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Suffer Not A Witch To Live-An Avengers Tale
Posted this a long time ago someplace else, it is...incomplete. I've yet to find my muse to finish it, but I thought I'd share what I had.

Suffer Not A Witch To Live

By AMP (Enchantress)

(Note-events in this story take place before the destruction of Genosha, long before the Kang War, and even further back than that! To all you continuity nuts out there, please remember, this is my universe! So sit back, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the ride!)

Steve Rogers had sat in front of the monitors for hours now. Replaying the same scene over and over, moment by moment all evening. Reaching with one hand, he rubbed his eyes out of frustration and began to replay the scene again.
Wanda Maximoff’s face flashed onto the monitor before him, again, as it had all evening. It had been over a month since the Scarlet Witch had disappeared, and only today did they find evidence of why.
Whoever had taken Wanda had done a good job of trying to hide it. Wanda had said goodbye to Janet early the morning she disappeared, only telling Janet she would be gone for a day or so. Again, Captain America replayed the video before him.
“It isn’t going to bring her back.” Iron Man stepped into the room. “I’ve had the video analyzed, it’s from Genosha.” Tony Stark placed his hands on the back of Cap’s chair and watched as the video replayed again.
“You think it’s Magneto?” Iron Man asked, “Seems like the obvious source.” Captain America didn’t answer. His mind was working over the scene playing out before them.
“The video may have originated in Genosha, but that’s not where it was filmed…hold it!” Cap paused the video long enough to make out a distinct image in the background. The turrets of a castle.
“It’s Latveria!” He turned to Tony, not needing to say anything as Iron Man hurried out of the room… “I’ll assemble the team.”

Everyone was already in the ready room when Captain America came in. Janet Van Dyne…Wasp, sat at one end of the table, Goliath…Hank Pym, sat next to her, Iron Man took the empty seat next to Hank. Thor sat across from him, Vision was seated next to Thor, Warbird and Triathlon sat quietly talking to each other until Captain America called for silence. His gaze went to the only empty chair left at the table…everyone else’s gaze followed.
“I think I know where Scarlet Witch is.” The statement was merely that. A statement. His tone held little emotion as he went over the details of the video tape.
“The tape sent to us, shows Wanda being led up a hillside in shackles. While we know the tape is Genoshian in origin, we feel it was not filmed in Genosha…” Cap was about to continue when the door opened and with a rush, a bluish streak stopped before him.
Quicksilver, Peitro Maximoff stopped in front of Captain America with only one demand.
“Exactly WHERE is my sister?” Quicksilver’s look of complete arrogance did little to improve Cap’s mood.
“Sit down Quicksilver and I’ll tell you the details we know as of this point.” Cap pointed to the empty seat and watched as Peitro sat down in it, glaring across the table at Vision. Iron Man nodded to Cap, as if silently telling him that he notified Peitro of their findings.
Vision took this opportunity to speak up. “Captain, if we know it’s not Genoshian, then where is it from?”
Captain America looked pointedly at Vision then back to the rest of the room.
“The tape is Genoshian, but Wanda is not in Genosha.”
“I could have told you that!” Peitro interrupted. “There’s no way she could have got into the
country without me knowing!” Peitro had been spending his time as Ambassador to Genosha, moreso to keep an eye on Magneto than anything else. “What makes you think Magneto has a hand in this?” He crossed his arms and gave Cap his well known “Peitro Maximoff glare”
“We never said Magneto had anything to do with Wanda’s disappearance, we only said that the tape itself came from Genosha. Cap and I have figured out exactly where Wanda is in the video, if she is indeed still there.” Iron Man said to Peitro, almost daring him to say anything back.
“Then where is my Witchie? And when do we leave?” A voice from the doorway asked. Captain America turned towards the door to see Clint Barton…aka Hawkeye, leaning against the doorjamb.
“To answer your question Hawkeye, she’s in Latveria, and you aren’t going anywhere.” Cap sat down in his chair. Hawkeye kept his silence, listening in. If Cap had wanted him to leave, he would have told him to.
“Latveria? Isn’t that...” Triathlon started to ask, but before he could finish, Warbird chimed in.
“Yes it listen.”
“Shouldn’t we call Reed Richards? Isn’t he an expert on Latveria?” Jan questioned.
“Reed is on standby and will be talking with Hank during this entire mission. The Fantastic Four are ready to assist in any way possible.” Captain America continued…
“So, here’s our plan so far. We are going to assemble 2 teams. Thor, Vision, Triathalon and myself will head to Latveria. Hank, I want you here, going over the fibers found in the with the video and all the evidence so far, if this is what I think it is, I want you here for backup. Iron Man…you, Warbird and Jan will cover our leads in Genosha. Provided, Peitro will help us out there?” Captain America turned to Quicksilver.
“If you care about your sister, prove it.”
Quicksilver steepled his fingers and tapped his lips with them. Cap was giving him an outright challenge. Pietro’s arrogance made him laugh softly, smirking in amusement at the thought. “Wanda’s safety has always been first and foremost to me. I will make sure you have safe passage into Genosha.”
“So, I guess that just leaves me then.” Hawkeye stepped away from the door. Captain America stood and walked over to him.
“Don’t you have a team to lead somewhere?” Cap smiled and shook Hawkeye’s hand.
“They can handle things without me for a while, besides, Wanda’s a friend. I’ll help anyway I can, you know that.” Thor finally took the opportunity to speak up.
“Hawkeye speaks for Thor as well, Captain. The Scarlet Witch has been friend to all, we shall see her restored to us!” Thor was now standing next to Hawkeye, who turned and winked at him.
“Thanks big guy.”

