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The Wandering Troupe
I will post characters in this thread as I approve them, please do not post in this thread. Send all submissions to Theore via Private Message.

- Theore
Local Hero's Character:

Name: Liath Leac-an-teintein (Common Tongue: Greyhead Hearthstone)
Birthplace: Carraig Fàrdach - (Common Tongue: Rockhome)
Actual Age: 114 (although he has almost stopped counting)
Physical Age: 30
Height: 9' 3"
Breadth: 5' (across shoulders)
Weight: Approx 500lbs
Skin: silver/grey (and tough as Granite). Often painted with clay dye to pass more easily amongst strange peoples.
Eyes: Brilliant Blue (like a clear mountain sky)
Other: Liath's people paint markings on their face and body and arms. These have spiritual as well significance and is done as a homage to their ancestors. Liath travels with a wolf named Stràcair (or Wanderer in the common tongue).

Born with skin the color of the local granite, Liath (Grey) got his name because of his silvery-grey skin. His appearance at birth was just presumed to be natural, if slightly darker than the normal pallid skin of the rest of the the mining community in which Liath (Grey) grew up. Liath (Grey)'s lack of any hair did set him apart slightly from the rest of the community, in which the men and women tended to long fair hair. Even as a youngster his skin was very thick and provided good protection protection against both weather and the usual cuts and injuries which plagued the other children in community.

The granite of the Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) was much prized throughout the region for both it's strength and the fine silver look it took on when polished, however the process of extraction left the area strewn with sharp rocks and boulders. Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) itself was a multi layered complex of caves and tunnels cut directly into the granite itself. It was a hard life which bred a hard people. Commonly the people of Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) were held up to be very cruel and brutal even towards each other. This was mainly due to their affinity with the rock and stone, and their straightforward no nonsense nature. Among themselves the people of Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) were very social and caring in their own way. They agree on most subjects (other than an individuals own preference for decorating stone) and defend each other. Should someone be in trouble in the community, all would come together to help them. Despite their status as craftsmen, the people of Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) were also proud warriors and hunters, able to track prey over even the barest rock. Everyone was willing to furiously defend clan and residential area when needed. Men and women are equal warriors and both take up arms in threat of danger. Their main foodsource were the many animals who lived in the forests surrounding their community, animals such as deer, reindeer and even beasts like bears and wolves living in hills and mountains. Due to the harsh nature of their existance, Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) didn’t cultivate anything nor breed cattle. Any grain or vegetables had to be traded for, although the people of the community did have knowledge of edible plants and roots. Wether rock, flora or fauna, they only took what they needed to survive. The villagers prefered weapon for the hunt was the slingshot, with which they were all extremely skilled and proficient. The hunt was always a test of skill, the villagers against their prey and the bolts seemed to leave them feeling that the weapon had beaten the prey and not their skill. In their dressing the people of Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) favor animal skins and simple fabrics. Leather is achieved from game animals and fabrics were usually gained in trade for smaller stone trinkets and implements. Thanks to his thicker skin, the importance of clothes to Liath (Grey) against weather was very minor. Excluding trips to the far northern regions as a youngster, the amount of clothes he wore was small and usually consisted of simple leather breeches, although he occasionally wore a sleeveless shirt. Liath (Grey) never took to wearing shoes, preferring the feel of the ground between his toes. Liath (Grey) spent his early years as did most of the youngsters, studying rockcraft at the feet of their mothers and fathers. Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome) was justifiably proud that it's sons and daughters were equally as skilled in working of stone. They were also skilled in the use of various powders and elements in healing and would often use combinations of these under the supervision of the Granitemaster, the leader and shamen of the community, to take part in Stonequests. These involved using heated pots of powders and stones to induce a dreamlike state. It was during one of these Stonequests that Liath (Grey) began to feel a greater affinity for the land around him, almost feeling part of it. This had a great effect on the young Liath (Grey) and he spent as much time as he could learning the skills of the shamen in order that he could recreate the experience.

