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Vagabonds Out of Character Thread
Well, I sent a new PM. Hope this one gets there.
It did, and I have sent a response.
Theore Wrote:It did, and I have sent a response.
Yours arrived as well, and I have replied.

Anyways, that's settled now. I'd like to congratulate everyone on a great job so far as well, I'm loving this game.
starting tomorrow (thursday the 22nd) I'll be in California with limited internet access, and I won't be back until August 5th. I'll try to get on as much as I can, but if I can't you'll all know why.

Do any of you know what's up with Theore? He isn't responding to my PM about a post in Vagabonds, and I was wondering if he might have said something, relating to absence or something?
Theore is without computer access at the moment, which is why you haven't gotten a response. I'm sure as soon as he gets access again we'll see him around.
Or if it's a pressing matter, feel free to PM one of the RPG Moderators and they'll help you out.
I’ll be going camping from Sept. 2-6, without internet access for the amount of time…so I give the GMs full reign over my characters while I’m gone.

~ Mandy
Ok, where the heck is Harley? I'm kinda stuck right now in the game because Tatyana is with Matthias and I've noticed Harley hasn't been around. Has anyone heard from him????
I haven't heard anything from him concerning an absence, so I'm as clueless as you are.

Wow... sorry about that one folks. Its been of a rough tumble for me, which has basically been life (school etc.)+love+death (my great-aunt died recently). So, my sincerest apologies to all of you, and I'll try and be on a steady level again.
That's ok Harl, we all understand real life...I was just worried I hadn't seen you around!

And, I too want to apologize for not being around much on the boards lately...I'm getting ready to go into my 8th month now and well, baby is very active but mommy is REALLY tired and enjoying those lovely false labor contractions more often.

Don't worry, I'm fine, I just fall asleep right after dinner most nights.
Thanks Chanty. I just wanted to point one thing though, Matthias' current state isn't usual for vampires, unless of course Tatyana only encountered Anagog infected vamps.
Not that she had encountered Anagog infected Vampires before, but she has dealt with vampires on various levels and seen more than her fair share of pretty twisted things, so I don't think his current state would affect her that much.
Hi folks. Just popping by to do some administration Wink As the level of interest in Vagabond Knights has waned of late (I have been a prime culprit myself!!), the Admins have decided to move the Vagabond Knights forum out of the Public Domain until we can find some time to reinvigorate the game. If you are interested in comic related RPGing please check out Guardians or The Watch and see if they float your boat Wink

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