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Service Outage 22 May 2004
Just a small note to keep everyone in the loop.

On Saturday 22nd May 2004, Pidranet (who host Comics Uncovered) will be re-locating all their servers to a new location. During most of the afternoon (GMT) of 22nd May 2004 (from about mid-day onwards), this site will not be available.

It is not anticipated that the re-location will take that long or indeed cause any significant problems and it is expected that normal service will be resumed within 3-9 hours of when the servers are first taken offline.
Thank you Bill! it's so nice to be a part of a website that let's its members know when there is going to be downtime...instead of sitting aroung guessing why the boards are down.

Everyone please make note of the above day and time and remember we will be unavailable during that service upgrade.
A great big thank you to Pidranet for getting us back online faster than a speeding bullet!
We were actually back up and running before most of their other websites.

Also a big thanks to Bill for all his hard work on the site in prepping for the server change.

Another thanks to our members for your patience during our down time.
Great people like you are what make this site so enjoyable.



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