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Angel and Buffy movie?
Rumours are going around about movies about what happens to the Angel and Buffy crew after their respective endings (I'm dying to know what happens to Angel after the last episode). Would anyone actually be interested in it? Any other fans?
I dunno if the market would really be there for it in the cinemas (I know there are a lot of fans but that's not necessarily enough for a studio to throw big bucks at a project), but is there really anything else that hasn't been covered in the series that would justify making a big screen movie?
Well I dunno if you saw Angel's last episode, but it leaves a pretty big cliffhanger. Not to mention all the potential the Angel part of the Whedonverse still has.
I'll be the first one to say I'm not a fan...I've never watched a single episode. Simply because I had so many people trying to cram it down my throat that every time we all got together it was all I heard about. I got tired of it before I even had time to give it a chance.
However, I'll have to disagree with Local on this one. I could easily see the movie makers turning Angel into a movie. They've already done a Buffy movie...remember (and seriously, that's about where my Buffy expertise ends...that movie was hillarious!).
Movie Studios know that they have a built in audience for comic book movies, the same could easily be said about Buffy/Angel.

It's really more of a wait and see game.
I actually caught the last few minutes of the last Angel, and it definately left me scratching my head. I never really watched the show, but this ending alone is worth a movie, if only to explain what it was I saw.

Not to mention I wouldn't mind seeing Angel actually go after that dragon. Harsher odds I have rarely seen.
Well, the Buffy movie was kind of sucky compared to the show. It was hilarious though. But it seems it just wasn't what Joss Whedon wanted, just like they cut the stuff he wrote for X-Men.

Yeah, me too, I just want to see who's going to make it through.
I tell ya what Harl. IF my old pal Glenn makes good with those Wizard Chicago Press passes...I'll do my best to get an interview with JW and see what he thinks about a movie.

How does that sound?
That sounds bloody well amazing. Thanks a lot Enchantress!
Let's just keep our fingers cross that Mr. Walker comes through with those.

Besides, Wizard Chicago is in August, who's going to deny some poor 6 1/2 month pregnant lady who's being drug around the convention by her comic geek hubby an interview.

But back on topic seriously, I can see another movie happening, as I've said, they have the audience for it.
I Missed The Series Finale!!!

Stupid Work!!!!!

But I'd definately say the market is there for this tyoe of movie. Van Helsing, Underworld, Blade II, Blade, and plenty of other Vampire/Demon movies have left fans happy. If they put the same effort into it as they put into the show(s) themselves, and marketed it right without trying to reinvent it in any way, I'd go so far as to say that it would be the biggest sleeper hit in the last 5 or 6 years.

The droves of fans that watched the show(s) would go out and see it, as would people who may have simply liked the premise. And if the movies stay true to their roots, the word of mouth factor that helped push the shows to cult status would undoubtedly help push the movies into blockbuster status. I fully predict that those movies would open with only a few million dollars, and slowly grow week by week.

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