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The Killing Joke
Just like with DKR, I picked this up a couple of days ago, and it too was great. The art and writing were great, not to mention the last scenes between Batman and Joker were just great. And this really showed the depths of the Joker's insanity I think (crippling Babs, the whole driving Jim mad).
The Killing Joke is classic. By far one of my favorite Batman stories of all time. It ranks up there with No Man's Land in my honest opinion. Even better actually.
Yeah, you really weren't expecting the whole thing with Batgirl, just kinda floored you when it happened.
Great read, one I don't mind pulling out again and again.
"Killing Joke" is a good story and beautifully depicted. That said, it's not one of my favorites.

The ending bothered me a lot. Batman doesn't laugh, at least not often and not in costume, and definitely not with the Joker.

And then there's the shooting of Barbara Gordon. It made for a great story. It created a wonderful character in Oracle. But damn it, I miss Brabara Gordon. I miss the crusading senator. I miss the real Batgirl.

So I'm conflicted on "Killing Joke." So much to like, and yet, so much not to like.

Glenn Walker

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