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Van Helsing
Ok, who went and saw it this weekend? And put all the good stuff in Spoilers because *I* didn't get to go!!!!!! Cry
(going this coming weekend, doing a double header... Van Helsing and Troy!)

Come on, spill it! was it good? did you like it? Is Hugh Jackman the sexiest man alive or what? :wink:
I'm looking forward to it, hopefully there will be a few films on I want to see and I can make a day of it Wink
I just got back from seeing Van Helsing. Yes, I know, FINALLY!!

Anyway, the movie was brilliant. Sure, it was a popcorn flick and that's what I loved most about it.
And I'm sorry, Hugh Jackman was hot, but Richard Roxburgh was HOTTER! Something about a guy with fangs that transforms into a giant man-bat lookin' thing that just turns a girl on.

So, who else has seen it? My biggest beef with it was all the wailing and shrieking Dracula's brides did. Geeze, we got it the first 4 times, we didn't need all the extras!
I saw it a couple of weeks back and would have yo say it's one of the best 'old fashioned' adventures I have seen in a while. The characterisations of the monsters were great especially Hyde. he had me in stitches. and the main cast were equally well chosen. As chanty pointed out Dracula was charismatic and entertaining, and Van Helsing mysterious but accessible.

If you havent seen it.. go! what are you waiting for?

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