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Marvel: WizardWorld East - X-Men Reload Panel
Posted 21/05/2004
Source ThePulse
By Rick Taylor

Dan Buckley (Publisher), Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief), Mike Marts (Editor), John Cassaday (Penciler Astonishing X-Men), Salavador Larroca (Penciler X-Men), Nick Lowe (Assistant Editor), CB Cebulski (Editorial/Talent Coordinator), Stephanie Moore (Assistant Editor), and Sean McKeever (Writer) were in attendance at today's X-Men Reload panel at Wizard World Philadelphia. Details about some of the new X-Men related series were revealed as well as confirmation on new artists and writers for existing series. It was revealed Jorge Lucas would take over the art on Starjammers, the Nightcrawler team was revealed, Andy Kubert was confirmed as taking over the art on Ultimate X-Men with issue # 50, and lots more details were learned.

Joe Quesada spoke about refocusing the titles over the next year so that each book has its own 'voice' and so they wouldn't all be similar in tone. Marvel will be bringing back costumes for the characters in the X-Men and the return of costumes will be incorporated into the plots. Most of these changes will start with the July and August releases.

Here are some highlights:

Astonishing X-Men - Josh Whedon writer, John Cassaday - artist, Laura Martin - Colors
District X - The 'Bishop title/gritty crime comic (their 'sleeper' title) - David Hine - Writer, David Yardin - artist
Excalibur - Mostly centering around the rebuilding of Genosha with Professor X and Magneto - Chris Claremont - writer, Aaron Lopresi - penciller
Exiles - The 'alternative reality' title - Tony Bedard - writer, Mizuki Sakakibara - artist
Gambit - Mostly espionage/high adventure in tone - John Layman writer, Georges Jeanty - penciler
Mystique - More 'covert' in tone. They will reveal who the Quiet Man is (I thought it was John Wayne!). Sean McKeever - writer, Manuel Garcia art, Mike Mayhew - covers
New X-Men: Academy X - Replaces/builds New Mutants. Young X-Kids adventures. Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFillipis - writers, Randy Green - artist
Nightcrawler - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa - writer, Darick Robertson - penciler, Greg Land - covers
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe X-Men - Covers by Salvador Larroca and Richard Isanove. Marvel will release a handbook per title or universe to reestablish the origins and details of each character or group.
Rogue - Robert Rodi - writer, Cliff Richards - artist
Starjammers - Kevin J Anderson - writer, Ali Garza - art 1st issue and Jorge Lucas takes over with issue #2
Ultimate X-Men - New Villains, a new Mr. Sinister - Brian K Vaughan - writer (takes over from Brian Bendis), Andy Kubert takes over the art with issue 50.
Uncanny X-Men - Chris Claremont - writer and Alan Davis - artist
Weapon X - The book will focus on the core characters, Wolverine and Agent Zero, etc. - Frank Tieri - writer and Tom Mandrake artist (some of the nicest stuff I EVER seen Tom do.)
Wolverine - Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. beginning in the early # 20s.
X-Force - Fabian Niceiza and Rob Liefeld
X-Men - Chuck Austen and Salvador Larroca
X-Men:The End - Dreamers and Demons - A trilogy by Claremont and Sean Chen. Covers by Greg Land.

Only about 100 people attended and the question and answer session at the end didn't reveal too many key details or facts.
I read through the article and honestly, I'm completely totally absolutely PSYCHED for the new Gambit series.
Yes, ladies and gentlemutants, I'm a Gambit Fan. *Gee, wonder WHY we honeymooned in New Orleans eh?*

I'm probably also finally going to break down and start getting Exiles as well. I've been wanting to read it for some time now and nows just a good a time as any!
Of course I have to get X-Men: The End and the other regular books (Exc. and Unc., maybe see how Tony does on Exiles). Although personally I'm waiting for MadroX by PAD.
Enchantress Wrote:I read through the article and honestly, I'm completely totally absolutely PSYCHED for the new Gambit series.
Yes, ladies and gentlemutants, I'm a Gambit Fan. *Gee, wonder WHY we honeymooned in New Orleans eh?*

Why do you think I take French in school? So I can speak like Gambit! Lol
Yeah, but you gotta hit it with a Cajun accent in order to make it work right..ehhee..

I'm really looking forward to his new series... I've heard it kinda leans a little towards the way Mystique's book is...which I I'm waiting patiently.
Can't forget the speaking in third person, either.

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