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The Field Trip
As the team went about making themselves ready for the trip to New York, Janet and Clint watched them carefully. Taking notes and looking at the roster that Valerie Cooper had sent with them.
Calling off everyone by code names, until they got to De...Janet smiled and asked "Would you prefer Nate or De? Since I don't have a code name listed for you?"
Making sure everyone was together and ready, Hawkeye and Wasp began to explain their trip there.
"Basically, Dr. Cooper seems to think you guys need a lesson in how a real team works. So, she's sending you with us for a day. Each of you will get paired off with an Avenger and will get to see how a team of heroes interacts and lives together. Maybe you learn some lessons, make some friends..."Clint let that trail off as the pink haired winged girl winked at him and smiled winsomely..."Definately make some new friends." Again, he felt Janet's elbow in his side.
"So if we'll all move along, there's a quinjet waiting outside." Wasp smiled and opened the front door for them.
AJ had about fell over with hero worship the moment that Hawkeye had walked into their little house.
"Oh mah god! Ah mean! Ah'm like such a huge fan! do you know Captain America? Ah just can't believe it's like really THE Hawkeye standin' in our little livin room!" AJ walked up and slipped her arm through Hawkeye's and smiled adoringly up at him.
"Ah've followed everah thang tha Avengers have evah done!" Her brown eyes sparkled as he talked and when he mentioned being paired up with an Avenger, she almost squeeled with delight.
"Oooh! Oooh!! Can Ah go with you?"She asked innocently. Giving Chandi a bit of a wink as she did.
She and Chandi had taken the time to sit down and talk in the past few days and things were almost back to where they had been for them.
Angelee was euphoric. Her best friends were here, she had a sexy guy like John wanting to be her bedmate, and now, to top it all off, her hero was standing right next to her! Oh yes!!
Chandi giggled at AJ’s antics as the pink haired woman all but got down on her hands and feet to worship the ground Hawkeye walked on. “What dear Dr. Cooper thinks we’re Clayton’s or something?” Chandi still her edgy attitude not even a few years of growing up cold take the cynicism out of her. “We haven’t even come a gutser yet.” The petite woman shifted her weight and glared, which albeit wasn’t as terrifying when Chandi looked human, but she was still able to send a little chill down everyone’s spine.

“Are we going to rack off soon?” Letting the question hang in the air Chandi tapped one heeled foot as she stood with her hands on her hips and had a very bored expression on her face, the young mutant was more then ready to get back to the city she loved and called home even if it was only a temporary homecoming. “I am after all dying to find myself a lovely little playmate in your ranks….” She gave a little flip of her hair and smirk, hell she was here to have fun not bog herself down with all the baggage that seemed to come along with being a superhero team. Plus the pure fact that if Shinobi got wind of his on again off again flame having a little bit of fun with the ‘good’ guys it’d make is blood boil and Chandi was found of that idea. “Can’t go letting my best mate snag all the cuties after all….” Chandi added grinning broadly at AJ as the pink haired woman kept herself busy with Hawkeye.
“So, this is like military camp for superheroes?” Kei queried with a bemused expression, not relishing the thought of New York City. She had already been uprooted from Hawaii, now she was headed off for the mainland, this was worse than her trip to Tokyo when she was seven, “And if its not, does that still mean I get to make a couple things explode? Because I’ve been dyin’ to test some limits.” She broke into a grin at the thought of really be able to stretch her wings so to speak, sure it would probably be under the supervision of some spandex clad Avenger it was still better than nothing.
“Oh, and I would prefer not to be teamed up with anybody who looks like they could break me in half.” Kei continued, as she slung her bag over her shoulder glancing around at the rest of the Guardians, “Or I could stay here, baby-sit Spot, catch a couple decent waves, ya know…make sure our base stays intact.” She didn’t figure that suggestion would fly, but a girl had to try sometimes, “Since, ya know if we’re goin’ into New York all those Wall Street men might be too temptin’ and I’ll break my probation by connin’ some of them, and that would be of the bad.”
Much like Kei, 'Vok was no where near thrilled about an excursion to the Big Apple. The well camoflaged Skrull leaned heavily against the doorjam of the kitchen, staring at two of Earth's mightiest. "They don't looks like much...I could probably takes 'em," was all 'Vok thought as he eyeballed Hawkeye and Wasp. He had never personally tangled with any of them, but plenty of other Skrulls had crossed the Avenger's path in the past. And as usual, they didn't present the best impression of the race. "Apox knows what will happen when a Skrull sets foot in the Avenger's Mansion. I'll probably be setting off all sorts of bells, whistles and anti-alien security measures," thought 'Vok, unable to get his mind off of how very little he wanted to be a part of this team at this particular moment.

