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The latest form of Birth Control!
IS known as High School Career Day!!

Yes, I had to be a guest speaker today for my company for the local High School career day. If you notice my new custom user tagline, you'll see one of the phrases I used a few times.
I had 9 groups of kids come around, almost all of them boys who wanted to hear the gruesome horror stories of semi truck crashes. The few girls that did show up kept apologizing for the boys. :wink:

If someone had asked me to do this a few months ago...I would have been taking birth control the MOMENT I got home! EGADS!

So that was my lovely day. I think Career Day is a great thing. But for the most part, I knew it was simply a way for the kids to get out of class for the afternoon, so I did my best to make it fun and answer all their questions. The main question was..."How much money do they make?"
I'd reply with "45k to 70K a year".... then I'd get "Woah! how much money do you make??" I replied with "No where near that...maybe in 4 years...yeah...4 years."
Can I apologize for the guys behavior even though I don't know a single one of them?

High School students are annoying, I'll admit that since technically I only have one more month and then they can no longer link me to that word Smile Most especially anybody under the age of 18...When I'm an adult with a career I don't think I'll talk at career days since I don't do real well with teenagers now, I'd hate to see what i'd do to them.
I apologize on behalf of stupid teenagers and men in general. We can be a little, oh how should I say it...DER DER DUH DUH BLERPY DUH DER sometimes. Please continue on your path towards child bearing. I WOULD like to become an uncle, and let's face it, the other brother isn't too promising at the moment.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I honestly think this was my bosses way of getting back at me for telling everyone last friday was her birthday!

I can't say I didn't have fun. I did. Probably would have had more fun if they hadn't stuck me all the way at the end of one building, and the bathroom was in another building at the opposite end!
*sigh* such is the joys of pregnancy.
OMG! Honestly I think I probably would have killed half of those annoying students...and I'm their age (or at least a Senior...mentally I'd like to think I'm above High school behaviour.) Thankfully I don't think I'll EVER have to speak at a career day because honestly I don't think Equestrian trainers and Riding Stables hold much interest for most high school students (so dodged a bullet there.)

Anyway glad you had a bit of fun aside from the annoying male population of the high school.

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