“I don’t get this, why all of the worry about Scarlet Witch? She can handle herself. She is an Avenger after all.” Triathlon voiced out as the first team entered their quinjet.
Vision had been walking behind Triathlon, he only shook his head and walked on. Hawkeye and Thor stepped up as Vision walked away.
“Fair Witch has powers beyond those of my own. She could easily reign destruction down upon us all.” Thor walked on, not really caring for Triathalon’s tone. Hawkeye said it more plainly. “Because, she’s a friend, you know, someone you care about. You got any of those Delroy?” Clint’s anger showed as he pushed past him, giving him a hard shove.
“Hey! I didn’t mean it like that.” Triathalon took his seat as did the rest of the crew.
“It doesn’t matter how you ment it Delroy, it was the way it sounded.” Vision sat next to him, staring out the window.
“Oh man, I screwed up. I didn’t realize Viz was behind me when I said that.” Triathlon said to himself.
“Ok everyone, here we go.” Captain America piloted the Quinjet out of New York, and on through the harbor.

Carol Danvers kept her thoughts to herself as she sat down in the pilot’s seat of the Quinjet. She hated going to Genosha, but didn’t speak up about it. Iron Man sat down next to her and began the preflight check.
“You’re awfully quiet.” Tony observed as he watched her going through her own check.
“Just a lot on my mind. Hoping Wanda’s ok, that’s all.” Carol smiled at him as she finished her own check and started the engines of the Quinjet. Hank Pym’s face appeared on the monitor before them. “Reed’s already contacted me, if you need help, just send a signal.” Wasp smiled up at him as the screen blanked, and turned in her seat to face Peitro.
“You’re certain Magneto has no hand in this?” Jan’s worried voice caught Peitro off guard. Usually, Quicksilver would have given her a sarcastic remark and kept his thoughts to himself.
“Honestly, Wasp, I am not sure. I have kept my eye on my father the best I can. But had Wanda been in Genosha at any point..I would have known.” Peitro stared out the window as the Quinjet made it’s way over New York Harbor and towards the open sea.
No one spoke for over an hour, everyone lost in their thoughts of where Wanda was, and why. A beep on the console and Goliath appeared again.
“Quicksilver, it’s time.” He patched him through to the Genoshian Embassy, and Magento’s face appeared on screen.
“Father, I would ask that the Avengers be granted safe passage into Genosha.” Quicksilver stood before the monitor, watching carefully to see if he could catch just a hint of anything in Magento’s expression.
“Why would the Avengers need to come to Genosha.” Magento asked flatly. Quicksilver could tell, this was going to be a battle.
“They search for one of their own that is missing…” Peitro would not tell him who was missing, he wanted to see if he could catch him off guard. “They have evidence that has lead them this far.” Pietro watched Magneto, who in turn watched him. It was a dangerous game of cat and mouse they played.
“Remind me never to call them for help, if they cannot keep track of their own.” Iron Man glared up at the monitor, so wanting to shove his fist through it, but knowing it wouldn’t hurt Magneto the way he really wanted it to.
“Very well, you have 48 hours Avengers. Good Luck.” The screen went blank and Peitro sat down with a sigh.
“Why didn’t you tell him it was Wanda?” Jan asked.
“Because, he didn’t want him to know. Deep inside, I think Peitro thinks Magneto had something to do with this.” Iron Man said, not bothering to turn and see Quicksilver’s look of anger.
“I don’t know if he did. I can’t keep my eyes on him all the time. But trust me, if he did…I will deal with it.” Everyone heard the implied threat and said nothing.

Wanda Maximoff had seen better days than this. She slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust to the dim light that surrounded her. She tried again to move her arms, only to find them chained over her head this time. She still did not know who was behind all this. She had received what she thought was a note from her brother, saying to meet her downtown, the next thing she knew, she was taken unawares, and injected with a sleeping drug.
When she awoke next, had the distinct feeling she was being watched. She felt something around her neck, unsure of what it was, she tried to reach up, only to find her hands shackled.
“It’s an inhibitor collar, my dear. It keeps you from using your mutant powers against me.” She heard the voice come from the corner of the dark room she was in, but said nothing. She was as good as useless to herself with that collar around her neck.
“Who are you, and why have you done this.” She demanded, pulling against the chains that held her to the wall.
“The first, you will find out eventually, the second, well, because I deemed it necessary.” She saw only the bright light of the hall as the person exited the room. It had been much the same way in the month she had been here. She still did not know who had done this to her, but she did know, whoever had, was going to pay dearly when she was free once more.
It was all a delightful game. More of a torment than anything really. He smiled to himself as he walked past the room that held the Scarlet Witch. Pausing long enough to touch the door, he heard her chains rattling as she fought in vain against them.
“Such spirit! I never knew she had it in her.” The man continued on down the corridor and disappeared around the corner.
Wanda felt a presence behind the door but said nothing. This was the third time today that he had went past. She knew that someone must be getting close to finding her, or else why would he be
so anxious to check on her so often? She had faith in the Avengers. Jan knew she was only supposed to be gone a day…Perhaps Jan had contacted Peitro to find out where she was. Maybe they were looking for her right now?

