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Black and White (Slight Weapon X Spoilers)
#1 anyone other than myself reading Weapon X? I mean seriously this book. Superheroes and good guys are fun most of the time, but sometimes it's nice to see how the other half live. For was Gen 13 and Dv8, but they went the way of the dinosaur.'s Exiles and Weapon X. Granted, Exiles isn't set in continuity...but it is in fact continuity. And Weapon X.... Well it's just a fun book.

As for my Black and White subject title...I am of course referring to the latest issue of Weapon X. Fantomex, whom many of us have seen before, came face to face with the man known as Agent Zero. While I won't discuss exactly what happened, I will say that I personally enjoyed the chemistry portrayed between the two of them. If they were to get their own spin-off....I know it would be on my "To Buy" list.

But what about you? Are their any books you read regularly to form your own Dichotmy of flavors? An all out action book in concert with a non-violent, superpower void book? Something with deep drama that makes you think and feel, offset with a comedy?
Yes, Truth, I also read Weapon X and share your love for the book. It continues to answer questions, and then as soon as they are answered, ask 10 more. It constantly keeps the reader guessing as to what is going to happen next, and that's what makes it good.
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