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The Code of the Watch
This is a Comic Book inspired Role Playing Game that is based upon the age old Marvel question... What If? In this game you will control a hero of your choosing, from whichever multiverse you decide. Be it Marvel, DC or any other. The characters, ripped from the very fabric of time and space, will band together as a team, while working under the direction of a man sworn to defend all of reality. Who is this man, you ask? You'll have to play the game to find out.

All you have to do to join The Watch is to send me a Private Message, with your character's biography and a description of his/her abilities. Unlike the other games on Comics Uncovered, I only accept characters that already exist in print, or characters who have a major connection to an existing character. Final approval of any character submitted will be made by me, and me alone.

And one last thing before we get to the rules. Please, be creative. If you want to play Spider-man, try to make him your own in some way. For instance, play a Spider-man who never lost his Uncle Ben. A Spidey who never learned the lesson about the responsibility that comes with power. Maybe he gave up the mask to become a family man...maybe he became the most loved professional wrestler of all time...maybe he is the leader of the Sinister Six. Your character is just waiting to be get to it. I'll be here when you get back.

Game Rules:

1. The Game Master controls the game. I will lead the game through my GM posts, in which I will use what are called Non Player Characters, or NPC's, to move along the story. These are any character in the story that is not controlled by one of the players. No one but myself is allowed to speak or act for an NPC, unless prior authorization is given. However, arguing with the Game Master will not be permitted. The GM’s decisions are final. If you have a question, ask it. That's why I'm here.

2. Do not decide the outcome of an action, that is the GM’s job. For example, if you were to post, "Jake shot Dave in the head," you do not get to decide if Dave dies. The GM will decide if Jake’s aim was true and if the bullet hit Dave in the head, or if Jake shot himself in the foot.

3. All character posts will be made in the third person perspective. We don’t want to see any posts such as... "I ran through the jungle” (unless your character is describing this to another character.) If that is the case, then this type of speech is fine.

4. Post actions for you character only. Do not post actions for other player’s characters or NPC's. For example... Your player can grab a teammate and try to get them to go somewhere, but the grabbed character's owner (or the GM) is the only one who can decide to actually go along.

5. No Out Of Character (OOC) posts within the game, EVER. The only exception to this strictly enforced rule would be an "OOC Tag” at the bottom of a post saying that the post was OK’d by the GM. Any other OOC posts will result in a reprimand from the GM. There is a forum for out of character chat, use it!

6. We would like for these games to be fast paced. A post by each player every few days would be great! If you cannot accomplish this, then please do not petition to join. If you are a player in the games and need some time off, ask for it! The GM will be more than happy to send your character on a “side mission” until you are ready to return.

7. These are the guidelines for how your posts should be written. We do this to make the flow of the game smoother, and easier for everyone to play along with. Please incorporate these rules within your game play.

Descriptive posts-plain type
Speech - In "Quotes"
Telepathy/Thinking to yourself - In Italics
Flashbacks - Separated using ~~~~~~~ or ---------------
at the beginning and end of each flashback.

8. Remember, it is only a game. It’s here for amusement and fun.

9. The GM reserves the right to reprimand players for abusing the rules. Chronic abuse of the rules, or complaints to the GM about a player or a player's character will be dealt with accordingly.

10. The GM has final call on all characters submitted for the game. No overly powerful GOD-like characters will be allowed, unless specifically ok'd by the GM. What fun is a God with no weaknesses? If you wish to play a usually massively powered character, find some way to tame him/her. If you need help with this, ask me or any of the other RPG players for help.

11. All characters are considered the intellectual property of their creators. Please ask a player prior to doing anything with their character that could be misconstrued as abuse of this rule.

12. The GM also reserves the right to remove a player from the game if they consistantly abuse the rules, are rude or abusive to other players, if they are MIA, or if they become a chronic nuisance.

13. There is no rule #13.

14. You cannot edit your posts after another player has posted behind you. If you want to edit it for spelling or grammer, that is fine. However, editing actions after another player has already posted is not allowed.
Please ask the GM if you need help.

15. We do not use smilies or emoticons in the game, EVER. Anyone using them will have their post edited and will get a stern lecture from the GM.

16. Eat your broccoli.

Remember, it's only a game, so have fun!
The Mighty Thor and the rest of the RPG Staff

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