“Ok, there’s no way in hell Doom is just going to let us walk into Latveria.” Hawkeye voiced up as Captain America began asking for clearance to land the Quinjet on Latverian soil.
“You never know until you try Hawkeye.” Captain America’s smile faded as the face of Victor Von Doom appeared on the monitor screen.
“What business do you Avengers have in Latveria?” Doom’s voice boomed about the cabin. His demand was full of indignation.
“One of our own is missing Doom, and we have evidence that has lead us here.” Vision supplied, not giving name to their missing comrade.
“Evidence you say?” Doom’s arms crossed as he stared at the Avengers on his viewscreen.
“We ask only passage, nothing more.” Thor hated asking Doom for anything, but he knew that speaking it as if it were a command would only anger Dr. Doom, and would not serve their needs.
“Passage…I give you 24 hours Captain America. If you are not off Latverian soil in that time, it is upon your own head. So says Doom.” The screen went blank and Cap sighed.
“Well, that went well.” Triathlon smiled. Even in a situation like this, Cap still retained a small part of his sense of humor.
Vision had kept to himself most of the day. His thoughts only on Wanda’s safe return…nothing more. Hawkeye had caught on to Vision’s ultra quiet thoughts and voiced them himself.
“You know I’ll never forget the time Beast decided to panty raid the girls. I thought Wanda was going to kill him when she found him dangling from her canopy with Jan’s underwear on his head.” Thor gave a boom of a laugh, and Triathlon chuckled.
“This must have been before my time.” Delroy listened as Hawkeye continued.
“Yeah, it was kid. But the worst part was, did she blame Hank or McCoy for it? No, she blamed me! When I saw her heading down the stairs with that glare in her eyes, I knew I was in for it. She put Icy Hot in every pair of underwear I owned!”
Captain America laughed at that. “Yeah, I seem to remember you walking really funny for about
a month.” Thor clasped Hawkeye on the shoulder and smiled.
“Yes, and fair Witch even went as far as to feel bad for you. Offering you some of her own to wear!” Everyone in the jet broke out laughing at the thought of Hawkeye in Wanda’s tiny underwear.
“Ok ok, maybe that wasn’t such a great memory.” Clint rubbed the back of his neck, a little embarrassed.
“Actually Hawkeye, it was a great memory. Who do you think helped her with her prank.” Vision smiled for the first time that day.

Quicksilver’s team landed in Genosha without much ado. Each team member silent as they exited the Quinjet. Peitro lead them out the gates towards the Embassy.
“I’m sure Magneto will want to see you first.” He hated walking this slow. It seemed like time simply stood still, he was crawling along…Yet a smile crossed his face as he noticed the Avengers trying to keep up with his “slow” pace.
The Master of Magnetism stood before a viewscreen as his son and the Avengers entered his command room. He didn’t turn around, he kept watching a replay of events in the square in Hammer Bay.
An eyebrow arched beneath the helmet he wore as he heard Peitro clear his throat, garnering his attention.
“I know you are here, go about your business, I have other things to occupy my time than to worry about a wayward Avenger.” Magneto didn’t turn, he kept watching the replay.
“We’ll be gone shortly.” Iron Man nodded towards the door as Jan and Warbird exited before him.
“Good, the sooner the better.” Magneto said as he turned, watching them leave.

Victor Von Doom was not happy. And when the ruler of Latveria wasn’t happy, the whole country knew it. He stood atop the turret of his castle and watched the Avengers Quinjet land. His eyes narrowing to survey the team as it stepped onto Latverian soil.
“Hmm..this has piqued my curiosity.” Doom turned and strode away from the wall, his green cloak billowing behind him.
“Ok, from what we’ve gathered, the footage looks like it was shot on this hillside.” Captain America pointed to the exact spot he had seen in the video of Scarlet Witch.
“But how long ago?” Hawkeye asked, his bow drawn already. As much as he hated Doom, he’d hate it even more if they were caught off guard.
“Two weeks.” Vision said as he moved up the hillside, surveying the ground closely.
“Vision, can you make out anything?” Triathlon came up behind him.
“There were footprints, approximately Wanda’s size, but I cannot tell if they were hers or not. Two weeks is a long time.” Delroy nodded as Vision turned to Thor.
“What can you see from up there?” Thor had taken to the sky, canvassing the hillside for more clues.
“Nothing.” Thor said as he landed. “No sign of our Witch.”
“And would you have a care to tell me who you are looking for in my country?” Doom’s voice came from behind Hawkeye, who turned faster than Quicksilver could have, aiming his bow at Doom’s chest.
Doom looked down at Hawkeye and smirked behind his mask.
“Lower your weapon Avenger, you have no need of it here.” Doom’s guards could be seen gathering on the hillside, weapons pointed down at the Avengers.
“Yeah, right.” Hawkeye said, not bothering to lower his bow.
Doom gave Captain America a pointed look, who in turn ordered Hawkeye to lower his bow.
“Only because you said please.” Hawkeye shouldered his bow and stepped back.
“Now, I will ask again, who do you seek, Captain America?” Doom would deal with no one but Cap, everyone saw this.
“Wanda Maximoff.” Was Cap’s reply. The sun glinted off his shield as he turned his back to Doom, giving Triathlon and Vision an order to canvas the hillside again.
“She is not here.” Doom’s reply was flat “But you have piqued my curiosity. Why would you think the Scarlet Witch would be in Latveria?” Doom knew everything. He had more knowledge than he would let on to, and Cap was certain of it.
“Because we received a video tape with Wanda on it, being led up a hillside, there was a castle in the background, with the same distinct turrets as yours Doom. Now, I’m going to ask you nicely, one time… Do you have Wanda?” Cap crossed his arms over his chest and almost glared at the Latverian dictator.
“You humor me, Captain America. And No, I do not have Wanda Maximoff. Now, you’ve had your time to look, I suggest you leave. Now…” Doom pointed towards the Quinjet and turned to leave.
“Hey, not so fast you walking ad for a salvage yard. We know Wanda was here…and according to you, “Doom knows all” when it comes to Latveria, so spill it, tin can.” Hawkeye had been standing behind Cap before the outburst. Cap groaned inwardly, knowing this was NOT what they needed right now.
“Hawkeye, you should learn to control your temper, it could be your downfall someday.” Doom nodded to Cap and turned, leaving the Avengers staring in his wake.
“I guess we got our answers here.” Triathlon said as they headed back towards the Quinjet. As the team took their seats, Thor’s pensive silence broke finally.
“Perhaps we search in the wrong place. Mayhaps it is Magento’s doing?” It was almost as if he were questioning himself, instead of placing the question to the group.
“I don’t know, but I think this was a dead end.” Captain America said as he took to the pilot’s seat and they took off. Leaving Latveria behind them.
Hawkeye sat quietly in the co-pilot’s seat. He had said nothing since his outburst, and finally took the opportunity to speak up.
“Look, the guy knows something. He’s hiding it. We all know that much.” Hawkeye turned to look at Captain America, who leaned back in his seat, closed his eyes and sighed deeply.
“Yes, he does, but berating and insulting him isn’t going to get us or answers.” He raised up and pressed the button for the viewscreen, seeing Jan’s face appear on it.
“How goes it in Genosha?” he asked.
“Not Good, We are about to take off Cap, things have come to a boil here. With everything that’s been going on in the past few weeks, a huge explosion just rocked Hammer Bay. Warbird and Iron Man are down there trying to help, I’ve been in touch with Hank, there’s been no new leads. Quicksilver has been in discussion with Magneto for the past hour. We take off from here as soon as Warbird and Iron Man return. Wasp out.” With that, the screen went blank.

