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Fantastic Four #512
Having just read this issue yesterday or so, I had to get in here and post about the greatness of it.

First off, can I gush any more about the GOD that Mark Waid is? I know I know, everyone is tired of hearing it. But seriously, he has just made this book his own.

[spoiler]I loved the whole interaction between Spidey and Torch. It was nice to see it not only touched on, but featured through this whole issue. But I do have to admit, I fell out of the chair laughing at the last panel of the book. Anyone know where I can get FF Boxers like Johnny's???[/spoiler]

Is anyone besides me reading this? The Spider Sense story was good! I really liked it alot.
Spidey was great in it, but it was just nice to see the book have a bit of fun with a storyline for a little while.

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