway show and harass some of my dear ole’ friends as well.” Chandi stated as she rose up from her spot on the arm of one of the overstuffed chairs in the living room to stretch before taking a seat on the arm of the chair again.
Kei watched John as he moved away, “Don’t go harrasin’ my friends ya pirate!” She called after him, giving Wanda an ‘I’m sorry’ look, “If he bothers ya, just call me…I’ll get him t’go away.” The Hawaiian lazily moved to rest an arm over Pietro’s shoulders, “How long would it take for ya t’get to Virginia Beach or the Jersey Shore? Of course, ya could persuade my decision if there’s somethin’ really killer in the city ya want me t’see. I might wanna get somethin’ different t’wear though, baggies and a tank ain’t exactly city attire.” Kei motioned down at her board-shorts and top.

She could usually get away with wearing stuff like this in Hawaii because it was common attire on the beaches, but she thought if she wandered out into New York City with Pietro she might stick out like a sore thumb in her beach wear.
“I’m sure ya could get us to a mall in no time flat!”
Cam looked down into AJ's eyes which were still tinged with an almost luminous green.
"Aye Blossom. Ah dinnae think Vicky would forgive me.. or yerself if we all left her alone with only Spot and Dr Cooper for company." He said with a low chuckle.
"But ah dinnae think there's any need tae drag Hawkeye here away fae the party. Ah'm sure ah can port us back tae the island now that ah've been there."
She-Hulk laughed softly as she led De towards the door.
"Promise, I'll have him back by midnight..." she waved to Cap as they left the Avengers Mansion for parts unknown.
Wanda was a bit taken aback by 'Vok and was stammering for a reply until Tigra walked up and slipped her arm around Wanda's waist.
"Sorry luv, she's taken tonight. Being shot down all the way around, Vok was pleasantly surprised when Chandi motioned him towards the door.
"Come on, we've got a town to paint...besides, I gotta get you out of here before you start hitting on Hawkeye next!." she pulled him towards the door and waved at AJ and Cameron.
Overhearing Kei, AJ tossed her one of the many bags she had managed to procure today and said "go with the little black number!" and smiled as Cameron's portal appeared and they disappeared.
Kei was pretty much alone with the Avengers now, everyone having gone their separate ways, the team began to break up and slowly disappear, but not before a few of the guys began slipping her phone numbers for "the pink haired chick."
Wanda and Tigra pulled her away from Peitro long enough to let her get herself changed and freshened up.
"Don't worry, she'll be back faster than..." Tigra winked at Quicksilver as she walked up the staircase behind Kei and Wanda.

Cameron and AJ appeared back on the beach to the loud and clearly annoyed barking of Vicki...and Vicki was not happy. Once they made their way inside, the two saw exactly how unhappy Vicki had been... Cameron and John's doors had been clawed open, and there was an unmistakable smell mingling in the sheets as Vicki looked proudly up at AJ. Glaring at Cameron, the dog trotted off with her head in the air and curled up on the floor in front of AJ's door. Almost daring Cameron to even think about crossing that threshold.
She couldn't help but laugh really. Vicki was only acting up because of all the time she and Angelee had spent apart over the past years.
"Ah'm sorry sugah, Ah'll help ya get this cleaned up." she was smiling just a little as she turned towards Vicki and knelt down.
"Sweetheart, ya can't just go doin' this ta everah guy who walks down our path. It ain't polite. Besides, that just means Sparky's gonna have ta room with us tonight since you were bad!" she shook her finger sternly at the dog before reaching out to pet her.
Standing back up, she turned to Cameron and smiled apologetically.
"Ah guess we should get some laundry started, Ah'd hate for John ta get back here and see this mess..." she let it trail off, looking towards his door, then looked back at Cameron.
"But really, Ah guess that means you're gonna bunk with us for a while eh?" AJ's smiled broadened even more at the thought.
"Endless hours of strip monopoly!"
Disappointment surged through 'Vok as he suddenly found himself denied of his evenings company. He had hoped to have a crimson clad beauty on his arm for the evening, but apparently the Avenger's own Tigra had other things in mind. And whatever it was that was running through the orange furred heroine's brain made the Guardian's resident perverted pirate pray to Kylor that he had telepathic powers. Because whatever she had in mind, 'Vok would love to have been able to listen in on it.

But his attentions didn’t linger long on the intriguing rejection, since he quickly noticed Chandi motioning for him near the door. Seeing his playful teammate’s obvious enthusiasm, his trademark ear to ear smile quickly returned as he hopped over the sofa and gracefully slid to her side. “I suddenly appears to be free of all responsibilities for the evening, me lass. Would you be needing some company on your twilight adventures?”
Chandi flashed a smile of her own, before quickly securing her illusion in place. Wouldn’t want the poor people of New York to wonder why they had a cat girl walking among them now would they? “An escort wouldn’t hurt, and I wouldn’t object to a handsome fun loving guy like yourself on my arm all night.” The raven haired mutant grabbed ‘Vok by the hand and drug him out of the Avengers Mansion, heading towards The Hellfire Club, figuring she might as well pay them a visit while in town. She might be a superhero but it didn’t hurt to know what was going on behind the bad guys closed doors. “I think I’ve got a group of people who’d fancy meeting and would fit in just peachy with them.” Chandi said as stepped near to the curb and hailed a taxi cab which soon came, once the cab had stopped Chandi opened the door and slide in pulling Vok in behind her.

“What do you fancy dropping in on a party? I’d love to see my ex’s face when I walk in with you on my arm.” The Aussie grinned at the image that filtered through her mind at the look on the younger Shaw’s face when she strolled into the mansion with John on her arm. Quickly giving the cabby directions to the Hellfire Club, She watched as the tall buildings and bright lights of New York passed by in front of her eyes. “After that we can go wherever your pirate heart wishes to go.” Chandi added as she slide closer to ‘Vok in the taxi cab.
Cam frowned at Vicki, then just shook his head. "Ach well, at least she's mare honest aboot her feelin's than yer mither. Although seeing this reaction, ah'm perhaps relieved that she had some level o' self control. Ah would imagine faerie pee is even harder tae shift than the canine variety." He said as he began removing the bedding. "Plus ah would have had tae put up with strangers takin' an unnatural interest in mah bed... probably." He looked over at AJ as he gathered the sheets into a pile on the floor. "Is that an invitation?" he asked with a wink. "If so it sounds like a grand idea. Let's get these things tae the laundry first though. Wouldnae want anyone tae accuse us o' nae being responsible!"

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