Magneto watched as his son paced the floor. He had sent his guards to handle the uprising and explosion that followed, Iron Man and Warbird had volunteered to help maintain the peace for the time being.
“So Peitro, exactly whom has gone missing? I’ve yet to hear you say.” Magneto’s gaze never faltered as Peitro looked up at him, then back towards the window.
Peitro stopped at the window, watching the smoke and fire rise from the dock area of Hammer Bay.
“Wanda.” He said softly.
Magneto arched an eyebrow, his expression one of masked concern.
“And why did you not tell me this earlier? I could have been more help.” Magento came to stand behind his son, watching the smoke and fire as well. Peitro’s head leaned against the window, his pain and anger intense.
“Please tell me you had nothing to do with her disappearance. Please, if there is a decent bit of soul left within that shatter shell of a being, please tell me you did not kidnap your own daughter.” Peitro felt him stiffen at the implication.
“You would think me that evil?” Magneto grinned behind him, although Peitro could not see it.
Peitro turned quickly towards him and glared. “Oh come on! We both know you wouldn’t win any “father of the year” awards! Just tell me you had nothing to do with it and I’ll leave now and take the Avengers with me.” Peitro’s rage was evident in his mannerisms.
“Then, I had nothing to do with it.” Magneto smiled smoothly, placing his hand on his son’s shoulder.
“When you find Wanda, send my love to her.” Peitro shot out the door before Magneto could even finish the sentence.
“Well now…this is interesting.”

Agonizing pain shot through Wanda as she let out a scream that echoed off the walls. Her body hung limp against the wall, her head down. Even though her hair hung over her eyes, you could still see them, swollen and bruised.
“I’ll ask nicely one more time, Ms. Maximoff. Tell me the security code for the Avengers Mansion.” He stood before her, as he had every day this week, and when she refused to answer, lashed out and backhanded her again.
Wanda’s head snapped back at the impact, the pain was intense. She had tried to use her powers, only every time she did, the inhibitor collar around her neck sent an electrical charge through her body. A charge that would have probably killed a normal person.
Blood trickled out of the corner of her mouth as she looked up at her shadowed tormentor. Her eyes took on a wicked gleam that would have made her father proud.
“I told you, they change them daily. I’ve been gone for too long to be of any use for that information.” She jerked violently as a hand came out of no where, and tenderly wiped the blood from her mouth. She took advantage of the situation and bit down as hard as she could on it. She felt blood trickle into her mouth and let go. He only sighed and stepped towards the door.
“It’s good to see you still have your spirit, for now.”

Doom walked through the halls of his castle in silence. His mind was on the incident that had just taken place outside.
He sat down infront of a console and began to punch in numbers. He smiled behind his mask as Magneto’s face appeared on the viewscreen.
“What do you want?” Magneto asked quickly, his thoughts were elsewhere, he had much going on in his country right now.
“Just to offer my condolences about your daughter. I heard she was missing, a sad sorry state the Avengers are in.” Doom leaned back in his chair as he watched Magneto’s cold glare on the viewscreen.
“Wanda wanted nothing to do with me. I hope for her safe return for her brother’s sake and nothing more. Now tell me, Dr. Doom, why would you call me out of the blue for something like this?” Magneto knew Doom knew more than he was letting on to.
“Oh, no reason. I mean, being the ruler of a country can wear thin on ones nerves, don’t you agree? I would hate to see something happen to Genosha while you were off worrying about your wayward child.” Doom raised his hand in a wave/salute and ended the communication.
Magneto mulled over what had just happened in his mind and smiled to himself. Doom may be smart, but Magneto wasn’t off his game. The little threat he had just issued told Magneto who was behind the explosions at the docks, and gave him a bit of insight to the ruler of Latveria.
“He strikes when he thinks me weakest eh? All because I refused his trade agreements.” Magneto turned away from the blank viewscreen and went back to watching the chaos in Hammer Bay.