As he grew in years, so did Liath (Grey) grow in size, soon outstripping others of his age in terms of strength and size. By the age of 18, Liath (Grey) already stood at just over 9 foot tall and almost 5 foot across the shoulders. His skin had also undergone changes, gradually becoming less like tough leather and taking on a much harder more rock like texture, becoming almost a reflection of the granite they worked. His great strength and skill in cutting granite from the rock face soon elevated him in the community. It almost seemed as if he had the ability to feel the rock and know where it was weakest and of no use for building. By the age of 50 Liath (Grey) had taken the position of Granitemaster, becoming the leader of the communities endeavours. During his many years as Granitemaster, Liath (Grey) encouraged many improvements, leading the small community into a time of great prosperity. With his guidance, their stone became prized much farther afield, even too the far south where the then newly ensconced Norman invaders were set upon fortifying their position. Time passed slowly in the mountains, but even Liath (Grey) noticed that even amongst the long lived people of Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome), he did not seem to age as did the others around him. Friends and family came and went. Despite of his enormous size and rocky outlook, Liath (Grey) was still surprisingly flexible and agile, an attribute that was essential for moving in the caves, mines and rough roads of mountains. Even into his 90th year, Liath (Grey) enjoyed leading raiding parties out into the forests hunting for food and supplies for Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome). His gray stone skin helped camouflage him well into the rocky terrain, becoming almost invisible and his body was still as it had been in his 30th year. It was one of the simple pleasures he enjoyed where he did not have to consider the welfare of the entire community. Unlike most of his generation, Liath (Grey) never took a wife, as he had learned not to make too many close attachments, knowing the sadness and pain the passing of the people he grew up with caused him.

Not knowing how long he would live and beginning to feel overwhelmed by the number of his friends who had now passed into the sleeping caves, Liath (Grey) decided to take his leave of the village. It was the hardest decision he had ever made, but he felt he could no longer watch while everyone he knew went before him. Taking only what he could carry easily, Liath (Grey) bade farewell to everything he knew and set off out of the mountains he called home, intent on seeing as much of the world beyond as he could. Several months after leaving Carraig Fàrdach (Rockhome), he had come across a pregnant wolf whose leg had was trapped. Approaching the animal carefully, Liath (Grey) spoke soothingly to it while he pried away some of the rocks allowing it to pull free. The wolf quickly sprang away from him, looking at him suspiciously for long moments as it tested it's weight on the formerly trapped limb, before moving off into the nearby forest occasionally glancing back at him. When it saw he wasn't following the wolf stopped and cocked it's head at him, almost questioningly. Liath (Grey) decided to follow it, moving slowly and keeping his distance. This seemed to satisfy the wolf who moved ahead, leading him to it's lair. Deciding this was as good a place as any to rest, he set up camp a short distance from the lair. Several days later the wolf gave birth to a litter of four bundles of fur. Intrigued by the apparent trust which had been extended to him, Liath (Grey) decided to stay in the forest for a little while longer and would visit the lair, watching the wolf cubs grow. For the wolves part it was almost as if he was part of the scenery, as if they knew he would no more harm them than would a tree or blade of grass. Indeed only one cub from the litter seemed to take any interest in him, often following him almost all the way back to his camp and indeed on his hikes into the surrounding foothills. After pausing in that idyllic spot for several months, the wanderlust took Liath (Grey) again and he packed up his few belongings intent on moving on. He spent several minutes standing watching the wolves play outside their lair, his heart heavy at leaving them despite his conflicting desire to be on the move again. As he turned away the wolf cub which had adopted him leapt in front of him, blocking his path for a few moments as it looked up at him with the same questioning eyes as it's mother. Even though it was only a few months old, it was a clever and sturdy little tike, all muscle and sinew from it's time spent wandering with him. Liath (Grey) looked down meeting it's gaze, then stepped around it, heading southwards out of the forest. Behind him he heard the familiar pad of soft furred feet and couldn't help but smile. Although he didn't seek out the attachment, he had grown used to the little one being there. <"If you are going to come with me, you shall need a name my little wanderer."> he said over his shoulder. <"That's it! Wanderer."> And so Liath (Grey) travelled ever southwards with Stràcair (Wanderer) growing larger at his heel.

