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CrossGen: El Cazador in drydock
[Image: 06el.jpg]Publishing changes continue apace at CrossGen, apparently. Following the previously announced end of Sojourn, it has been revealed, via Diamond solicitations for August, that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang #7 had been cancelled by the publisher, while CG’s Barbara Kesel announced on the CrossGen messageboards that El Cazador will end – albeit temporarily – with issue #6.

Kesel wrote: “The ship that is EL CAZADOR will be putting into port at the end of issue 6. We’re bringing it to rest while Cap’n Chuck goes off in search of a pencilin’ privateer that can fill the boots of our departing Steve Epting. Steve’s been kidnapped by the crew of the good ship Marvel under the terms of exclusivity or death! (Perhaps we’re exaggerating a bit about the death part...) It’ll be an arduous search, but El Cazador will leave port again, 'cause we’d as soon scuttle this scow as gnaw off our own pegleg, so you can be certain you haven’t seen the last of ARRRRRRRR favorite pirate epic!”

The series had been solicited through issue #8, which was scheduled to ship in July.

In regards to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, given the formerly reported juggle of artist Mike Perkins to Raven House, speculation is running that without Perkins, KKBB is merely going on hiatus until he is done with Raven House.

Inquiries to the health of KKBB as a series were not answered by Kesel.

Additionally, the publisher’s Diamond listing cleared the books, so to speak, canceling the new printing of the first Sojourn trade as well as trade volumes 2-5; the first Traveler edition of Route 666, the third trade collection of Negation, and Warrior Women and Mythic Men: CrossGen Covers.

On the plus side, CrossGen is currently listed as having three books come out in August: Raven House #1, Negation War #6, and Abadazad #6. Lady Death: The Wild Hunt is apparently taking a skip that month. In addition, two trades are still on the schedule: El Cazador vol. 1 Traveler, and Lady Death Traveler vol. 2.

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