Iron Man and Warbird surveyed the damage done to the docks. Wasp and Quicksilver had managed to move the injured to safety.
Carol came up beside Iron Man, saying nothing, just surveying the fires and destruction to several large shipping boats.
“I think we are done here, someone is trying to distract us from the task at hand.” Iron Man said, turning, Warbird could almost see the anger in his posture.
“Assemble the team, we head back to New York.” Tony Stark walked off, more angry that innocent people had been killed, and Magneto had done nothing but watch.

Hank Pym sat in the lab analyzing small fiber particles that had fallen out of the envelope the video tape was in. Under the microscope, he could find any trace evidence of Wanda, or perhaps link it to an exact location.
He went over the envelope once more, finding something this time that he had missed before. A single strand of hair. Long, curly, and auburn. It was Wanda’s. He felt something sink in his stomach, he had hoped that this was all some sick joke someone was playing, but now, he had evidence to support it more than the video tape, he had a small part of Wanda laying under his microscope.
He pushed a button next to him, hearing a beep, and Reed Richards appeared on his monitor.
“Anything new Hank?” Sue Richards asked in the background, her concerned words made Hank smile.
“I think so, maybe. Reed, any news on those fibers?” Hank craned his neck, trying to loosen the stiff muscles.
“Umm..Hank, I’m not really sure how to tell you this..” Reed was looking in his own microscope as he spoke.
“It’s Doom all right. And I think I know why.” Hank heard Sue gasp softly in the background.
“Let me get the teams, they’ll want to hear this.” Hank punched in a few access codes and Captain America and Iron Man appeared on separate screens.
“Guys, I’ve been talking with Reed Richards and I think we’ve made a few discoveries. First, I found a single strand of Wanda’s hair in the envelope with the video. The fibers that were found I sent on to Reed. Reed, you want to tell them what you found?” Hank punched a few buttons and Mr. Fantastic appeared before the Avengers.
“Cap, Iron Man…I honestly believe Victor is behind Wanda’s disappearance. The fibers we analyzed were matched and compared to fibers I’ve found in the past. They came straight from Doom’s own cloak!”
Captain America’s eyes narrowed as he listened to Reed. Not only had he been lead on a chase, he’d been lied to. He wasn’t very happy right now.
“But why?” Quicksilver demanded.
Reed looked at all the faces on the screen, and saw Vision standing quietly in the background.
“Doom craves knowledge of anything that deals with Magic. While Wanda’s magic may be mutant in origin, and small compared to the scale of Doom. She can do something he can’t. She can alter probability. I think Doom is going to use her to try to get his time portal working again.”
“Alright teams, you heard him, everyone back to HQ, we plan out our next move carefully, Wanda is at stake here.” Captain America closed the communications link to everyone and silently piloted the Quinjet back into New York.

The scene was pretty much the same in both Quinjets. The teams sat silently, mulling over their own thoughts about what was going to happen, or what had already happened.
“Well, personally, this stinks!” Hawkeye piped up, staring out the window, his arms crossed over his chest.
“I knew that worthless son of a….was hiding something from us….” He didn’t finish, mostly because Thor interrupted.
“Mayhaps, but we will return Wanda to where she belongs. Doom will pay.”
“And pay, and pay, and pay…” Quicksilver said very softly, but everyone could sense the rage in him.

Part 2
So begins your Doom

Assembled back at the Avengers Mansion, the teams once again gathered in the planning room.
Hawkeye was the first to speak up, taking the seat that was at one time, his own. “Cap, I see it this way, we know Doom lied to us about something, and getting back into Latveria with a team this size is going to be impossible.” He watched as everyone milled around, taking their seats and listening.

Captain America nodded, listening to Hawkeye, until Thor spoke up. “Captain, while this situation grieves me, and I do want to help get our Witch back home, matters in Asgard cannot be ignored any longer.” Thor stood by the door, his expression was one of sadness, feeling unable to help.

“We understand Thor, you need to do what you need to do. And Clint is right, the smaller the team, the faster we can get in and out.” Cap sat down, rubbing his eyes for the hundredth time today.
“So, what now?” Warbird asked.
Cap looked up, and put on his game face.
“One team, the rest of you I want here. I have a feeling something is about to happen. Wanda wasn’t just taken to power Doom’s time platform, I have a feeling this involves us all directly. Iron Man, Vision, Warbird, Quicksilver, Hawkeye and myself will be the team that goes back into Latveria. The rest of you, be on alert. I just have a strange feeling.”

Dr. Stephen Strange had been sleeping very restlessly lately. And for some reason, he didn’t quite understand why. Strange sat in his study, reading over a tome of magical lore, not really reading, paying more attention to the fire in the fireplace than he was the book in his hand, until he heard something.

“Help…please…help me…” Stephen didn’t move, he kept staring into the fire, hoping that the voice he had been hearing in his dreams for the past few months, was manifesting itself into form within the fire. Sure, he could draw it out himself, being the Sorcerer Supreme, but sometimes, the delicate strand of life force could snap in an instant, if you were not careful. Strange rather than to chance that, was giving the entity it’s own space to come forward.

“Who are you?” Strange whispered as he saw the flames dance into a face, a face he knew well.
“Wanda??” he whispered again..
“Tell them….it’s not what it seems! Tell them….” Her voice faded…Strange jumped up from the chair. Concentrating on an ancient incantation, he began to chant it, taking himself onto the astral plane, following Wanda’s life force.