Holding a finger up, hoping to gain Hawkeye's attention, "Any chance I could stay behind with the doll? She could probably use an assist with Spot out there. He and I have a sort of understanding I think, and I really do believe me energies would be best suited on the island."
"Whichever floats you luv. So long as it floats you my way that is..."

De responded to Janet as she voiced her query. Personally he wasn't all that familiar with the Avengers, at least not on a personal level. He could rattle off most of thier codenames and powers, perhaps ever a real name here and there, but he hadn't the foggiest when it came to their interpersonal relationships.

He had taken the hour's time allotted to go upstairs and change, and now stood amidst the rest of the group in a comfortably loose (but not sloppily so) dark purple suit jacket and pants with shoes to match. Socks and shirt both a midnight black to match his belt (and other things) he'd also taken the liberty of holstering his sidearm and pocketing two extra clips, just in case.

The suit itself had been delivered by way of a very special Hloomur Demon who'd owed him a favor. The aquatic creature having handed it to De some days prior down on the beach. He now stood however watching and listening to the others as the talked around, to, and about the Avengers in their company, wondering silently to himself just what it was he'd gotten himself into by signing on with this here group.
Hawkeye smiled at Firefly and let his arm slide around her waist. His ego was now approximately, 15 times it's normal size.
"Of course, I know Cap! So you're what one of my fans looks like huh? I think that's something I could definately get used to." As he moved them towards the door, regaling AJ with his hero stories, he heard Janet explaining that NO one was staying behind.
Giving a quick look over his shoulder, Hawkeye looked at them all and shook his head.
"So they don't want to go? Poor Jennifer. Someone's going to have to explain to her why these guys didn't want to meet her. Is that going to shatter her or what?"
Janet rolled her eyes at Clint and looked at Firefly.
"Actually Firefly, you'll be with me all day. And Shift, you'll be with Hawkeye." She noticed a distinct look of disappointment on both of their faces as she spoke.
"No worries Firefly, the mansion isn't that big!" Clint smiled at Janet as if to dare her to say anything and continued on outside to the quinjet with his biggest fan.
Wasp ushered the rest of the team onto the jet just in time to hear Hawkeye say "So Firefly, would you like to see how I fly the quinjet."
She just rolled her eyes and laughed.
“Should she be impressed?” Chandi questioned Hawkeye her tone holding a slightly edge to it. It wasn’t that Chandi didn’t find Hawkeye intriguing or the thought of getting back to New York comforting, but the fact that he was going to show off to Firefly the entire flight there might get on her nerves. “Oh and please turn the ego down.” She added taking a seat in one of the quinjet’s bucket seats.

Stretching her feet out in front of her many would notice that the petite super heroine’s feet were encased in a pair of high stilettos, and she wore a smart black pinstriped business suit Chandi was already ready to get back into the Manhattan way of doing things. “So Kei, why is it you don’t like New York?” Chandi questioned the Hawaiian woman curious as to why she might have wanted to stay behind so badly.
Pushing himself up off the couch, Cam flicked off the TV and turned to give their visitors the once over. Despite the fact he had been channel surfing all morning he had yet to find coverage of any sport he could get interested in amongst the baseball and professional wrestling shows and the chance to actually go somewhere might prove interesting. "Jist gimme a wee minute and ah'll be right with ye." he said, a slight grin forming on his features. Chandi wasn't the only one who had learned some new tricks.

