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The Field Trip
“This is worse than being worked by a wave!” Kei muttered, as she struggled to keep her composure as Chandi let the Jet go, they would definitely make it back to Twilight Cove in record time, whether they made it back in one piece was the predominant question.
“John, De, if ya make it back and I don’t, tell Marco Rodriguez of Honolulu that I appreciate everythin’ he’s done for me!” She then proceeded to recite the phone number of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment, “He’ll want to know what happened to me.” She was being mellow-dramatic, but she wasn’t used to how this Jet flew, and it definitely was worse than being worked by a wave, it was like somebody was trying to detach her flesh from her bones, not a nice feeling…and her eyes were starting to water.
“Couldn’t ya let off, I’d really like to live to see another day as far as surfin’ goes, twenty-seven is too young to die.”
"Well I don't wanna get into the nuts and bolts of it mate, but let's just say it involved strip clubs, two night clubs, a blood bank, a pair of harnesses, emerald nudity, 3 sets of twins, what I think was a sex club, entierly to much booze.......................and El Kabong."

De said resting comfortably in his seat, having densed up enough to negate some of the more unpleasant effects of such high gravitational forces. It really wasn't a story he wanted to tell at the moment, especially since all he really wanted to do was pull up the pants that Chandi's excessive speed was plastering to his legs.
Cam turned to smile at AJ. "Ye look grand!" he said, admiring her form fitting outfit. "So, dae ye want tae head tae Japan the quick way, or wait for the jet?"
Chandi let out a little giggle at Kei’s dramatic behavior, though she figured for the surfer’s sake she’d slow the jet down a little. “You have so little faith in my surfie?” Chandi questioned having reduced the nighthawk’s speed a great deal, the feline like mutant could now glance over her shoulder at Kei. “Don’t worry, nobody’s ever died because of my flying.” She gave Kei a wink before turning back around in her seat, after pressing a few more buttons Chandi checked there time to see how much further they were away from Twilight Cove. “Well De sounds like you had a beauty of a time.” She commented, smirking slightly as De gave them what little details he felt comfortable with them knowing.

“Remind me to tag along with you next time we’re in New York.” Chandi remarked as she went back to flying the jet, although truth be told it really didn’t take a great deal of ability to fly the Nighthawk for the most part it did almost everything on it’s own.

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