Liath (Grey)'s great strength proved a boon on their travels, often affording them the opportunity to aid someone in return for food or money or shelter. They tried to arrange their passage through villages or settlements during festival times, when there were often strangers about. It was during one such encounter that Liath (Grey) got involved in a show of strength by wrestling several men from the village at once. Naturally he was victorious and later that evening as he sat by a roaring fire with a large flaggon of a heady mead in his mighty fist, a full stomach and Stràcair (Wanderer) sitting under his chair gnawing on a huge bone, he mused that perhaps this might not be a bad way to see the world.

Liath (Grey) possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability, enabling him to lift (press) 10-15 tons. His skin has greatly increased toughness and density. Liath (Grey) can exert himself at high levels for about three hours before the build-up of fatigue poisons in his blood impairs his strength. His reflexes are above average human levels despite his greater mass. Liath (Grey) has found his lungs are of greater volume and efficiency than a normal man's, enabling him to hold his breath underwater and during fires for up to nine minutes. Liath (Grey) has found his five senses can withstand greater amounts of sensory stimuli than he would if he was a normal human being, with no reduced sensitivity. Liath (Grey)'s body is able to withstand extremes of temperature from -75° to 800° Fahrenheit for up to three hours before exposure or heat prostration occurs. He can withstand the explosive effects against his skin with no injury. He is still susceptible to colds, disease, and emotional stress.

Liath (Grey) also appears to have a preternatural ability to read rock and stone, allowing him to see any flaws and weaknesses. During his time in his community his skills with powders and herbs became almost as legendary as his skill with the slingshot.

Possessions & Clothes:
In order to allow him to pass more easily, the people of the village gifted Liath (Grey) with a long leather hooded cloak lined with bear pelt, leather gloves and boots. He mostly wore these when passing through villages or populated areas. Under the cloak he wore his breeches and a simple leather vest, over which he occasionally wore the long smocklike shirt which was popular amongst his people. He also found by painting his features with a clay dye he had formulated he could pass as an exceptionally tall man, which was not uncommon. Around his leather pants, he wore a belt with pouches for various powders and herbs he had brought with him or picked up on the road. Hanging from the belt is was slingshot and a pouch of rocks and a small knife. On the other side hangs a small pot used for cooking and for Stonequests. When out in the wilds on his own or with those to whom he had revealed his difference, Liath (Grey) tended to wear only his simple breeches and vest, his extra outer-clothes bundled up in his cape and slung over his back. Although he does not consider him a possession, Stràcair (Wanderer) is an almost constant companion.
Enchantress' Character:

Name: Tatyana Firemane
Age: 25
Physical Description: Tatyana stands a willowy 5’8” tall, she has breathtaking golden brown eyes that seem to have captured the color of a fine bottle of aged whisky. Her firey auburn hair swirls into long curls down to her waist. She has an artistic fragile beauty that is all her own.

History: Tatyana was born into a large gypsy caravan under a bleak Romanian sky. She learned at an early age the mystic arts of her people. Tarot reading came very natural, as she felt a very strong connection to the images on the cards. Singing and dancing for her supper most nights, then reading cards late into the twilight hours, she learned quickly the power of the Tarot.

A small tambourine swings from her belt, along with a purple satin bag with her aged treasured deck. The very same deck that had been handed down to her by the camp’s wisest reader on her rite of passage into womanhood. She also has a hand carved birch wood bow and quiver strapped to her back, and daggers shoved into each boot as well. A pretty gypsy girl could never be too careful. Highwaymen abounded in the areas the encampment traveled in. Her brothers, Pasha and Torvi had carved the bow for her and shown her how to use it as a birthday gift many years ago.