After a few long moments, he saw her. Chained to a stone wall, the collar around her neck, and he stepped into the shadows, as if the person opening the door could actually see him.
“Well Wanda, talking to yourself again?” The man stepped into the room, his face in shadow, so Strange had a hard time making out who it actually was.
“Maybe, Maybe I was singing a happy song about how wonderful my life has been the past few months.” Wanda grinned sarcastically at her tormentor. A grin, that had her brother saw it, would have made him proud.
“Hmm…Perhaps…So, are you ready?” the man asked again. Dr. Strange stood back in the shadows, watching the interplay between captor and captive.
“For what? Another beating? I’ve told you, I don’t know the codes for the Mansions defense system, they change them daily. I can’t tell you what everyone is doing, I haven’t been there in months. Anything else you want to know.” Wanda knew Dr. Strange was in the corner, she could sense him, perhaps she could get just enough information to him, he could in turn, lead the Avengers to her.
“Oh Wanda…tsk tsk..” Her tormentor turned to exit the room, a grin on his face…. “I don’t need that information anymore…I want one thing, and one thing only…. Magneto.” Wanda let out a slight gasp, as the man turned in the light of the hallway, and she could clearly make out his face.
“And you, my dear, will bring him right to me.”

Dr. Strange let out a gasping noise as he solidified again in his study. What sick sort of game was this? And why was he playing it? No matter, he had to get the information he knew to the Avengers, now.

Captain America sat with his small team going over the plans of getting back into Latveria covertly when the astral projection of Dr. Stephen Strange appeared before them all.
“I am sorry to come to you this way Captain, however, I have information you might find useful in your search for Ms. Maximoff.” Everyone’s head snapped up at that, and they all turned to the watch the eerie greenish glow of the form of Strange.
“How did you know?” Vision asked, watching Strange’s form pace the room.
“Believe it or not, I’ve been having nightmares for about a month now. I hear a woman’s voice calling out to me. Tonight, I was in my study, reading before the fireplace when the voice took the form of Wanda in the fire. I followed her astrally back to the place where she is being held.
The person holding her….at first lead Wanda to believe he wanted the access codes to the Mansion, which Wanda couldn’t give him. Next, he wanted details on the daily routines of each Avenger. Again, Wanda was of no help…. But tonight…the person revealed himself to her, and his purpose. He wants Magneto, and he’s using Wanda as bait.”
Strange was about to continue when Peitro interrupted.
“Ok, fine, but WHO is it?” It seemed to be a question everyone was wanting to ask Strange.
“At first, I believed as Wanda did, that the man who was her captor was Dr. Doom. Armor, Cloak, voice, mask and all…it looks to be Doom. But, something isn’t right…someone is trying to pin this one Doom, and get Magneto all at the same time, but who would want to do it, and why?” Strange watched the group as they began to throw theories out on the table, everyone except Peitro, who remained amazingly silent.
“Could you tell exactly WHERE she was?” Captain America asked.
“Unfortunately no, I could not. That’s the only drawback of following someone astrally. They could be anywhere, anytime, or any place.” Strange frowned, mulling over all the information in his own mind.
“So now what?” Hawkeye leaned back in his chair, watching everyone.
“We have to find her, there’s no choice in that, but where to begin?” Carol added in, she rested her forehead in her hand and sighed.
No one had really noticed how silent Peitro was, except Vision, who took the opportunity to finally mention it.
“Why so silent Peitro? Maybe you know something we don’t?” It wasn’t an accusation, just a statement.
Iron Man looked at Quicksilver, watching the expressions play across his face as the took in all the information that had been given to them. His thoughts were so quick, random, he could only think of one person who would want Magneto…but why now? And wasn’t he dead?
Everyone turned at Vision’s question and watched Wanda’s brother. Had he had the information all this time? Was he somehow unknowingly involved in the whole ordeal? Some unwitting pawn?
“I…no…I don’t. I just…” Peitro Maximoff was, for the first time in his life, at a loss for words.

Wanda had a hard time believing that the person standing before her was Victor Von Doom. There was something oddly familiar about this “Doom”, and it wasn’t that it was Dr. Doom. Doom had the finesse and good game enough not to beat a woman chained to a wall. This guy, didn’t. Hopefully, Dr. Strange had seen enough that he could put the Avengers on the right path to finding her.
Outside the door, two guards stood whispering over the latest bout of interrogations.
“So, what do you think?” the female guard shouldered her laser rifle and lifted the visor of her helmet.
“I think he’s playing games with her Elsie, like he always does. This time though, the whole Doom thing, I think is a bit much.” He didn’t turn to his companion, just watched the corridor for others, to make sure they weren’t heard.
“Don’t let anyone hear you say that Dick, could be the end of you.” She closed the visor again, and leaned against the wall.
Wanda strained to hear what they were saying, but could only make out vague whispers.

Part 3
Strange days Indeed

Peter Parker sat on the edge of a rooftop watching traffic go by. It was a normal Friday night in the city, and he had his share of muggers and thieves he’d already dealt with. Sad part was, it wasn’t even midnight yet. His spider sense kicked in just about the time he heard… “Hey freak! Somebody stop him!” a guy down on the street shouted as he was promptly relieved of the package he was carrying by yet another mugger. Peter sighed.
“They never learn.” Shooting his web, he swung out and snatched the package from the mugger, webbed him up against the wall, and turned to hand the package to the guy who had been running down the street.
“Thank Spider-Man.” The guy took the package, smiling.
“No problem…just being that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.” He began to swing off, just as he heard the guy turn to a blonde girl next to him and say… “See, we should go out for pancakes more often.”
Spider-Man was about to swing back up on the roof when again, his spider sense began to rattle at him.
“Woah!” he stopped mid swing and landed against the side of a wall. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The night sky was alive with color, blues and pinks, orange, purple…like some sort of time portal was ripping open.
“Someone call Mulder and Scully…” he whispered and headed off to get a closer look.