Closing his eyes for a second he stood silently, concentrating. When he opened his eyes their usual icy blue had been replaced with a seething mass of energy which flowed outwards forming a growing, glowing disc above him which pulsed and seethed causing the air to crackle at it's surface. Taking a step forward Cam leaned into it, his upper body disappearing from the view of the others in the room leaving only his slacks covered rear visible. His voice came back to them although it had a strange distant quality to it, as though he were talking from a long way away. "Ah jist need tae get a couple o' things" he said, although this was then followed by a clatter of metal and a string of curses, at least some of which appeared to be in japanese. After another minute of hidden activity the disc began to dissipate and Cam appeared whole before them once more.

When he stood upright, they could see he was now wearing a dark blue shirt, open at the neck and covered in a jolly palm tree motif. Over his right arm hung his long dark topcoat, which swayed heavily as he stood up, and in his left hand he held his pistols in their holster. They were clipped together in such a way that it looked like he was holding a giant T in his hand. Cam reached around and deftly clipped the holster onto his belt settling the guns in the small of his back. "Alright. Ah'm ready tae rock'n'roll." he said as he flipped his coat onto his shoulder and headed for the door. "Come away Chandi and show the blowhard what a real pilot can dae with that jet o' theirs." he called over his shoulder as he winked at her.
AJ turned around and polietely stuck her tongue out at Cameron and Chandi.
"Ya'll are just jealous that Ah've actually found somethan' else ta get mah attention for tha moment." Turning back to Hawkeye she smiled.
"Sugah, you can show me tha moon if ya like, Ah just think this is awesome! Ah mean! This is cooler than tha time Ah got Dickie drunk and he showed me tha BatCave!" Suddenly....AJ stopped mid sentence and got very quiet.
"Did Ah just say that out loud? Umm..." Stepping away from Hawkeye as she climbed into the Quinjet, she gave a very paranoid look to the sky, all around them, then let out a bit of a sigh of relief.
"Whew...Now then..." taking a seat, she crossed her arms and smiled sweetly at Wasp.
"Ah don't think Ah'd mind in tha least spendin' an afternoon with ya, Mz. Wasp. That is, unless you've got some weird notion about sewin'....cause Ah just don't do that."
Taking the seat next to John, she smiled at him as she buckled herself in.
"Apparently, some folks around here are so jaded they've nevah had heroes. Much less got ta meet them." She stuck her tongue out at Chandi again, crossing her eyes as she did and making a "Nyah" noise at her...trying not to giggle all the while.
"Oh, I've got heroes all me own, but I try not to subscribe to hero worship. I've had me run ins in the past, and the hero set is hardly ever worth the adoration." In his years of exploring the Earth, 'Vok had always found himself on the fringe of the establishment, and hadn't made very many friends in the super-spandex club. He always found the dregs of society so much more fun, and ultimately much more worth his time. Lowering his voice, so that only his teammates could hear him, 'Vok continued, "My own personal heroes are the sort that this group gets paid to beat on for a living. So to answer your question, even though it wasn't exactly pointed at me Chandi my dear, that is why I am not looking forward to this trip. Somehow I doubt the Avengers and I will see eye to eye on anything."

Sitting back in his seat, the oft times skrull pirate buckled himself in, resigned to the fact that he had zero choice on this trip. He hated being forced into things, and that was all this new team had amounted to. It had come down to 'Vok being forced into situation after situation, with nothing but an eight by eight concrete cell waiting for him if he even thought about stepping out of line. But being forced to take lessons from the G**damned Avengers was the last straw. If he sensed for a second that this little field trip was going belly up, he'd be out of that mansion faster than Quicksilver on speed.
De quietly followed the others out of the base and onto the jet, settling himself into a seat and buckling up. Coming to the Keys had been his first real taste of America, and but a few short days later he was already off to New York. The prospect itself held some promise, after all, a bloke with an accent was practically a superstar in the States from what he understood and that was something he was hoping to exploit....errr.....explore, as much as he could.

"So basically you lot just expect us to shadow you about for the day? I'm tellin' you right now this had better be plenty interesting mate, plenty interesting. I've got me boxsets of Wild Kat and The Tribe coming in on DVD today and a stack General Hospital episodes as high as me di.....hip....that still need watchin'."
Kei looked at Chandi, “Don’t like New York ‘cause it ain’t my kind of place.” She responded simply, “Not enough open space, too much of a city for my taste, plus its not warm enough.” Kei messed with the hem of her tank top, looking around then back at the other woman, “I like my waves, my ocean…its not the same kind of freedom in New York.” It was perfect reasoning to her, whether Chandi understood or not she couldn’t tell but at least she had explained herself.