Powers: Tatyana is a skillful archer and rarely misses a target when she takes aim at it. Whether it be with her bow or any other target her heart finds desirable.
Solace's Character

Name: Mila
Birthplace: Born on the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea, Greece.
Actual Age: 2,195 presumably she was born just ninety-three years before the beginning of the Trojan War (1193-1184 B.C.).
Physical Age: 23

Physical Description: Her hair is a beautiful chestnut brown/black falling in large curls to her waist most often down up in elaborate styles which hold a faint reminder of the culture and time period of which Mila grew up in. Her frame petite and almost fragile in appearance like if someone where to hug her to tightly she might break, reaching only 5’3 in height she is not intimidating in size but more in spirit. Mila’s eyes are large and expressive being a bright amber in color they hold and air of wisdom to them almost as if she could look into your soul and know exactly what it was you were thinking or feeling at that very moment, being thickly lined with long black lashes they are by far one of her best features. Her skin tone is a dark golden tan alluding to the amount of time she’s spent outside in the sun. Her beauty is completed with a tiny button nose and full lips. Her over all beauty is breathtaking to the point of being almost unearthly.

Clothing: Spending a great deal of time on horseback Mila’s primary attire is that of an ankle length Dove gray suede coat/dress with long flared sleeves that are slit up to the elbows and a high collar that’s overturned in the front and dips down into a v-neck. The bodice of the coat/dress is held closed with cloudy blue colored silk lacing in the front which then fastens at the waist with a small silver broach which resembles a hibiscus flower, from the waist down the coat/dress is open and on the hem of both the coat/dress and the sleeves is silver embroidery. Underneath the coat/dress is a cloudy blue under dress/tunic which also opens up at the waist to allow more movement, the sleeves of the under dress/tunic are ivory and flared much like the sleeves of the coat/dress. To top of this outfit Mila wears a pair of dove gray pants and knee high black leather boots. Along with the Dove gray outfit Mila owns a much fancier outfit for formal occasions, the gown is a deep hunter green with a sweeping train and long flared sleeves and gold embroidered belt. She also owns a long black hooded cloak.

Weapons: Mila carries with her a Spartan Falcata Sword (kopis) that dates back to 480 B.C., which she has a very emotional attachment to because it belonged to the only husband she ever took in her long life.

Powers: She’s empathic which is a trait that was bestowed upon her by her Mother Thalia one of the three Graces, it is also believed that the fact that her mother was a Grace is the reason Mila is immortal.

History: Mila was born on the small Island kingdom of Ithaca, Greece in the Ionian Sea. From the minute Mila was born she was set apart from the children around her, being held above her peers because even as a small child she had a knack for being able to read emotions and know exactly how someone was feeling. Many in the small island community believed that this was because the young girl was the daughter of Thalia the Grace of ‘Good Cheer’, though Mila’s father is unknown and the young girl grew up as the adopted daughter of Laertes ruler of Ithaca. It is believed that Laertes took the young girl in as a favor to the Gods and out of mercy for the fatherless girl. Though everyone invovled agreed it would be best to keep the burden of Mila’s heritage a secret from the young girl. So she grew up unaware that Laertes was not her true father and that she herself was the daughter of a Grace. So Mila grew up blissfully ignorant and often wondered how it was she had her empathy abilities but never pushed the subject with Laertes for she never wished to upset her ‘Father’ and thus Mila grew from a carefree teenager into a lovely young woman who seemed to have the wisdom of someone twice her age and upon hitting her 23rd birthday it was realized that Mila was not longer aging as a normal human being should. This was alarming to Mila and she often spent many sleepless nights worrying that maybe the Gods had cursed her for some unspeakable act she hadn’t known she’d committed.

