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Making Movies: X3
The place to be with views and news on the next X-Men movie Smile

Posted 13/05/2004
Source Comics2Film/IMDB

Berry Returns to 'X-Men' for Bigger Role
Halle Berry now looks set to return to 'X-Men'. She has apparently agreed to star in the second X-Men sequel after studio bosses agreed to give her a bigger role in the forthcoming movie. The Oscar-winner was reluctant to reprise her role as Storm in X-Men 3 - but producer Lauren Shuler convinced her by boosting her character's involvement. Schuler says, "I love working with her. We would only write a huge role for her, so she's right in that respect. We would make sure that would happen." Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Famke Janssen are also expected to reprise their roles in film, set to begin shooting next year.

I'd articulate more. But there any need?
I'll just assume your disgust is over Ms Berry's actions and not the prospect of the movie itself.

Personally, I'm looking forward to a third installment to the franchise, so long as they don't try to cater to every actor/actress' needs instead of the expectations of the fans. So long as they deliver another expansion of the X-Men movieverse that so many of us have come to know and respect(I won't say love), I belive the third film has a very good chance of not disappointing.
I read a rumour on the net the other night that the intention is to film X3 and X4 back to back. Now it might just be that - a rumour, but given the increasingly hectic schedules of the actors/actresses involved (and their ever increasing monetary requirements) this sounds like a good idea to try and get as much film in the can as possible
Posted 17/06/2004
Source CBR

James Marsden talked to IGN's FilmForce about work on his two comic book properties. With regards to the "X-Men" franchise, Marsden said, "If I had to guess, and I know the writers very well, and this would be purely speculation, that they would probably go into the Dark Phoenix Saga. It seems the natural way to go with the evolution of the comic book and with what happened at the end of 'X-Men 2.' And I think that's probably where they're going to go and I think that if that's the case, I'll have some good stuff to do. But I have no idea. I just have an inkling and I've just talked to the director and the writers and they hinted that, that that's where it's going to go, but it's so hard for me to get emotionally involved, but my coming back wouldn't be contingent upon them using that storyline. I'm very grateful to be a part of that whole franchise and I'd be a part regardless."

When asked about "Preacher," Marsden replied, "I'm still kind of going through my deal, but we're supposed to shoot in August. Very, very big following and some of the best writing I've ever read. Really dark, very dark, not for everybody. It challenges the kind of conventional religion and things like that. A very cynical piece, but some very brilliant writing. Right now we're kind of trying to figure out how to go in August, but I don't know for sure yet because we're not finished with everything. So, when the movie gets made, hopefully I will be playing Preacher. If it gets made, it will go before 'X-Men 3.'"
Actor Bruce Davison, a veteran of the first two films as Senator Kelly, spoke to the Chicago Sun-Times about the beleaguered mutant-themed franchise. "I don't know what the story is with the third film," Davison said. "I had lunch with ['X-Men' director] Bryan Singer in Vancouver recently and he seems pretty busy. I know he wants to make 'Logan's Run' and he's directing 'Superman' now. I know they're trying to put a script together for 'X-Men 3,' but no one knows how the story is going to evolve." Davison even addressed rumors that Halle Berry won't be back. "I guess I could play Storm if all else fails," he said. "I'd just have to get a wig."
From Ain't it Cool News...

"...word now from two different sources regarding this past Tuesday morning’s announcement of the new director of X-MEN 3. It’s happening. The film’s a go. Matthew Vaughn, director of LAYER CAKE, will direct X-MEN 3 for Fox. Expect them to try to beat SUPERMAN to theaters, too."

also..."Seems that Professor Xavier is adding three new team members this time out. Personally, I think I’m happiest to hear that BEAST will be joining the X-Men. I love that blue furry bastard, and it sounds like he’s going to serve the same role in these films that Morpheus did in THE MATRIX.

All of you Cajun fans can finally rest easy. GAMBIT will indeed be part of the film this time around, and expect them to cast a fairly big name in the role.

Now... what would a bit of superhero news be without some controversy? Ready for this one? ANGEL will be in the movie. But ANGEL... will be a girl."

Sounds to me like some good news all around. I can live with Angel being a girl as long as it is done with quality. Keep your fingers crossed for some good casting all around, especially when it comes to everyone's favorite bouncing blue mutant.
Nocturne's my favorite bouncing blue mutant.......

