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Marvel: WizardWorld East - Cup O' Joe Panel (SPOILER ALERT)
Posted 22/05/2004
Source Newsarama

by Ryan McLelland and Matt Brady

[Image: Jae_LeeHulk_t.jpg]Keeping its freewheeling style, the Cup 'o Joe panel at WizardWorld East showcased a large handful of new projects, as well as new exclusivity deals with creators.

First up in news, Joe Quesada announced that Jae Lee will join current series writer Bruce Jones for a six-part Hulk miniseries starting in September, featuring a Hulk-Thing battle. The miniseries will replace the monthly Hulk book for the six months.

In Ultimate announcements, Quesada said that August will see the debut of an Ultimate Elektra limited series by Mike Carey and Salvador Larocca. The mini will follow the continuity of the Ultimate version of the character from the first miniseries, which starred Elektra and Daredevil, and was written by Greg Rucka. Quesada highlighted Ultimate Nightmare by Warren Ellis and Trevor Harisine, pointing out that the series will shakeup the Ultimate Universe, starting in August. Ellis’ first Marvel work in years, Ultimate Fantastic Four #7 ships in June, and will feature the origin of the Ultimate Dr. Doom. Two issues of UFF ship in June. Ultimates v.2 #1 is tentatively slated to ship in October, and while speaking of the title, Quesada announced that Mark Millar has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel for the foreseeable future.

Supreme Power will see a spin-off launch in August with Doctor Spectrum written by Samm Barnes, with art by Travel (Cla$$war) Foreman. Barnes is one of J. Michael Straczynski’s writing partners who wrote Jeremiah episodes for the second season of the Showtime series. Dale Keown will provide the covers for the series. Straczynski is now exclusive with Marvel as well, Quesada announced. Quesada highlighted both Powers and Kabuki, coming out from the new Icon imprint, as well as pointed out that in the realm of Brian Bendis’ books, Ultimate Carnage debuts in June in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man.

September will see the launch of a new Black Widow series, written by winner of the Philip K. Dick award for fiction, Richard K. Morgan and illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, with covers by Greg Land. Keeping with the exclusivity theme, Quesada announced that Greg Land, as well as Steve Epting are now exclusive to Marvel. Announcements of their projects will be forthcoming.

Quesada announced that Runaways will come to a close with issue #18, and will return with an all-new direction in late 2004 – early 2005.

[Image: Widow_t.jpg]When asked if readers will see classic Marvel villains returning to the pages of ongoing series, Quesada said they’ll be returning, albeit slowly. “You’ll be seeing many more of them in the next year or so. They were being overused by Marvel in the ‘90s, and there were only so many times you could see Dr. Doom going against the Fantastic Four, so they were put on the shelf. We’re working on finding the proper time to use them.”

In regards to who X-23 was in the pages of NYX, Quesada deferred the question, saying that an X-23 miniseries, written by character creator Craig Kyle is planned for later this year, which will answer many questions surrounding the girl who may or may not be related to Wolverine.

Quesada said that there are no plans for an Ash series at Icon, although it’s a possibility. However, it’s not something he foresees in the near future.

The digest-sized trade paperbacks are a success, according to Quesada - good news for those hoping to see a return of Sentinel.

While speaking about how Joss Whedon landed at Marvel on Astonishing X-Men, Quesada said that AXM #1 sold an amazing amount of copies (over 225,000 according to sources speaking to Newsarama), he felt the issue was still underordered.

Quesada targeted the first quarter of 2005 for the debut of Bryan Singer’s Ultimate X-Men arc.

In talking about licenses Marvel used to hold, but has since lost, Quesada said that he wished Marvel would have held on to Conan. He loves the character, and would have loved to have put Richard Corben on the character, but the license got away from Marvel.

Early 2005 will see a new Ghost Rider book. Quesada wasn’t sure if it would be an ongoing or miniseries, but said it would be at least six issues. A new Black Panther series is in the works, however, it won’t be written by Christopher Priest. John Romita Jr. has commented several times that he is working on it. As for Kevin Smith’s Daredevil: Target and Black Cat, Quesada said that Smith has told him he’ll have it in, and he trusts Smith, but can’t force him to write.

Moon Knight may return in 2005. Quesada said that proposals have been turned in, but he feels there is a certain convolution around the character, and wants to see a good approach to the character before a new series.

In regards to new teams showing up in the Marvel Universe, Quesada said that there are proposals in for the New Warriors, and a new team will be introduced in Daredevil: Father. Quesada also hinted that Secret War may see a new group of heroes as well.

September will see the debut of JMS’ long-promised Dr. Strange miniseries. Brandon Peterson is strongly rumored to be the artist for the mini. As Quesada explained it, Straczynski had written a screenplay for a Dr. Strange movie years back, and has broken down the screenplay, and adapted it into a “Dr. Strange Year One” style story. “It’s a real ground-level take of the character.”

There will be no Blade series for the release of Blade: Trinity, however, the character will be making an appearance shortly.

Quesada promised more Neil Gaiman in 2005.

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