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The Dark Knight Returns
I picked this up a couple of days ago and I just plain love it. Its just... awesome. I can't really describe more than that. The fight between Supes and Bats was still amazingly badass, and that scene with Bruce's funeral is just perfect.
This is one of those classic comic book stories that can not be read enough times. I own the TPB, and give it a good once over every so often, just to remind myself of the brilliance of it. There are a few stories in my collection that I react to that way, and The Dark Knight Returns is one of them. You can not praise this story enough.

If you've never read it, go out and buy the TPB. Or go to your local public library. They probably have it. However you go about, just get your hands on it, and read it! It is one of those must read books that every self respecting geek out there must be familiar with. In fact, I think I may add that to the Comics Uncovered rules...a list of required reading to be a member of this site. Heck, we have to spread the brilliance of sequential art somehow.

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