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Walking Dead!
Anybody here read Walknig Dead?
It is one of many Zombie books out right now but it is by far the best.I think it's some of the best Image stuff I've read in a long time.
This book strays away from the gore side of the zombie experience and focuses mainly on the small group of survivors that have found each other under the worst possible circumstances.
The first story arc has just finished and the TPB was available a couple weeks ago(along with issue 7). I strongly recomend this book to any fan of the George Romero zombie movies.

Anybody here read it? Cause I would love to discuss it(my friends only read pop comics).

I like the site Big Grin

You totally won me over with the Dane Whitman Avatar Confusedhock:
I don't read Walking Dead, but it sounds cool. I'm a huge fan of "Night of the Living Dead."

I too only read superhero comics for the most part, but I am up for anything if its good. How is the artwork? Who writes and draws the book? If its not a name most people would recognize, who's style would you liken it to?

It sounds fun, and I may have to pick up an issue or two just to check it out. I'll thumb through a couple next time I'm at a comic shop.
The main artist is Tony Moore.

The art in this book is deffinitely not the selling point of the book. All the books are in Black and White(which I love) and the art is similar to some of the B&W indy comics out there.It is not reall amazing art but the style fits the story perfectly.

If you liked Night of the Living Dead (the original) then you will love this book,it's a great read.Like I said,less gore more story.

Good stuff.

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