Wracked with worry over her predicament Mila was finally pushed to the breaking point and sought answers she wanted so badly. Hoping that Laertes would know the reason behind this she sought him out in a fit of tears and asked him if she had done something terrible as a child to deserve this curse. Laertes gathered Mila in his arms and tried his best to console his adopted daughter, reassuring her that she was not cursed by the gods but more so blessed by them with ageless beauty. Still unbelieving that her halted aging was a blessing Mila pushed the subject further and even asked who it was her mother was, because Mila had grown up knowing that the queen was not in fact her biological mother. Wearily Laertes explained that Thalia was her mother and that it was suspected that her immortality came from her mother tough Laertes never did reveal to her that he was not her father.

Many quit years passed after that and Mila slowly came to terms with the fact that she would not grow old and die like those around her, and that fact hit her harder each year as she watched those she loved slowly change day by day. She silently began to slip into a miserable existence feeling alone even when she was surrounded by people, many did not understand why it was she was so miserable because many wished to have the very thing she possessed. The people of Ithaca began to seek her out for her wisdom believing they had a goddess among them now, when in fact all they had was a human girl who could not die not even if she wished for it. Although she did still have a few people who treated her as if she were human, and was thankful for those people many of who were members of her adoptive family. In the passing years Mila bore witness to Odysseus taking of rule of Ithaca and the rise of Agamemnon’s power and hold on the Greek people. She stood by and watched as her people were sent off to fight a ridicules war over and unfaithful wife and those dark days that followed the defeat of Troy.

Many, many years passed after those days and Mila has chosen to pushed memories of what happened throughout the next 700 years or so into the back of her mind because she watched as all those she loved passed away, and their children, and their grandchildren until she no longer recognized any familiar faces in her own homeland. Upon the death of her last ‘family’ member Mila did the unthinkable and agreed to wed a Spartan warrior for many had forgotten who she was by this point in time, and she again was thought of as just a normal human being. Mila was happy again and wished that she could change her fate in life and live out the rest of her days with her husband and grown old and die. But her happiness was ruined when news of her husband’s death came to her just four years into their marriage when a messenger brought his sword to her and Mila was struck with the thought that like herself her two children would grow up fatherless. So wishing the best for them she put them in the care of their father’s mother and fled Sparta knowing that soon her secret would become known if she stayed any longer.

So she traveled around from city to city like a nomad soon making her way throughout Europe and seeing all the sights the world at the time had to offer. This went on for a large portion of her life and it was not until the 10th Century that she finally laid down roots in a small Italian town making a living as a seamstress, and living in a small seaside inn owned by a young woman. Mila offers her help wherever it is needed in the small town, often making use of her Friesian mare as a carthorse for the town’s baker. So here the history ends, and the story can begin.
Tessa's Character

Real Name: Yalene Aello Demarchis
Birthplace: The Dodecanese Island of Rhodes in the city of Lindos
Age: 17
Height: 5’0”
Physical Discription: her hair is a dark earthy brown falling to just below her waist with fiery red peppered throughout and various braids, beadwork and wind-twirled dreadlocks making the amount of hair almost overtake the young woman, half is usually pulled precariously away from her face and secured with a piece of leather. Her skin tone is a dark golden from sun exposure. Her frame is slim, making her seem very androgynous with small hips and chest. Her eyes are large and doe-like a very soft hazel color (unless she is using her powers, then they will change color to match whichever element she is using) framed in thick black lashes; she also has a small, thin nose and a set of full lips. She also has a tattoo on her left temple and part of her forehead that looks like intertwining vines.

Clothing: A burnt umber-colored chemise to mid-thigh with a wide neck and short sleeves to just above her elbow, bound tightly with a cord of the same color on the upper arm. She also has it bound from bust to waist with a strap of dark leather. A crimson sash is worn low on her waist with a sword-belt cinched over it. She also wears simple dark leather boots to just below her knee and dark leather binding around her thighs, just barely seen from underneath the tunic. Her hands and lower arms are bound with dark leather.