And truth be told, I just became aware of this not five mintues ago and was on my way to post it....but alas. I was beaten by the all knowing, all seeing god of thunder..... Sad
well... as long as the female angel IS NOT the female Angel which had a litter with Beak.. I'm all for it... but what I'd truely want to see, would be a bigger Brotherhood, including Wanda & Pietro as well as the HF club... that would be good to see!
[Image: vinniejones.jpg]
Vinnie Jones

According to rumors passed on by Ain't It Cool News this man could be the Juggernaut in X3. I know him from his work in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Swordfish, and would have to say that I would be psyched to see him ripping the mansion to pieces in a mad rampage against his step-brother Charles Xavier.
According to, Gambit has been cast for X3. The role has been given to an unknown named Scott Madej. It's supposed to be confirmed sometime Monday (May 16th).
From Dated May 16th.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some interesting breaking news. BBC has announced that a bloke by the name of Scott Madej (an unknown actor) has been cast as "The Young Professor X" in X3. I was pretty sure Patrick Stewart is confirmed to return and this doesn't mean he won't be back in the wheelchair, it just means we could be seeing some flashbacks. This doesn't surprise me at all, especially since Juggernaut is confirmed (played by Vinnie Jones) to be in the flick and if we're going to see any of his origin at all, it'd have to be in flash-back and involving Xavier (remember he's Xavier's half-brother).

This young man's name has been circulating around email boxes and message boards for the last few days, usually with speculation that he was playing Gambit. I even got some iffy info sent to me from people with ties to those at Fox 100% sure that he was Matthew Vaughn's first choice to play the Cajun. Looks like there was some confusion from the get go, but I'm intrigued about what kind of comic book movie someone like Matthew Vaughn can pop out. I'm sure that we'll start seeing some big casting announcements soon since the minor rolls seem to be filling up. Here's one of the rash of emails we got over the last 10 minutes! Thanks to everybody who gave us the heads up!
From Dated May 18th.

20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment have signed FRASIER's Kelsey Grammer to play Beast, the oversized blue-furred creature, in X3.

SNATCH's Vinnie Jones has been hired to play "bad-guy" Juggernaut. Jones' character is a 6-foot-10, 900-pound metal-clad battering ram, who is the half-brother of Professor X and will anchor Magneto's villainous band.

Fox has also begun talks with LOST's Maggie Grace to play the role of Kitty Pryde, a beauty who can walk through walls.

Sure, we knew about Juggernaut already. But Kelsey Grammer as Beast is news. He is at first a seemingly odd choice, but after pondering it a few moments, it is indeed instantly least in my opinion. He has proven for the past many years that he can play an intelligent and often times very funny character. Both integral for Beast. He has the right face for the character, and the rest can be easily accomplished with CGI. I don't know about you guys, but I like it. I like it alot.
I take this bit of casting as good news as well. His voice alone has me sold on the idea, and then the mental image of him decked out in full make-up brings a grin to my face.

Of course, now fans around the world are going to be worrying over the question of "Will we get classic Beast, or new catty Beast?"
Check out my "Avi Arad speaks..." thread for the full scoop. But in short, Mr. Arad made it sound as if we might get a Beast that is a little bit of both, but he seemed to lean more towards classic Beast. But you know how Avi Arad is...Mr. Secrecy.
was checking out the movie site for X3 today and they official have Framke listed as "Dark Phoenix."

Although a lot of the information is still old. They still have Michael Vaughn listed as director.

Filming started on X3 this week according to
Ratner's decided to add a little something to make his mark on the franchise. A Stacy X-type of character will be added to the movie, I'm not sure whether it will be an original character or THE Stacy X... it could also be Persuasion, the Purple Man's daughter who appeared in Alpha Flight or Wallflower, the young mutant from Academy X...

Anyway, there's too many characters in the movie already and there ae so many GOOD characters in the MU... why would we ever want a pheromone-based mutant prostitute?
-A little late, but better late than never-

(from SuperHeroHype)
Scooper 'Nubia' points out on the Superhero Hype! message boards that Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog) has revealed in Entertainment Weekly that she is not playing Doctor Kavita Rao in X-Men 3, as was previously reported:

"I am playing Dr. Cecilia Reyes, and she has the power to create a six inch force field around herself and ward off any attacks." She will start filming in October.

When asked about other details, she adds "To tell the truth, I don't know because I have not read the script yet. Brett is still working on it."

IGN Filmforce is sticking to their earlier story, however, saying that she is indeed playing Doctor Kavita Rao and gave the magazine the wrong character name.

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