Sprawling out in one of the seats she looked over at the person next to her, realizing it was John and he looked about as happy to be here as she did, “Our genius plan didn’t work, got any other ones?” She asked him in a hushed tone, “Its obvious we’re not physically getting away from these people, but we might as well cause havoc while we’re here.” Kei gave him an alarmingly Cheshire smile, trying to make the best of the situation.
With the team secured into their seats, Hawkeye and Wasp guided the quinjet off of the island and towards their destination.
Janet was really glad that Hawkeye was partially deaf. If he had heard half the things this bunch of misfit wannabes had been saying about him, he would have stuff an atomic steed up someone's ass.
She glanced back at Firefly and Stray, the only people on the team who seemed remotely excited about going on this trip and smiled at the girls.
Turning her attention back to the window infront of her she watched as the Florida coastline faded quickly from view.
"We'll be in New York in shortly. Before we get there, I thought I'd let you know who you'd be teamed up with for the day." Janet grabbed the file folder next to her and began to read off names.
"Firefly will be with me, as I mentioned before. Shift will be with Hawkeye. Stray...You'll be paired off with Tigra. Burst...I believe I have you down as studying with Scarlet Witch for the afternoon. Lion Heart, you'll be spending the day with Iron Man. Which leaves De....You'll be with She-Hulk." She nodded emphatically as she closed the folder, turned around and smiled.
"Now let them mouth off."
"That's that large green shiela right?"

De asked leaning forward some as he turned his gaze left and right trying to get some confirmation. He was pretty sure he had the right woman in mind, but it never hurt to be sure. Giving up on having anyone confirm or deny his suspicions, he leaned back in his seat once more and folded his hands in his lap, silently recalling the last time he'd been on a jet of any sort. To put it mildly it didn't end well. But having the ability to turn unbreakable at will definately had it advantages.

Of course....spending the day with the likes of She-Hulk was liable to make that ability even more advantageuos.
Chandi glanced from Kei to John and back again. "You know you two really need to have a brighter outlook on this trip." She informed them making sure not to allow their sour moods get her down. "Oh and AJ girl, I've met my far share of hero's and lets just say I much prefer the villians." Chandi had to let a little smile slip onto her lips as she thought of her encounter with the X-men back when she was with Valiant and the fact that she spent a large amount of her time in the company of some of New York's biggest hotshots and most well known villians.

As she listened to Wasp list of who would be paired with who Chandi let a little laugh escape her. Figures I'd be paired off with Tigra.... She didn't find who she'd be shadowing all day, but the fact that they'd placed her with one of the more feline members of The Avengers wasn't a surprise to her. "So I get to bug the hell out of Tigra...hope she's not uptight." Chandi giggled and shifted her weight in her seat so she could pull her legs up underneath her. "Will we be getting any free time during this trip?"
AJ listened as Wasp talked. She was still smiling and couldn't help it. Completely content to spend the afternoon in the midsts of her favorite heroes was good enough for her.
"Yeah De, she's that really big green chick!" AJ finally replied finally, having been lost in her thoughts for a moment.
"Ah'm more of a hero girl personally. Ah've had mah fair share of real live villians, thank ya very much." AJ smirked as she thought about who Cam was being paired up with.
"Ah can already see your afternoon is going to spiral inta nuthin' but a day long drinkin' fest. Iron Man has a squeeky elbow." Angelee was glad she had so much knowledge about her favorite heroes. She also knew that Chandi was in for quite a surprise.
"Oh, just wait." was all she said to Chandi about Tigra. "Ah think ya've met your match."