In colder climates she will wear a two-layered gown, the top layer is a dark navy, the layer underneath is cream and barely visible at the bottom hem. Both gowns have a wide boat neck, and long sleeves that are split above the elbow and are held tightly to the upper arm with cream cording. Over the gown she will wear a quilted, cream corset with v-neck and small cap sleeves. She continues to wear the leather binding on hands and lower arms and her leather boots. She also possesses a dark brown cloak.
Weapons: a kopis sword in a scabbard worn at her waist and a dagger shoved into her boot. She also carries with her a carved walking staff, that can be used as a weapon if need be.

Powers: Yalene can control and create the four elements, fire, earth, water and air in any combination or aspect. She has even harnessed the elements to manifest a form and use it as a means of attack, working of its own volition. She is still young though and doesn’t have a complete grasp of her own powers as of yet and cannot use them for great lengths without it taking strength from her.

History: Yalene was born on the Island of Rhodes, though she was not raised there. Her mother died shortly after her 2nd birthday, giving her father Adras, and brothers Ettore, Tiege, and Jase had no choice but to take the young girl with them on her father’s merchant ship the Artemis. It was not easy or comfortable to be raised among men, on a ship unequipped for the habits of adventurous children, but her father refused to put his only daughter in the care of strangers and so she remained on the ship.
Growing up with only men for company did not further any lady-like behavior in Yalene as she grew, she learned only to act like a sea-scamp, upstaging men twice her size and age by performing their jobs twice as well, and if anybody tried to persuade the girl from what she did she’d put a dagger to they’re throat. Yalene had never meant to be better than her father’s crew at things, but it came second nature to her since she grew up among the workings of the ship…on a good day she was known to upstage her brother’s in working the lines and maneuvering the vessel. For all her attitude, she was never unlikable; most of the men would protect her as if she were their own daughter,
When she was 13 her powers developed, the Artemis was three days from port without even the hint of wind and the crew was running out of food. By sheer will she created a wind to catch in the sails…she didn’t tell anybody it was her and was successful about keeping her powers secret from the crew until she was 15, her brother Tiege found her creating small fires in the palm of her hand to amuse herself, he told their father who deemed it unsafe to keep Yalene aboard the ship, they took her back to Rhodes. She soon bought passage on another merchant ship sailing to Italy, where she bought a small seaside inn with the gold that she possessed, enlisting the help of a young man named Emiliano. Yalene ran the inn for two years before her wandering heart brought her to leave it in the capable hands of Emiliano; she took up company with a band of traveling performers that had passed through the village.

Other information: Upon leaving the small village Emiliano gave her his workhorse, a large English bred draft by the name of Seregon, she bears no other possessions than the clothing she carries in packs with her, her sword and her staff.
Harley's Character

Name: Matthew Perrison (mostly referred to as Matthias)
Birthplace: London, England
Birth date: 881 CE, somewhere around May
Appearance: Matthias is a handsome young man with the physical appearance of a man in his early twenties. His pale skin accentuates his pitch-black hair and the blood-red eyes. To the sides of his shining teeth, Matthias bears two fangs that are only slightly noticeable to the human eye. Matthias’ hair style changes almost every day, as it moves along with Matthias’ mood. Mostly it looks unkempt but always has a shining quality to it.

His clothes are simplistic; a white shirt with black cotton pants, with a leather belt that has a holster for a dagger. Although only known to some underground vampire circles, the red sign on the back of his shirt, are blood smears left over from the original owner. The smears come together to form a sign similar to the letter Y.

Powers: Matthias has shown great strength and has the power to hurl a small carriage and walk through plaster walls. Furthermore, he possesses an almost divine speed. He can use his speed in such a way as if to disappear in the blink of an eye. Matt’s body is flexible, light, and dexterous. He can jump to great heights, and has recently successfully levitated above the ground for a few seconds. Although he does heal faster than an average human, he is far from impervious.