Cap’s team was just about to head out again, when they saw the sky above the city. Hawkeye, always having a way with words, summed it up for all of them.
“Holy *&^%^!”
Iron Man, Vision and Warbird took to the air to get a better look. Cap and Hawkeye simply stood there and watched. Quicksilver seemed to be in his own world.
“What in the…” Hawkeye didn’t finish, because about that time, they all saw exactly WHAT it was.
Something shot out of the portal like a cannon…and began falling towards the city. Panic ensued, and the Avengers kicked into action.
Vision was actually able to catch the item that fell…he turned it over and over in his hand…then motioned to the others to return to the ground, as the sky began to return to it’s normal nighttime shade.
Vision landed right infront of Cap and handed him Wanda’s cape. Inside of it however, rolled into it, was a tarot card….the death card.
Captain America’s look darkened and he scowled. “Someone is playing games with us. Wanda wasn’t in uniform when she left.”

Baron Zemo watched the chaos in New York from a viewscreen and grinned to himself. This is exactly what he had wanted. He had Wanda, had everyone thinking it was Doom, he had Doom and Magneto at each other’s throats…now was the perfect time. He turned his hooded gaze to his first in command.
“William, I think we’ve achieved our goal eh?” he smiled behind the hood. His first officer only nodded.
“Now, go see what else the witch will tell you.” Backing out of the room, the henchman only bowed and said “as you wish, Baron.”

“Go check on the witch he says…” he muttered to himself as he passed the two guards at her door.
“Lovely day eh Dick?” raising his own visor, he smiled at his cohorts.
“Not really, I’ve been here for 8 hours, wanna take over?” Dick shot him an evil look, knowing full well Zemo’s first in command was a bit lofty for such lowly guard duties.
“Not likely, although if I get to hang out with this saucy minx..” winking at Elsie, who in turned rolled her eyes at him.
“Someday, you’ll want me around.” He boasted, looking into the cell, he saw Wanda Maximoff chained to the wall and sighed. Walking away, he mumbled to himself. “He could at least take those chains off her.”

Magneto was furious. It had been some time since he had been this mad.
“What do you mean you can’t find any details?” he glared at the information officer who stood before him.
“I’m…I’m sorry sir, but your son refuses to answer his messages.” The lackey backed out of the room, hoping beyond all things he’d live to see tomorrow.
Magneto walked to the window and stared out at Genosha. He knew this would lead them all full circle, and he’d find out why Pietro had been withholding information from him, and there’d be hell to pay.

Pietro sat quietly in the quinjet as it took off. He hadn’t bothered answering any questions. Because he wasn’t sure he had the answers. He had been withholding information from Magneto for months now. He only hoped that it hadn’t lead to this. That Wanda’s life hadn’t been sacrificed due to his duplicity.

Part 4
Pietro’s Promise

The words echoed in his ears.
“I promise Wanda, no matter what, I’ll always protect you.”
Pietro Maximoff stared out the window of the quinjet in silence. He had made that promise to Wanda many many years ago. Would he fail her? Would he be too late.
He shifted in his seat, not only uncomfortable with being in such close confines with the rest of the Avengers, more out of boredom than anything.

Captain America glanced over at Iron Man. Neither man said anything. They had both seen the way Pietro had been acting ever since Strange had shown it. It was unspoken words between the two men that had them both concerned.
“He knows where she is.” Tony thought, guiding the quinjet as it landed again in Genosha.
Carol Danvers looked over at Quicksilver. The tension in the cabin of the jet was so thick you could cut it. Everyone was dying to ask Pietro questions. But she knew questioning him was just like questioning Magneto. It wasn’t going to get you anywhere. But she had to try.
“Pietro…about Wanda…” she started when she saw him glare at her with his famous Pietro Maximoff glare. “..I just wanted you to know, I’m as concerned as you are. We all want to see her home safe.” Carol offered him a smile, but he didn’t say a word, only turned back to stare out the window impatiently.

“This is all my fault.” An hour had passed when everyone heard Pietro say that.
Vision’s expression was blank…he turned and listened.
“I’ve been withholding information from Magneto…I have a feeling that this is what it’s come to.” Pietro saw Captain America turn and look at him.
“What information?” was all he said, there was a tinge of anger in his voice, everyone heard it.
“Doom wanted to start trade agreements between Latveria and Genosha. I was in charge of them. I flat out refused Doom’s demands and turn him down cold. His price was too high. This is where it’s lead. I’ve let down Wanda….and now Doom has her.” Pietro turned to look at everyone, an infinite sadness showing on his face.
“You really think that?” Vision said. Again, expressionless.
“Yes, I do.” Quicksilver ran a hand over his face, sighing.
“Then you’re stupid.” Vision replied and turned back to the window.
Pietro was up out of his seat and hand Vision by the throat before he could even turn.
“What did you say?” Pietro’s voice was deadly, he had been waiting for this fight since Wanda and Vision had been in item.
“I said you’re stupid Pietro. It’s obvious to everyone you’re blaming yourself when we are all being made fools of.” Vision went intangible causing Pietro to lose his grip.
“Sit down Quicksilver.” Iron Man said, setting the quinjet to a halt. It was about that time, they felt it rise again, but the engines were off.
Magneto was in the air right before them. His arms outstretched as he raised the quinjet off the ground.
“Pietro, we need to talk.” Was all he said as he let the jet drop on its own, to the ground…some 1000 feet below.

Wanda woke up and sighed. She was so incredibly tired. Day in and Day out it was the same thing. Baron Zemo and his lackeys pumping her for information, only to have it end in bruises or starvation treatment. She hoped beyond anything that Stephen had been able to give the Avengers some information so that they could find her. Her mind went to her brother, then to Vision…then to Thor.