She sat quietly for some time, mulling over things in her mind as she watched Hawkeye guide the jet to their destination.
Things were odd between Cam and her. She couldn't put her finger on it really. Maybe it was that he had really only hugged her since they seemingly resolved everything. Her smile faded a bit as she thought about everything. Maybe she had let it all go to easily? She really didn't want to spend weeks avoiding him simply because she was hurt. But not even as much as a kiss? From the guy who kept saying how much he loved her? It was boggling her mind.
"Maybe he just wants ta take it slow. Ya know, he's said that to ya how many times in tha past? Slows one thing....but this is damned ridiculous!"
A small pout curled AJ's lips and she rested her head on John's shoulder next to her.
"Maybe you're right...Sometimes, it's just not a good idea ta put your faith in people. Humans confuse tha hell out of me anymore." replying to his comment of earlier about hero worship.
Kei gave a confused look then shrugged, “Not gonna complain, least she doesn’t have hulk in her name…which means I should be safe.” She remarked, pulling her feet up under her in the seat, “Thanks, by the way for listenin’ to my request!” She called up to Wasp, straining against the seat belt to see above the bucket seats.
“Not a smart plan to mess with the neurotic chicks mind, ya know.” She said in a lower tone, a goofy smile creeping over her tanned features, “and De, make sure that she-hulk woman doesn’t mess with that face of yours.” She teased him as she relaxed back into the chair, "Same goes for you Johnny, ain't tired of that face just yet." Kei shot at the man next to her, the teasing look still on her face.
Giving the well dressed female feline a wink, 'Vok listened as she explained herself. Happy with what she had to say, he replied, "See, thats all I was sayin' doll...I jut prefer the company of villains meself. The laced up hero types just don't know how to have fun. Or at least none of the ones I've met." He leaned over his neighbors lap, and shot a glance up the aisle of the fast moving Quinjet, wondering to himself if Hawkeye was as big of a jerk as he seemed to be. He rolled his eyes, figuring that he would be finding out soon enough.

As 'Vok sat back up in his seat, he gave Kei a little smirk. He had intentionally leaned over her a second or two more than he actually needed to, but he didn't figure she would notice. "Thanks for the concern, love. Its nice to know me face is a welcome addition to this rag tag bunch. And for the record...I ain't done looking into those big browns eyes a yours yet either, so keep yourself from harm today, right? But remember, in case some Witch turns you into a toad, I got a smooch waitin' on ya'." And with that, he gave her a peck on the cheek, before turning to his opposite side to give his other neighbor some attention.

'Vok leaned his head over, allowing his cheek to rest amongst the soft pink locks on the top of AJ's head. He didn't need any sort of fancy psychic powers to know something was bothering the girl. Gently, he ran his fingers through her hair, pulling the light magenta curls out of her face. "Ain't ya excited about the trip anymore, doll? I hope it wasn't nothin' I said...come on girl, what's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Cause if she does, I'm sure I could get it back from her." Raising his voice to be sure he could be heard, he added, "Ain't that right, Chandi?"
“My match?” Chandi raised an eyebrow seemingly unimpressed with Tigra and her reputation. “I’m shaking in my Manola Blahnik’s.” She gave AJ a devious smile and straightened the lapels of her suit, Chandi knew she was a bit over dressed for the occasion but this was New York after all and your appearance was everything especially for the daughter of a worldwide business owner like her father. “I’m not big-noting myself or anything…but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that not even you know girl.” Chandi flipped her hair out of her eyes and glanced around the jet itching for the moment that Wasp or Hawkeye informed them that they’d landed.

“Well then, I’ll have to make sure you and me are able to steal a few hours and I’ll introduce you to the interesting people in New York.” Returning ‘Vok’s wink with one of her own Chandi had to giggle at the image of ‘Vok possibly being in the same room with some of the plants more colorful super humans. The feline mutant got a kick of their resident pirate and biggest flirt. “John, you know your worse then a hormonal teenage boy.” Chandi informed him as he was making a point to flirt with almost every female on the jet besides Wasp. “Who me? I’m not holding her tongue hostage….you’d know if I was.” An obvious twinkle had appeared in Chandi’s eyes as she spoke to ‘Vok although inwardly she was still concerned for AJ and the way she’d been acting. I thought Sparky and her made up….doesn’t look that way to me. Holding in a sigh Chandi decided to go back to happier thoughts like their impending landing in New York and the possibility that she may be able to escape Tigra and have some fun in the city she called home most days.
Kei laughed, “Well, ain’t that just the greatest offer! If I get myself turned into a toad I’ve got a handsome man to rescue me, now I feel all damsel-ish…” running her fingers through her hair she looked around the jet again, “Don’t think I’d like bein’ a toad though, kinda hard to surf when your so little, and the whole insanity thing…could cause issues. Maybe I should write a contract up for this Scarlet Witch woman, I don’t think she has any idea of what she’s getting into, baby-sitting me for the afternoon and all.” Kei scrunched up her nose, making her look like she was a four year old who had just seen something gross.

