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Marvel: WizardWorld East - Avengers Panel (SPOILER ALERT)
Posted 22/05/2004
Source Newsarama


[Image: Avengers1_t.jpg]At today’s Avengers panel at WizardWorld East, post-Disassembled plans were announced, as well as a DC defection of sorts, as Ed Brubaker was announced as one of the creators who will be working at Marvel soon.

The teams for the core Avenegrs books were again named:
Captain America: Robert Kirkman, writing; Scott Eaton art; Dave Johnson covers.
Iron Man: Mark Ricketts writing; Tony Harris art; Pat Lee, covers.
Thor: Mike Oeming writing; Andrea DiVito art; Steve Epting, covers.

According to Quesada, the first wave of “Disassembled” stories would run though November (including the arcs in Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, and when a second wave of stories would begin. In addition to the three “core” Avengers books named above, the storyline will spill into Spectacular Spider-Man #17 by Paul Jenkins and Michael Ryan – something which will parlay into physical changes for Spider-Man, as seen by the accompanying cover (see below). Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo will bring the Fantastic Four into the fray with issue #517.

Portions of the “Disassembled” storyline will double-ship, and Quesada said that he’s hoping to keep David Finch on as the series’ regular artist indefinitely, but acknowledged some fill-in artists will probably pitch in, as the series will ramp up to shipping 18 issues a year. Brian Bendis and Finch are slated to remain as the regular creative team on The Avengers following “Dissassembled.”

Speaking to his upcoming run on Thor, writer Mike Oeming said that he’s aiming to deliver a classic-feeling run of the series. “My favorite run of Thor, besides Simonson, was Buscema’s run, so what I’m hoping to do is a combination of Buscema and Simonson, but also bit of Thor from other periods as well.” Avengers editor Tom Brevoort said that Bendis has Avengers stories for the next 20-30 issues of the series, so he won’t be going anywhere. Oeming said that he’s not planning on drawing Thor - at least not for the first six issues, but he may go on the book later.

There will be a second core Avengers title after “Disassembled.”

Brevoort said that something that will be coming in the Avengers will be a new Masters of Evil. “We talked a little, Brian and I, about the Masters of Evil, and probably throughout the course of the first year, there will be a new Masters of Evil.” The editor added that the goal is to make the villain team very powerful and “live up to the name.”

[Image: AVEN500_dir_CMYK_t.jpg]The Thunderbolts may return in their own series following Avengers/Thunderbolts, according to Brevoort.

“Disassembled” will come with a changeup at the top, as it was revealed that someone else, other than Captain America, will have the chance to lead the Avengers.

When asked if Captain Marvel would appear in Avengers, Brevoort said that the character would appear regularly in a new series following the cancellation of his own, but not in Avengers.

New characters who have never been Avengers before will be in the new lineup for the team. When asked if Beast may return to the team, Brevoort said it’s not likely at first, but closer to the end of the year, it may be more likely for him to make an appearance.

Following “Disassembled” some Avengers-related books will be cancelled. No further information was given in regards to which titles.

New villains will be part of Avengers following “Disassembled,” created by Bendis. The book will then feature a mix of new and old Avengers villains.

Avengers Masterworks v.4, along with new Fantastic Four and X-Men editions will be released shortly.

Ultron will be seen in the Avengers in the immediate future. Thor will not have any alter egos during Oeming’s run on the series. The writer said he wanted to use his time to focus on Thor himself, not Donald Blake.

When contacted by Newsarama about his upcoming Marvel work, Brubaker said: “I can't comment, other than to say that yes, I accepted the job. I start work after my exclusive ends, so it's going to be tight, but I'm really psyched about it. I'm not leaving DC or WS, I still have a lot of work there, and I have no problems with them, I just got a nice job offer that I couldn't turn down, and I wanted to go freelance for a while anyway.”

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