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Nightwing #93
Everything has finally come to the earthshattering conclusion. I started reading this book at #80, and I'm still loving this series. I've heard a lot of fans critisizing Devon's work, especially the latest issue. What do you think?
Nightwing used to be one of the best books we picked up. Unfortunately, we had to cut back on some of our books and it was one of the ones that got the axe.
So, fill me in...what happened???!??!
[spoiler]First off, Blockbuster finds out Nightwing's identity, and after a fight Barbara and Dick break up. Dick's entire appartment building is destroyed and only one person has survived (that big docile guy). Next up, Dick goes to Haley Circus and it is set on fire and people are again killed. Nightwing starts fighting his way through most of his Rogues gallery in order to find Blockbuster. He has a face off with Shrike. Blockbuster faces Nightwing and Tarantula. They get his confession on tape but it is destroyed by Tarantula's brother. Amy gives Dick his police badge back and after another fight with Blockbuster, Tarantula shoots Blockbuster and Nightwing goes into a crying frenzy "I'm sorry Bruce, so sorry". Then Tarantula proceeds to 'rape' him.[/spoiler]
This is a very crude summary though of the last few issues.
Good synopsis Harley. You actually picked up right about where we stopped reading. The last thing I remember is the return of Blockbuster, and Amy stripping Dick of his badge. You filled in the blanks pretty well. But I am confused by one thing....what exactly did you mean in that last sentence of the review? Are you being literal? Excuse my naivety, but I want to be sure I understand what you meant. The comment just caught me off guard.
Thanks Thor. Anyways:
[spoiler]Dick's crying and he's feeling numb, Tarantula most likely poisoned him a bit. So he collapes on the roof crying, and in some sort of sick way of comforting him, they have sex. IMO, it looked as if Dick just didn't care and went with it, but apperantly it was intended to be rape.[/spoiler]
Wow...thats intense. Sounds like Nightwing just kept getting better after we stopped reading. I didn't want to stop, but sometimes cut backs have to be made in the interest of budget. Thats how it goes. But thats why we have places like this, and friends like you, to keep us up to date on all the great comic book moments that we are missing out on.
Thank you. Its kinda ironic how you guys left off where I started (around #84). Picked up a few backissues along with it.
Well I fell off the Nightwing wagon years ago, but recently hoped back on with the last few issues, starting at....93!! And I wouldn't really go with the last line of Harley's synopsis.

While it's true NW and Tarantula had sex after their ordeal with Blockbuster, I wouldn't say she raped him so much as he simply let her have her way with him. As Harl said, he was feeling cold and numb, and was probably looking for take his mind off what he'd just done.

~More Spoilers Below~

And if you read the next two issues, 94 and 95, you'll see just how ill fitting the word rape is given the nature of their particular relationship.

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