Matthias can see in the dark as a normal human can in the daylight. Texts can be read at great speeds, and Matt is able to mimic sounds. As the last part of his powers is Matt’s immortality, which does not relate invulnerability but to a very very long life.

Weaknesses: Combined with his supernatural powers, is Matt’s craving for blood. Blood fuels his powers, and without regular feeding, his powers weaken and wane, leaving him an almost ordinary human. Although the blood of animal will satisfy his craving, its effect is less compared to the blood of a human being. If he goes without blood for an extended period of time, he could die from the effects. Sometimes he will last longer after a feeding, depending on his fill.

Sunlight is very harmful to Matthias, and if he does not cover his entire body, he can only operate at night. The light of the sun will set him aflame in a matter of seconds, reducing him to ashes. Fire is also a weakness to Matthias, burning him quicker and more than an average human. By slamming a stake through his heart, Matthias becomes paralysed and if it is not removed within the time span of fifteen minutes, his body is reduced to ash.

The sign of the cross can pose harm to Matthias as well. If he were to touch the cross with bare skin, it will slowly start to burn him. The same applies to holy water, although he burns more quickly.

History: Some 200 years ago Matthew was a young hell-raiser in London. Much to the disgust of his father he would be out most nights carousing to all hours, then stumbling home drunk. The only comfort was his loving mother, which he loved dearly. Matt was considered the black sheep of the family and many people looked upon him with a weird eye as he was not the average youngster, being very eccentric in his life philosophy.

It was around his 23rd birthday when Matthew went partying in one of the new bars in the city. Upon his arrival, he found that the building had a supernatural aura that compelled him to enter. That night vampires fed on him and he was sired in order to make him become one of them.

That event led to the loss of his soul and Matthew came to join the clan of vampires in the tunnels underneath the tavern. Forced to fake his death, Matthew proceeded to slay his family, during his funeral, in his first lust for blood. Changing his name to Matthias, he travelled with a group of vampires that broke off from the clan.

For the next hundred years, this group of vampires wreaked havoc throughout England and Europe till the night Matt’s soul was returned to him. It was a stormy night, and the group had decided to kill the clergy within a nearby church and use it as a sleeping place for the day. However, they were led into an ambush by a group of vampire hunters. And the group was captured and were tortured day and night, while a priest practised a ritual in order to return the vampires’ souls.

Three of the five vampires went mad and were later thrown into the sunlight, where they quickly burned to ash. Just as the vampire hunters planned to nail Matthias and his friend Darius to the walls of the church, the two were saved by a vampire clan known as the Zenith. Both Matt and Darius were given an offer to join the Zenith clan, because as they learned, they were the last of their original clan that had broken off from vampire tradition and had over the year been culled, and the only way they could survive was by joining another clan. Although Matt was quick to accept, Darius spurned the offer and fought his way through the vampires and disappeared into the night, opting instead to try and make it on his own.

Over the following years Matthias had to come to terms with his soul as no ritual had worked in an attempt to remove it once again. He continued his hideous deeds with the Zenith clan till at last his soul could bare no more, he had killed a woman that had looked like his mother, the only person to ever truly love him for who he was. Driven by guilt, he fled the clan and brought upon himself the anger of other vampires that wish to hunt and kill him.

Travelling all through Europe for the next decades, Matt lived off animals and continued to hone his powers. The next life-altering confrontation was when he met Darius again, not having seen each other since Darius had fled the church. Both had tried to sleep in the same lighthouse and met as an accident. The two talked, fought and talked again till sunrise, when both retreated to their sleep. A letter had been left at Matt’s side the following day. Darius had left early, and Matthias once again lost his best friend.

He wandered that evening, till he was strangely drawn to a nearby seaside inn…

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