Thor couldn’t believe Asgard was in such state. Odin was gone, no one had seen him, and it seemed that was the time for an invasion.
But who were these mysterious Ghost Raiders? Mijolner had been of little help defeating them. It had taken himself, Sif and Hogun with the combined efforts of Volstagg and Balder the Brave to vanquish the villains.
“I smell the hand of another in this.” Thor said to Sif as he walked through the halls of his father’s Asgardian Palace.
“As do I, my lord Thor. But I am unsure who?” she walked next to him, keeping him counsel.
“I can tell you who.” Thor reached over and grabbed Sif hard and slammed her against the wall.
“Treacherous woman! Reveal yourself.” Sif began to laugh, and her visage faded to show that of Amora, the Enchantress. “Well played, my love.” She gazed up at him with adoring eyes.
“Where is Odin?” was all Thor asked. He knew Amora wasn’t in this alone, she had help, she couldn’t have done this simply to get him to Asgard.
“Oh, he’s safe. Have trust in that, my love.” She began to disappear and he heard her whisper… “But your witch may not be, hurry love…she awaits with baited breath.”
Thor let out a roar of rage.

Loki the Trickster watched as the mortal scrambled to follow his every command. “Baron Zemo indeed” he thought to himself as he walked the corridors of “Doom’s castle.” It was always so easy to manipulate them.
He paused in full Zemo form infront of Wanda Maximoff’s cell. True, the witch was powerful, but it was Thor’s crush on her that was going to be her undoing. He’d finally have her brother once and for all, and my oh my, what fun it was going to be.

Part 5
All good things
Captain Marvel watched the portal open and had seen the object shoot through it. Not that he was really worried about it. Being cosmically aware gave him the good sense to know what was going on.
“I really should go tell them, but it’s not going to do any good.” Rick Jones heard Marv say in his head.
“Tell them what?” Rick asked, sitting on the balcony of this apartment, watching the sky. He and Marv were linked via the nega bands on his wrist. If he banged them together, Captain Marvel would be here, and he would be in the microverse.
“What are you doing Marv?” Rick asked aloud. Everyone usually looked at him weird lately, thinking he was talking to himself.
“I’m debating on having you clang those bands together and go help the Avengers find the Scarlet Witch. But, they’ll be find without me.” He sounded so non chalet.
“She’s missing?” Rick asked.
“Yeah, has been for a month or more. It’s all Loki trying to get at Thor.” Marv yawned. “I’m going to sleep, night Rick.”
“Hey wait, shouldn’t we..” Rick started but Marv interrupted. “No, we shouldn’t. Now go do something already would you?”

The quinjet landed with a mighty crash as Magneto dumped it on the ground. The Avengers were shaken, but hardly hurt.
Pietro was out of the door racing towards his father when he heard Carol cry out for him to stop.
“Pietro, don’t, not this way!”
He ignored her, until he felt himself stop. Magneto stood before him, holding Quicksilver in place.
“I could crush you, you know. Like a bug.” Magneto’s eyes were glowing with anger.
“Do it then. Do it and get it over with!” Pietro yelled at him.
Magneto turned him lose as soon as he saw Cap’s shield heading straight for his head. “It’s made of metal, you realize that right?” Magneto sent it sailing back at him.
“Come on Mags, let’s talk this out.” Hawkeye, bow leveled at Magneto’s chest.
“Unless those arrows aren’t metal, I suggest you stand down, or else I’ll send them sailing into every one of your team mates, starting with my son.” Turning his attention back to Pietro, he merely said… “Talk.”
Pietro told his father the things he had told the Avengers in the quinjet on the way to Genosha. About Doom, the trade agreements, and the threats Doom had made.
“So, all this time..” Magneto’s anger had done little to abate… “You were going behind my back and dealing with Victor Von Doom? If your sister dies, may it be on your head. Now, get out of my country.”

Thor walked through the halls of Odin’s palace. His mind on the things Amora had said to him before she disappeared… “Wanda…” he whispered, and her name was carried on the wind.
Of late, he and Wanda had been spending a lot of time together. His affects towards her had begun to grow into a little more than friendship…but he’d never tell her that.
He pushed through one door, to see a glow beneath another interior door. This had been at one time, Loki’s secret hiding spot. Perhaps now it would yield some clues to the whereabouts of his fellow Avenger and friend.
The door would barely open, he had to really push on it. Finally, getting frustrated after several long moments, he pulled Mjoliner forth and smashed the magicked door to bits. Beyond it, he could see what looked like a castle hallway, and guards with laser rifles pointed right at him.
“Have at thee traitors!” Thor raged down the hall and easily knocked out the two guards before the door.

Wanda heard the commotion outside her door and raised her head from where she was chained against the wall. At that precise moment, the door of her cell came crashing in and Thor stepped into the room.
“Gods above! Thor! Thank you for hearing my prayers!” Wanda cried as he came forward and broke the chains binding her, along with the inhibitor collar around her neck.
“Fairest Witch, I must apologize for this. I fear it is all my fault.” He picked her up and carried her out of the room, having seen her sway from the wall as he had freed her.
“I don’t understand…Baron Zemo..” Wanda began as Thor carried her down the hall towards the door he had entered. Sitting her down gingerly, he wielded Mjoniler one more time.
“Treacherous dog! No longer will you use this portal!” Swinging the hammer around, he threw it into the doorway and watched it as the image of the castle disappeared, Mjoliner’s magic leaving nothing but ruins as it returned to Thor’s hand.
“Come Wanda, I shall take you home.” Thor picked her up again and carried her from the ruins of Loki’s domain.

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