It was wonder this woman could do something that involved such danger as surfing when she had so many phobias and idiosyncrasies to deal with, not to mention she was a fairly decent con-woman.
“Yo, Wasp, you think you could borrow me some paper? I have a contract to write up.” She called towards the front of the jet, “and a pen, I’ll need a pen also.” She gave both Chandi and John a patented Kei smile, which either meant she was scared out of her mind or she had something decidedly evil and amusing up her sleeve.
“Think I should put a clothing clause in there?” She wondered out loud.
Cam tore his gaze from the window to look back into the craft, his eyes settling on AJ for a few moments. They had talked briefly the night of the storm, but since then it was almost as if she had been avoiding him. Always finding some reason not to be alone with him. "Maybe ah was wrong tae tell her about mah feelings. Maybe ah was wrong for letting mahself fall in love with her all over again. She's obviously got everything she needs or wants." He watched for a few seconds as John ran his fingers through AJ's hair. "And right now ah don't think that includes me. Maybe it would be better for both o' us if ah hadnae come here at all." He turned away, hoping to find something to take his mind off his worries. The view from the window wasn't much, just sky streaking past as the jet carried them moment by moment closer to New York. He hadn't thought he would be heading back that way so soon. And definitely didn't think he would be heading there in the company of not one but two super powered teams. Again. He reached into his jacket, his fingers brushing over the hilt of one of his katanas as they searched. "Aha.." He withdrew his hand, now containing his trusty hip flask which he popped open deftly. He tipped his head back a little and allowed the contents to flow into his mouth, swirling the golden liquid for a few seconds before swallowing. Replacing the cap on his flask, he placed it back into his inside pocket and turned back to the rest of the team as the familiar warm sensation worked it's way outward through his body. "Iron Man likes a drink eh. Well that puts him up a notch in mah book." he said.
AJ leaned back against her seat again and looked out the window. After several long moments, she spoke.
"Yes, Ah'm excited about tha trip." her voice sounded so hollow for a moment. The fun flirty AJ of a few moments past had gone.
Closing her eyes, if only for a few seconds, she opened them and looked right at Cameron.
"Don't worry. You'll have a grand time." Raising her hand up, she pushed her hair out of her face. As her hand dropped back down, she paused momentarily at eye level and looked at the surface of her palm. A slow smile curled her lips as a thin layer of golden dust began to form on the tip of her thumb. Sticking her thumb in her mouth, she closed her eyes again and let out a deep content sounding sigh as she pulled it back out. Even Glamour dust had effects on her. And she was really hoping it would put her back in her funloving mood.
Wasp was just getting ready to answer Kei when Hawkeye interrupted.
"We'll be landing in just a moment." he said to Janet as he went about making preperations for landing the quinjet outside of the Avengers Mansion.
"Ok team, once we land, I'm going to give you guys a few moments to yourself. Don't even think about trying anything stupid. The Mansions security is so tight we can hear a bug fart two miles away. I'm giving you this just to get accustomed to the climate you are going to find yourselves in and a last chance effort to settle any differences you may have developed already with other team members. This isn't the time or the place. When we said you would be shadowing us for a day, we mean just that. If we get called out, you're going to." Janet said very tersely as the jet landed and waited for Clint's signal to disembark.
Once the team was outside the jet, Wasp and Hawkeye headed inside to make sure everything was ready before letting the team inside their most sacred of domains.
"Geeze. Why is it every time someone gets to draggin' you somewhere you don't want to be they get to telling you not to try anything stupid, and then tell you to do something stupid?"

De asked more to himself than to anyone else as he scratched at the back of his head, already starting to think over quick ways to slip away if need be. He couldn't pilot anything to save his life so stealing the jet was out of the question, but if they had a decent car or two about he could probably boost it and attempt a getaway.

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